Helitrends – perform power checks and monitor engine trends automatically and effortlessly

Helitrends – perform power checks and monitor engine trends automatically and effortlessly

28-Apr-2023 Source: Helitrends

Helicopter pilots and operators know that frequent engine power checks are crucial to ensure the maximum effectiveness and safety of their rotorcraft. Additionally, regular engine condition monitoring and trend analysis can extend the engine’s overhaul limit and help detect potential problems before they become critical. That’s where the Helitrends app comes in – it can calculate power checks and monitor engine trends to provide pilots and operators with a comprehensive analysis of their engine’s performance.

Engine Condition Trend Monitoring (ECTM) is the cornerstone of the Helitrends app. ECTM is a software that can monitor engine performance, troubleshoot potential problems, and recommend solutions automatically. By implementing helicopter monitoring software and trend analysis, there are numerous benefits to be enjoyed. For example, using condition trend monitoring can lower repair costs, as data from engine trend analysis can identify trends and predict when faults typically become critical. This enables pilots and operators to schedule repairs before faults become critical, postpone or avoid heavy maintenance like unscheduled HSI or AOG, and achieve cost savings.

Additionally, the Helitrends app can improve the chances of detecting issues before they arise, discover problems faster with AI, as humans simply won’t be able to pick out every possible (or potential) problem.

To perform power check calculations and analyze engine condition, the Helitrends app uses innovative technologies and reliable mathematical models that can perform extensive calculations. The app is fast, intuitive and extremely efficient, thanks to its AI-based design. The app can even learn from the data it collects, so it will only improve with use.

To perform power check calculations, the first phase of testing is the power check, which is completed based on the rotor flight manual. The pilot reads the parameters given by the instruments in the helicopter’s cockpit. The parameters can be entered into the Helitrends app . The more checks performed at this stage, the better the software will be able to collate the data received, with higher precision for fault-finding.

After the parameters are entered into the Helitrends app , the app automatically performs the calculations and analyzes the results using mathematical models developed by a group of engineers specializing in the Engine Condition Trends Monitoring field. The app adapts its procedures according to the requirements of the engine maintenance manual.

One of the biggest advantages of using the Helitrends performance calculator is the streamlined functionality, leading to minimized responsibilities for the pilot. With test automation and AI analysis processes, the entire process from start to finish is short and simple. The given results are also extremely easy to understand, even for those with little to no technical know-how, and they include any detected dangerous situations, threats, and differences in trends over short and long periods of time, alert displays when certain, previously defined, conditions occur, outlined changes and how quickly these can take place in the helicopter, forecasts for changes in the engine, and information concerning possible causes of problems and where they could take place.

The Helitrends app is the first performance app on the market that makes it possible to analyze a helicopter’s engine performance swiftly and based on the data you put in. It can point to the reason for specific use trends and why changes to these trends may have occurred. With its advanced technology and capabilities, the Helitrends app is a must-have tool for any helicopter pilot or operator who wants to ensure the safety and efficiency of their aircraft.

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