VI&E Solutions and eVertiSKY to Collaborate at the 2024 UAM Living Lab

VI&E Solutions and eVertiSKY to Collaborate at the 2024 UAM Living Lab

5-Dec-2023 Source: VI&E Solutions

Volatus Infrastructure & Energy Solutions has signed a strategic agreement with eVertiSKY that outlines several joint force urban air mobility (UAM) projects including collaborating at the 2024 UAM Living Lab. They will also work to advance Software Defined Airspace (SDA) adoption which captures and disseminates UAM traffic data within the Commercial Low Altitude Airspace (CLLA).

“This collaborative alignment will drive success for a concrete UAM blueprint for engagement at the municipal level throughout the United States and abroad. eVertiSKY is a pioneer in orchestrating interoperability among airspace structures, smooth corridors and ground space assets, as well as identifying strategic vertiport siting. We are proud to support the 2024 UAM Living Lab with our electric charging expertise and jointly capture market footprint to help cities uphold operational safety and efficiency. Sandra, Steven, Giuseppe and the entire eVertiSKY team are consummate professionals dedicated to providing clients with reliable and tangible results,” said Dan Sloat, VI&E Solutions CEO.

“Our partnership with Volatus at the 2024 UAM Living Lab signifies a pragmatic approach to advancing urban air mobility. By leveraging Volatus’ energy solutions and eVertiSKY’s expertise in ground space and airspace infrastructure, we aim to present a tangible UAM blueprint for cities. This collaboration underscores our commitment to operational safety, efficiency and sustainable UAM development,” said Sandra Formenton, eVertiSKY CEO.

eVertiSKY, based in Chicago, is a single-source provider of advanced ground space and airspace infrastructure for UAM in the commercial low altitude airspace. They play a pivotal role in designing Vertiports and airspace infrastructure, crucial to the UAM industry’s evolution. Their projects, including comprehensive radius within the Vertiports, serve as a network cornerstone for interconnected UAM operations, promoting broader public access to ancillary investments based on their Vertiport as Anchor core vision. As a world-class developer of eco-sustainable vertiports with a NASA commercial license for UTM co-development, eVertiSKY is also the inventor of the Software Defined Airspace platform, a UAM traffic solution aligned with planned ATM, Remote ID, and regulated conOps.

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