Royal Aeronautical Society publishes paper on aviation safety futures with eVTOL

Royal Aeronautical Society publishes paper on aviation safety futures with eVTOL

14-May-2024 Source: Royal Aeronautical Society

The Royal Aeronautical Society has published a breakthrough President’s Briefing paper on shaping the future of aviation safety with electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing (eVTOL) aircraft. In a novel and innovative approach, this paper outlines hypothetical scenarios that anticipate future challenges, integrates enduring lessons from traditional aviation, and proposes strategic recommendations to enhance safety in this rapidly evolving field.

The critical and timely importance of this ‘forward-thinking’ paper, in forecasting the safety challenges ahead, cannot be underestimated and is the first time that future eVTOL safety has been addressed in such a manner. The established aerospace industry, with airworthiness and safety in its DNA, should continue to transfer this safety culture to the emerging AAM sector for the benefit of all. With this ground-breaking paper analysing plausible and realistic accident scenarios, developed by a group of global experts, we aim to stimulate discussion, shape the debate and ultimately help make the introduction of AAM as safe as possible.

The link to the paper can be found here:

Kerissa Khan, President, Royal Aeronautical Society said: “As aviation evolves with innovations in electrification, digitalisation, and automation, it unlocks novel opportunities to connect people, transport goods, and deliver services more sustainably and efficiently across congested and remote areas. To fully realise the social and economic benefits, safety must remain the top priority. The Royal Aeronautical Society remains committed to its mission of advancing flight safety. This paper not only emphasises the importance of industry-led collaboration and continuous improvement in safety practices, but also introduces a predictive safety management approach that includes ‘pre-mortem’ analysis to foresee and mitigate potential risks, guiding the aviation sector towards a safer future for all.”

David Edwards, Chief Executive, Royal Aeronautical Society said: “The Royal Aeronautical Society welcomes this pioneering paper led by our President, heralding a new chapter in aerospace advancement focusing on Advanced Air Mobility (AAM). As we approach an era marked by groundbreaking developments in electric and autonomous flight technologies, we must continue to examine the intersection of nextgeneration air mobility and established aviation frameworks.”

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