Skyscape signs MOU with Bayards and SafeHub Systems for first vertiport in Japan

Skyscape signs MOU with Bayards and SafeHub Systems for first vertiport in Japan

2-Feb-2023 Source: SKYSCAPE

SKYSCAPE Co., Ltd., a Japanese Vertiport Development and Management Company (VDMC), has signed an MOU with Bayards, a Dutch company that specializes in the engineering and designing of tailored aluminium structures and helicopter/evtol landing platforms worldwide, and SafeHub Systems out of the US, which develops mobile passenger check-in terminals, to jointly develop the first generation of SKYSCAPE vertiports in Japan.

The exclusive agreement will see the three groups work together to manufacture and develop the physical Vertiport facility to be deployed at various locations in Japan within the SkyScape network.

Our Vertiport

SKYSCAPE’s Vertiports are made up of modular “blocks,” which are intended to be high grade  aluminium that can be combined and connected in a variety of ways to create unique Vertiport layouts and designs based on the client’s  specific location and needs. SKYSCAPE plans to allow customers to integrate various AAM technologies and systems into the blocks to give each Vertiport unique functions and capabilities such as drone logistics, eVTOL operations, drone first response, medical deliveries, security and more.

Bayards Vertiports Solutions

Working with Bayards Vertiports, the group can leverage over 60 years of deep experience in aluminium structure design and engineering tailored toward aviation operations. Bayards Vertiports is part of the Bayards Group: one of the globally leading aluminium construction companies, active in healthcare and civil constructions, maritime, superyacht building, oil & gas, wind energy, and defense. With over 700 helidecks installed worldwide, Bayards brings the knowledge and experience required to successfully manage, co-design and co-engineer even the most challenging projects.

We are honored to cooperate with SKYSCAPE and SafeHub. The eVTOL market must evolve from selling CGI concepts to delivering tangible solutions. Only organizations with a proven track record in engineering and construction can accomplish this. This MOU brings together three companies that can deliver on the promises that have been made.

James Earl, Business Unit manager at Bayards Vertiports

SafeHub Systems

SafeHub, a passenger intake facility specialist will work to integrate their technology into the vertiport check-in terminal, creating a truly world class experience that emphasizes speed, safety and convenience for guests checking into SkyScape vertiports. The check-in terminals developed by SafeHub can be tailored to both passenger operations or cargo processing depending on the needs of the future vertiport owner.

“Our team at SafeHUB Systems has been working to bring innovative, frictionless safety and security solutions to today’s biggest industries, such as stadiums, event centers and businesses. Working with SKYSCAPE and Bayards on its 1st generation Vertiports for air transportation of passengers and cargo is exciting.  We’re honored to help bring this vision to reality for the Japanese marketplace.”

TJ Dooly, CEO of SafeHUB Systems


SKYSCAPE Co., Ltd. is a start-up established in Osaka as the only VDMC (Vertiport Development Management Company) in Japan. Their unique Vertiport method is designed in a modular way to meet each individual customer’s needs while also providing end to end services ranging from land selection and development, operations, after service and more.

I think I can speak for many in the industry when I say that we are all tired of 3D renders. What we need now are approaches and actions that can put this industry in motion and start delivering results. The plan we have put into motion will allow us to create affordable, client tailored vertiports here in Japan to jump start the industry while laying out a clear roadmap for how these sites and facilities scale over time to support the industry as it grows. I strongly believe that the groups involved with us here in Japan have the capacity to make a huge impact in the coming years for the better.”

Asa Quesenberry, Founder & President at SKYSCAPE 株式会社

The Japanese AAM markets have seen tremendous growth in the last two years pushed forward by the large opportunity to impact Japanese society and business for the better. The SkyScape team urges anyone with interest in Air Mobility and how it can be used to improve their business, community or region to reach out to SkyScape for more information on vertiport development and air mobility facilities.

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