MD take MD Cayuse Warrior Plus to Quad-A

MD take MD Cayuse Warrior Plus to Quad-A

26-Apr-2023 Source: MD Helicopters

MD Helicopters (MDH) (Booth #2911) is bringing its new look and renewed commitment to the 2023 Army Aviation Mission Solutions Summit (AAAA) in Nashville this week. The helicopter manufacturer will display its highly effective armed MD Cayuse Warrior Plus helicopter and hold a leadership introduction event where attendees and media can meet MD’s new leadership and learn about the company’s aggressive goals, positive changes already taking place, and how MDH is strengthening support for the Army.

“Our military customers continue to be extremely important to MD Helicopters and we are already strengthening our support for those who serve,” said Brad Pedersen, MD Helicopters President and CEO. “Since taking over seven short months ago, our team of deeply experienced leaders have begun bolstering our supply chain, increasing parts availability, and strengthening our service center network. We are dedicated to keeping our military aircraft flying while spooling up production to deliver more advanced, modern aircraft to meet the needs of changing theaters.”


New Leadership Meet and Greet Cocktail Hour

April 27 | 2 p.m., Booth #2911

Attendees and media are invited to meet MD Helicopters’ new leadership at the booth.

Demonstration Armed MD Cayuse Warrior Plus

On Display Booth #2911

MD Helicopters’ MD Cayuse Warrior Plus is a combat proven tactical scout and light attack aircraft valued for its unmatched power, safety, speed, agility, and unparalleled confined area capabilities. Mission enhancements include sensors, weapons system, hellfire, avionics improvements, armor, and increased power performance.

In March, MD Helicopters announced the award of 12 of these aircraft to the Nigerian Army to assist in counter insurgency and counter terrorism operations in Nigeria and a production ramp up of these aircraft to meet growing need.

Cayuse Warrior Plus

Military Missions for Advanced Precision Kill Weapons System

·       Rolls-Royce 250-C30 650 shp Turbine Engine

·       375 Max Continuous shp

·       425 Max Takeoff Power Limit 30 min

·       Static Mast Rotor Support

·       Five-Blade Fully Articulated Rotor

·       Crashworthy A-Frame Truss

·       Garmin Avionics Flight Deck

·       Moog Weapons Management System

·       Hellfire Laser Guided Missile

·       Dillon MCAS Weapons Mount

·       L3 WESCAM MX-10D Airborne Targeting and Designating System

·       Robertson Fuel Systems Little Bird Auxiliary Fuel Tank System (LBATS)

All subject to US licensing, export, and qualification approvals. ITAR Restricted

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