HeliOIS becomes first customer for new Moove seat booking software

HeliOIS becomes first customer for new Moove seat booking software

29-May-2024 Source: Moove

Targeting operators with hybrid flights and looking to optimise load factors, Moove is launching an advanced booking module for corporate shuttles and regional carriers, after successfully reducing empty seats by 5% during test phases. Launch customer is the leading offshore travel provider, HeliOIS.

Supporting corporate flight shuttles optimisation & flight coordinators

Moove launched this module to enable over 4,000 corporate operators1 to simplify booking management while optimising emissions on a per seat basis.

“With our centralised booking platform via the passenger app, we are empowering executives and their travel assistants – and simplifying the aggregation of needs to optimise flights & aircraft schedule” said Arthur Ingles, Co-Founder & CEO of Moove.

This SaaS module has been in operation for a few months with some of the largest European flight departments and has so far reduced empty seats by 5% with more than 500 Pax weekly, while reducing the administrative burden.

Providing a branded digital booking journey to regional operators’ passengers

Following this “by the seat” logic, Moove has decided to invest in the field of regional airline, charter and helicopter operators that market both on-demand flights and seats.

Constrained by archaic websites or overly expensive PSS2, Moove is launching a module that meets their hybrid operations at a much lower cost, with a very advanced embeddable widget and a passenger application.

“Managing multiple booking workflows has been a major technical challenge. We are now achieving a unique level of automation that supports several hundred reservations without a single email or phone call, allowing operators to focus on flight safety.” stated Antoine Awaida, Co-founder and CTO.

The new module has been selected by HeliOIS, a leading offshore personal and corporate travel provider. The Danish company will be able to swiftly meet technicians travel needs across the North Sea and Europe, where commercial airlines do not fly or offer direct connections.

Offshore personnel will be able to travel directly and quickly from one airport where helicopter or CTV4 crew changes occurs to another. This will be of particular interest for skilled employees that would be able, within the same day, to work on several sites. It will also strengthen offshore companies’ attractiveness by improving employee’s family life.

A major additional sales channel

With now more than 25 partner airports now using Moove technology, airlines will be able to distribute directly to a highly relevant local market.

“Digital experience and precise niche distribution are two key levers to enable the growth of regional players that operate some of the most efficient aircraft” concluded Arthur Ingles.

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