Mexican state of Nuevo León adds law enforcement Black Hawk

Mexican state of Nuevo León adds law enforcement Black Hawk

9-Nov-2023 Source: Nuevo León

In order to strengthen public security and the armor of Nuevo León, Governor Samuel Alejandro García Sepúlveda presented the new “Black Hawk” helicopter, which adds to the eight aircraft that the Civil Force already had.

At Police Field No. 1 of the Civil Force in Escobedo, García Sepúlveda highlighted that this helicopter represents the symbol of the new Civil Force in Nuevo León.

“There is no better, more equipped device in the entire Republic than this device; “As the Civil Force is the best police force in Mexico and today it is the most equipped possible in the entire country, there is no other state in the Republic that today has an air team like that of Nuevo León,” he stated.

In two years, Nuevo León already has nine helicopters to combat organized crime in each metro of Nuevo León, and it went from zero to 70 Black Mambas and the goal is to reach 1,200 patrols; In addition, 16 new detachments and better cutting-edge technology than the new C5 will be.

“That is Nuevo León in Latin America, just as the best investments arrive and we are first place in everything, so we will also have the best police officers, the most equipped and the best paid; and this should not be understood as a confrontation, we are coordinated and from here I thank the Army and the federal authorities who accompany us in the operations and patrols,” he said.

García Sepúlveda highlighted that in Nuevo León there is a marked downward trend in crime rates in Nuevo León, compared to last year.

  • intentional homicides, down 15%
  • human trafficking, down 68%
  • femicides, down 35%
  • illegal deprivation of liberty, down 28%
  • kidnapping, down 22%
  • home burglary, down 58%
  • robbery of business and vehicles down 26%

The Governor asserted that he is focused on Nuevo León, so that the state continues to be first place in everything.

“That is the new Nuevo León and we are not going to give it to anyone, least of all PRIAN and those who have defrauded us and with corruption and mediocrity they did not have Nuevo León like we have it today,” he said.

“I am focused on Nuevo León and we will not take our finger off the line to continue being first place in everything,” he said.

For his part, the Secretary of Security, Gerardo Palacios Pámanes, said that the Civil Force is stronger than ever and is consolidating itself as the best police force in the country.

After the formal ceremony, Governor Samuel García made a flyover; Gerardo Palacios, Secretary of Security; and Gerardo Escamilla Vargas, General Commissioner of Civil Force.


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