480 Accidents

14-Dec-21 5146 Enstrom 480B Jiraprawat, Thailand (2F)

Crashed and burned out, with instructor and student receiving fatal injuries.  News reel shows one helicopter suddenly losing altitude in a long parade of 9+ helicopters.  One report indicates there was smoke was emanating from the helicopter while it was in flight. The fatalities were later named as Lt. Col. Panthong Banchongplaen, flight instructor and... Read more

10-Oct-20 N899RT Enstrom 480B Putnam, US-Connecticut

Helicopter was attempting to land on a trailer/dolly.  One skid got caught, causing helicopter to come to rest on its side.  The two passengers got out OK.  Fire Brigade said it took crews about 50 minutes to extricate the pilot... Read more

22-Mar-19 OK-CLV Enstrom 480 Slavoňov, Czech Republic (2F)

Training flight leading to fatal injuries of both the student and the instructor, named here as Michal Beneš... Read more

10-May-17 N480W Enstrom 480 Pfunders, Italy (1F)

Helicopter had started the day in Pisa, flying north and refuelling at Bolzano.  On next leg to Salzburg it encountered some difficulties and one report suggests it was on fire before reaching the ground and burning out in a ravine.  Sole occupant pilot fatally injured – reported as a 75 year old Austrian national... Read more

09-Sep-15 G-IGHH Enstrom 280 Aldbury, UK

Helicopter struck and cut powercables on take-off, crashing in the field below shortly after, minor injuries to the pilot.  Helicopter rolled over and ended up on its rotorhead... Read more

30-Nov-12 Enstrom 480B Pondok Cabe, Indonesia

Crashed on a training flight at Pondok Cabe airfield, injuring both occupants.  “Pamulang police chief Comr. Nasir said that pilot Insp. M Ibnu and copilot First Brig. Togu were about three meters off the ground and about to land when the helicopter suddenly fell into a nosedive.”... Read more

28-May-09 N878EE Enstrom F480 near Guaymate, La Romana province, Dominican Republic (2F)

28-May-09 N878EE Enstrom F480 near Guaymate, La Romana province, Dominican Republic... Read more

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