AS355 Accidents

28-Sep-21 G-PASH Airbus AS355F1 Stapleford, UK

Aircraft was blown round “into wind” in a heavy storm when parked on grass at night.  Given that the storm was sufficient to blow another AS355 on its side, it is likely this helicopter would need to be assessed for damage too.... Read more

28-Sep-21 G-IDEB Airbus AS355F1 Stapleford, UK

Aircraft was blown over onto its starboard side in a heavy storm when parked on grass at night.  At least two of the three main blades broken, tail bent, starboard stabilizer broken... Read more

28-Jun-21 M502-3 Airbus AS555SN Lumut, Malaysia

Heavy vertical landing, with skids splayed out, base of fuselage touching the ground and tail boom twisted.  Main blades untouched, pictures suggest.  4 POB to the medical unit on the naval base where the accident occurred.... Read more

14-Nov-20 N712CA Airbus AS355F2 Hammonton, US-New Jersey

While attempting to decouple from dolly, rudder pedal became stuck and helicopter briefly became airborne.  The tail rotor separated from the aircraft, resulting in a hard landing... Read more

11-Jul-20 N708AC Airbus AS355 Rifle, US-Colorado

According to the operator, their flight tracking program showed that the helicopter depart the Rifle Garfield County Airport (RIL), Rifle, Colorado, and was en route to perform a low altitude aerial observation flight of transmission/power lines. The flight track ended near the accident location after a 3 to 4 minute flight about one mile southwest... Read more

02-Jun-17 Eurocopter AS355F Newark, US-New Jersey

Helicopter made emergency landing on main runway of Newark Airport.  No reported damage... Read more

29-May-15 PR-ADA Airbus AS355N Atalaia do Norte, Brazil (5F)

The helicopter took off to perform a patient removal flight to Tabatinga. At approximately 19 NM from Tabatinga, the aircraft collided with treetops and, as a result of this shock came to impact against the ground and caught fire.... Read more

26-Mar-15 EC-FYJ Airbus AS355NP Montmeló, Spain

Starboard engine fire in flight.  Pilot landed helicopter safely... Read more

26-Mar-15 EC-KYJ Airbus AS355N Montmelo, Spain

After engine failure indication the pilot decided to land in the heliport of the Montmelo motor racing circuit. During approach there was an explosion of the engine, provoking the power turbine and exhaust nozzle to detach. Important damage to the engine and the exhaust nozzle.... Read more

31-Dec-14 9M-PHD Eurocopter AS355F2 Tanah Merah, Malaysia

Crashed into trees during flood relief operations, injuring both pilots and two aid workers on board.  Pilot Asst Superintendent Amirul Adli Ahmad suffered a fractured spine.  Co-pilot Asst Superintendent Hasli Hassan had minor injuries to his knees.  The other two – both with minor injuries – were named as Sergeant Major Mohd Hood Abd Majid and... Read more

21-Mar-14 G-OLCP Airbus AS355N Peterborough, UK

The helicopter was hover taxiing from its parking position towards the runway. As it did so, the tail of a Cessna 152 parked at a nearby refuelling point lifted and, under the influence of the rotor wash and a relatively strong surface wind, the aircraft came to rest inverted.... Read more

24-Feb-14 EC-FTX Eurocopter AS355N Casarrubios del Monte, Spain

Helicopter landed heavily and fell onto port side during training operation.  Extensively damaged (see photo) including tail boom sliced and frontal impact damage.  Two minor injuries... Read more

10-Nov-13 PR-HBE Eurocopter AS355N Almeirim, Brazil

During a low altitude flight with external load, the pilot heard a strong noise coming from the tail rotor blades, followed by a tendency to turn to the left. He depressed the right pedal completely and reduced power in order to diminish the torque. He managed to touch the ground in a stabilized manner, but after hearing a highpitch... Read more

24-Jun-13 CC-AHT Eurocopter AS355NP María Dolores de Los Ángeles, Chile

Heavy landing, rolled over and tail with tail rotor separated aft of the horizontal stabiliser.... Read more

24-Feb-13 SX-HJV Eurocopter AS355N Trikala, Greece

Helicopter suffered gunshot damage in bungled prison breakout... Read more

26-Jan-13 PR-HBE Eurocopter AS355N Ipixuna, Brazil

When on finals, pilot noticed master caution light illuminated, and an indication of low oil pressure in engine No.2.  Shut down immediately, got out and noticed fire from the exhaust – used extinguisher to quell the fire but was not fully successful.  N2 turbine had got jammed.... Read more

03-Nov-12 F-RAUU Eurocopter AS555AN Toussus-le-Noble, France

Loss of control in the hover during post-maintenance test flight, and hit hangar.  3 injured, aircraft total loss.... Read more

17-Oct-12 C-FXGM Eurocopter AS355F2 Tinicum Township, US-Pennsylvania (1F)

Crashed 500m from an early morning take off, killing the sole occupant pilot – named as Doug Brigham... Read more

15-Sep-12 N58020 Eurocopter AS355F1 West Windsor, US-New Jersey (1F)

Crashed into cornfield, burning out and killing sole occupant pilot named as Michael Scarfia.... Read more

04-Jul-12 F-OHOR Eurocopter AS355N Remire-Montjoly, French Guiana

Pilot had difficulty adjusting power.  Skid hits edge of helipad when landing, causing it to roll over onto its side... Read more

02-Jun-12 N406LH Eurocopter AS355F1 New London, US-Connecticut

Helicopter landed on beach after encountering fog... Read more

20-Oct-11 Eurocopter AS355NP Vileity, Belarus (5F)

Belarus Border Guard AS355NP crashed and caught fire, killing all 5POB including three television crew named as Vitaly Prochkovsky, 36; Sergei Shamalov, 39; and Yulia Shaternik, 28.  The crew were reported as Andrew Pekarsky (32 years) and Igor Skvortsov.  They operate three AS355NPs – EW-308BH (5773), EW-309BH (5774) and EW-310BH (5781)... Read more

18-Aug-11 VH-NTV Eurocopter AS355F2 Lake Eyre, Australia (3F)

Night take-off in helicopter VFR equipped. Ground impact and ensuing fire left very few pieces.  The helicopter was carrying experienced journalist Paul Lockyer, cameraman John Bean, and pilot Gary Ticehurst.... Read more

06-Apr-11 PT-HNA Eurocopter AS355F2 Boa Vista, Brazil (3F)

Search for overdue helicopter found wreckage two days later.  EMS operation with three killed – pilot and patient survived.... Read more

20-Jan-11 RA-04109 Eurocopter AS355N Priozyorsk, Russia (1F)

Loss of control due spatial orientation in limited visibility and” whiteness “of the underlying surface, not being able to continue the flight under visual flight rules, which led to reduce the uncontrolled collision with a roll and a helicopter with ice-covered surface of the lake.  1 killed, 5 injured... Read more

10-Dec-10 N808FX Eurocopter AS355 Trenton, US-New Jersey

Made emergency landing after striking flock of birds on climbout from Trenton Airport... Read more

28-Oct-10 G-SEWP Eurocopter AS355F2 Hilltown, UK

The pilot lost control of the helicopter whilst manoeuvring at low speed to approach a hilltop landing site in quite strong wind conditions.  The investigation determined that an error of judgement or perception led the pilot to attempt a downwind approach. A combination of human factors was thought to have contributed to the accident.... Read more

23-Oct-10 G-BPRI Eurocopter AS355F1 Abridge, UK

Out-of-control golf buggy struck tail rotor during start-up... Read more

20-Mar-09 9Y-TJO Eurocopter AS355F1 , Trinidad & Tobago

20-Mar-09 9Y-TJO Eurocopter AS355F1 , Trinidad & Tobago... Read more

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