CATIC brings two new unmanned helicopters to Dubai Airshow

CATIC brings two new unmanned helicopters to Dubai Airshow


In the indoor booth area , the Xuange-2000 and Xuange-500W unmanned helicopters were placed in booth C with 1:1 models. On both sides of the V-shaped moving line, there were FC-31 “Falcon Eagle” and Yun-20 respectively. , Z-20-led manned aircraft and UAVs led by Wing Loong-X, Wing Loong-2, and AR-36 are oriented to the high-end Gulf market. China’s aviation industry has a full range of fighter jets, helicopters, training aircraft, transport aircraft, and unmanned aerial vehicles. The product display of pedigrees fully demonstrates the strength of China’s aviation industry. Among them, the Xuange-2000 unmanned helicopter series made its debut at an overseas air show.

A new naked-eye 3D right-angle screen is installed in the booth area. It uses the shape of the screen and the frame effect to create a three-dimensional scene, giving users a highly visually impactful experience. The new digital sand table is modeled on the air attack and defense system display, using air-to-air/air-to-ground combat. , aerial delivery and other scenarios to comprehensively demonstrate the capabilities of China’s aviation industry products.

As the largest international air show in the world, the Dubai Airshow radiates to the Middle East and African markets and has huge influence. It is considered to be the fastest-growing large-scale air show in the Middle East. According to the organizer, this air show attracted more than 1,400 aerospace companies and institutions from more than 20 countries to participate in the exhibition, with more than 180 aircraft on display, setting a record high.

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