US Army approves AT Systems helmet-mounted training system on UH-60

US Army approves AT Systems helmet-mounted training system on UH-60

13-Apr-2023 Source: AT Systems

AT Systems, LLC. announced today that the company has received an airworthiness release (AWR) in accordance with Army Regulation (AR) 70-62 for the ATS electronic helmet mounted degraded visual environment (DVE) hood on UH-60A/L/V and UH/ HH60M.

The AT System DVE visor was designed, developed, and manufactured by current and former United States Army-trained standardization pilots and instrument examiners. The ATS device is the only AWR approved in-aircraft DVE training system that is compatible with night vision goggles (NVGs). The device can be used with both day and NVG heads-up displays.

Tyson Phillips and Andre Lavallee, both CW4 National Guard combat veterans with over 20 years of service, own AT Systems. Lavallee flies CH47 Chinooks and Phillips flies UH60 Blackhawks. With the input from owner Kevin Axton, a retired CW3 combat veteran UH60 Blackhawk pilot. The AT Systems team has volunteered countless hours collaborating with committees and working groups to help solve the DVE induced spatial disorientation problem.

“Most of the Army DVE accidents occur under NVGs,” said Phillips. “NVGs are considered the most demanding mode of flight. Our system helps simulate environments of low visibility conditions. This helps pilots train for DVE induced spatial disorientation. By automating all training, our system prevents the safety pilot from being distracted during the simulated low visibility conditions.”

Even though the safety pilot is not distracted operating the ATS Device, the ATS Device adds a layer of safety to make the system turn clear to allow both the training pilot and the safety pilot to be in visual meteorologic conditions if the preset limits of pitch, roll, altitude, or vertical speed are exceeded.

“Having the Army issue an AWR for our system reinforces our dedication to safety. We have spent countless hours training, improving, and speaking with pilots about safety and understanding spatial disorientation. If our device can save even one life, it is worth it,” said Phillips.

The ATS Device is also available for civilian use and training. The AT System is distributed through Aviation Specialties Unlimited (ASU) and will be displayed at the Army Aviation Mission Solution Summit April 26-28 in Nashville, Tenn., at ASU booth 478.

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