AirSuite Expands Development Team for its Flight Operations Software

AirSuite Expands Development Team for its Flight Operations Software

10-Mar-2023 Source: AirSuite

AirSuite is proud to announce the expansion of its development team for its flight operations software. The expansion is in response to the growing demand for the software used by aviation companies across Canada and into the United States to streamline their flight operations and improve efficiency.

The team has doubled in size in the past 12 months, with professional software developers bringing a wealth of experience to the company. Working alongside the Cirro support team, AirSuite’s expansion is focused on enhancing and improving the functionality of the software and developing new features to both meet the growing demand and to meet the evolving needs of customers.

“We are very happy to welcome several new developers to the team, with the most recent being two new local software developers based right here in Thunder Bay one of whom is a senior-level developer with a strong background in aviation,” says Michael Kleywegt, CEO of AirSuite. “Their expertise and contribution allow us to be much more agile as a company. We are swiftly able to tackle fixes and expedite upgrades to the software and we will continue to deliver reliable service with exceptional support.”

The expanded development team means faster turnaround times for customizations and support requests, ensuring that customers receive the best possible service. “The development team is constantly making improvements to the system and regularly incorporating the changes we request,” said Jill Seaton, CFO, Alpine Helicopters in Alberta.

Kleywegt adds, “keep an eye out for the next round of hiring at AirSuite; we are always seeking the brightest and best people to join our team of developers and support staff. We’ve been successful and fortunate to have recruited remarkably high caliber local developers who are working here in our head office in Thunder Bay, and we’re dedicated to hiring local and attracting talent to Northern Ontario.”

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