Simplon Air and Loft Dynamics join forces

Simplon Air and Loft Dynamics join forces

30-Nov-2023 Source: Loft Dynamics

The collaboration between Simplon Air and Loft Dynamics has been finalized: the helicopter company from Gondo will puts its first VR flight simulator, the R22 FSTD, into operation in 2024.

An R22 flight simulator training device for pilots will soon be available at Lugano Agno Airport. Simplon Air has just signed a contract with Loft Dynamics and has thus opted for the latest technology in pilot training.

Simplon Air is looking forward to the cooperation and in particular to being able to train the future pilots in a sustainable and safe environment on an EASA-qualified aircraft.

This device is the world’s first VR training solution which received a qualification to credit training time towards licenses. The cockpit is fully functional with all the required operating elements available. True to the original controls with simulated forces, the motion platform and the 3D VR visual system result in a real flying experience.

The flight simulator from Loft Dynamics enables Simplon Air to operate to the latest training standards and thus operate in a more environmentally and cost-efficient manner at Lugano Agno Airport.

Fabi Riesen, CEO of Loft Dynamics, is looking forward to the upcoming collaboration with Simplon Air: “Being able to bring our flight simulator to a company with so much experience, especially in the training sector, is great news for us.”

Sustainable training solution

“We are delighted with this new addition to our helicopter fleet. Our most experienced Instructors, whose experience ranges from 10’000 to 20’000 flight hours were allowed to test the Loft Dynamics Simulation Training Solutions and found themselves amazed of barely perceiving any differences between flying a real Robinson R22 and the Loft Dynamics FSTD. This Pioneering approach to Helicopter training is unparalleled in it’s sustainability, affordability, the versatility given by the unlimited traning scenarios and capability to practice difficult flight maneuvers in a safe environment.

We at Simplon Air flight school are firmly convinced that Loft Dynamics is laying down the Foundations of the future Helicopter training with its product”, says Gian-Paolo Giana, CEO, A.C.M and Head of Training. from Simplon Air.

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