Nautilus Aviation’s B407GXi Reach 3,000 Successful Flight Hours

Nautilus Aviation’s B407GXi Reach 3,000 Successful Flight Hours

12-Jun-2024 Source: Bell

The Bell 407GXi fleet under Nautilus Aviation, one of Australia’s premier helicopter operators with more than 25 years of flying experience, has now clocked 3,000 successful flight hours.

In March 2022, Nautilus Aviation placed an order for five new Bell 407GXis to support tourism charter and utility flights in Northern Queensland and the Great Barrier Reef region. Delivery was completed in the first quarter of 2023. The aircraft were quickly deployed to assist with disaster relief efforts during the historic flooding of Northwestern Queensland in March 2023.

For nearly a month, the Nautilus team operated their Bell 407GXis tirelessly and effectively to conduct resupply missions, evacuations, long-line and cargo operations, and transport key government, emergency, and infrastructure personnel. The aircraft were equipped with cargo hooks, emergency flotation systems, and tail-mounted cameras to aid these relief operations. Additionally, this fleet has been called upon to perform search and rescue work in the Northern Territory as well.

These challenging environments thoroughly test helicopter operators. However, the Bell 407GXi’s advanced features and kits increase situational awareness and help mitigate risks. For instance, the Garmin G1000H™ NXi integrated flight deck enhances mapping capabilities, improving landmark identification accuracy. This allows flight teams to navigate with ease, expedite emergency responses, and ensures a swift reaction to critical situations. The increased cabin volume of the Bell 407GXi, facilitated by an innovative window design, also allows for more efficient utilization of space and capacity.

Globally, the Bell 407 fleet exceeds 1,600 aircraft and over 6 million total flight hours. In Oceania, Australia accounts for 20 Bell 407s while Papua New Guinea is home to approximately 25.

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