MD Helicopters at Army Aviation Mission Solutions Summit

MD Helicopters at Army Aviation Mission Solutions Summit

19-Apr-2024 Source: MD Helicopters

MD Helicopters’ (MDH) (AAAA Booth #1310) new configurable and modular Advanced Integrated Avionics and Weapons System for its scalable military multi-mission TH/AH530 product line is the centerpiece of its exhibit at the Army Aviation Mission Solutions Summit (Quad-A) April 24 to 26.

MDH will showcase an AH530 Block II precision weapons helicopter equipped with its new Advanced Integrated Avionics and Weapons System at the Army Aviation Mission Solutions Summit in Denver, CO. The training-to-combat helicopter and its rapidly reconfigurable avionics and mission system are redefining the future of light combat rotorcraft through improved mission effectiveness and situational awareness.

The combat-proven and economical TH/AH530 line of military helicopters is exceptionally agile, reliable, and powerful. The aircraft delivers superior speed, agility, and maneuverability, even at high density altitudes, with unmatched confined area performance.

“MDH’s new integrated avionics and weapons mission system for the TH/AH530 is the result of an extraordinary collaboration between our highly experienced ex-military pilots and the industries’ leading weapon systems manufacturers,” said MD Helicopters President and CEO Brad Pedersen. “Together we developed an easily reconfigurable system that drastically reduces the change-out time required to swap between mission requirements, including guided rockets and Hellfire laser-guided munitions. With one aircraft platform, you can go from a trainer to a precision weapon helicopter.”

Integrated Avionics and Weapons Systems

The AH530 Integrated Avionics and Weapons System delivers the ability to rapidly scale the aircraft between different weapon and armament configurations to meet mission requirements. For the AH530 attack helicopter, it brings together commercial Garmin and Howell avionics with state-of-the-art weapon system components made by Moog, L3 Harris, Curtiss-Wright, and others. The system integrates various common unguided weapons from Dillon Aero, FN Herstal, and other modern guided and unguided weapons.

The AH530 Advanced Integrated Avionics and Weapons System for the AH530 Block II features all of the above plus the Moog Weapon Stores Management System (SMS) with laser-guided APKWS and Hellfire, Moog Weapons Control Panel (WCP), E-SIU Hellfire configured stations, an enhanced stores management computer (E-SMC), and a laser arm panel (LAP). It is complemented by a Curtiss-Wright mission computer operating a L3 Harris ForceX WIDOW mission management system (MMS). Both new onboard computers include backup redundancy in the case of computer failure.

TH/AH530 Helicopters

The TH530 Training Helicopter provides an accurate training platform that can economically scale into the AH530 attack or the AH530 Block II precision weapons helicopters. The AH530 is an agile, unguided weapon attack helicopter. The AH530 Block II delivers the capabilities of larger precision attack helicopters in a smaller and more agile package for less cost.

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