9T Labs to supply structural composite connectors for Dufour Aero2

9T Labs to supply structural composite connectors for Dufour Aero2

8-Sep-2023 Source: Dufour Aerospace

Dufour Aerospace is pleased to announce that 9T Labs has been selected as a supplier for structural composite connectors such as brackets and hinges of the uncrewed tilt-wing aircraft Aero2. Using parts manufactured with innovative additive manufacturing equipment and advanced post processing technology helps Dufour Aerospace further reduce the weight of the Aero2.

Says Simon Bendrey, Head of Design of Dufour Aerospace: “The importance of the smaller parts of an aircraft is often underestimated when it comes to contributing to weight. With 9T Labs, we have found a partner who is supporting us in exactly this critical area with surprisingly lightweight composite structural parts, without us having to make compromises in terms of durability and strength.”

Giovanni Cavolina, co-founder and CCO of 9T Labs, says: “We are thrilled to join forces with Dufour Aerospace to advance sustainable aerial mobility by lightweighting critical brackets using unique, cutting edge technologies. Replacing a number of structural metal parts with highest performing thermoplastic composites will help Dufour Aerospace  achieve the ambitious weight targets for the Aero2 programme.”

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