Happy Christmas from the HeliHub.com team

Happy Christmas from the HeliHub.com team

23-Dec-2023 Source: HeliHub.com

The HeliHub.com team is taking its usual Christmas break – we will return at the start of January ready to unveil our plans for 2024.

Christmas is the time of year we celebrate the birth of Jesus – on his birthday. It is very definitely Happy Christmas and not the mushed-down Happy Holidays to appease people who forget Christmas would not exist if Jesus hadn’t have existed.

It is also a good opportunity to consider others in our world who are less fortunate than ourselves, just as Jesus served those in need. Whether it’s people searching for jobs, those with mental or physical limitations, or whatever stops them having a fulfilling life, now is the opportunity to put them ahead of ourselves.

So, if you’re planning on sitting at home, eating and drinking too much with people you only see at this time of year, etc etc, sit up and be realistic.

Perhaps it’s the opportunity to forgive people, love the unloveable, make contact with lost friends you last saw ten years ago, think of others ahead of yourself and so on. Giving your time is more valuable than your money.

Acts 20v35 “It is more blessed to give than to receive

Happy Christmas everyone!

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