HeliHub.com takes a Christmas break

HeliHub.com takes a Christmas break


The team at HeliHub.com would like to wish all our readers a very Happy Christmas and a prosperous 2023. This is the time of the year we celebrate the birth of Christ Jesus, and we reflect on what that means to us and how it should direct the lives we live.   We trust many of our readers will also take time to consider what that means to the world, perhaps through attending a church service, rather than trying to beat their previous record for the amount of food and alcohol they can consume.

Political Correctness has been trying mush everything down to “Happy Holidays” – and if you’ve sent cards like that, shame on you! Just stop and think how the holiday got there in the first place. HeliHub.com celebrates Christmas, not Holidays.  Without Christ we would not have Christmas (that’s easy logic, right?).  And while we have our soap box out, it’s Christmas not Xmas.  No need to cross-out Christ….

The HeliHub.com team is now taking a break, and we will restart posting news ready for the first email headlines on Tuesday 3rd January.



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