AS365 Accidents

11-Jul-21 EC-JDQ Airbus AS365N3 Strait of Gibraltar, Spain (1F)

Customs helicopter was involved in attempting to apprehend a boat being driven at high speed in the early hours of the morning, suspected of transporting drugs across the Strait of Gibraltar.  Helicopter crashed into the sea, and the observer died in the accident – named here as José Luis Domínguez Iborra.  Pilot and Copilot were... Read more

05-Dec-20 N625CF Airbus AS365N3 Dayton, US-Ohio

At approximately 140 KIAS, the right rear passenger door came open. The PIC had also heard and felt a change in the aircraft. PIC immediately slowed down the aircraft and the flight nurse in the back of the aircraft while still seat-belted was able to close the door. Upon safe landing and exiting of the... Read more

29-Sep-20 VH-WPX Airbus AS365N3 Perth, Australia

A rescue crewman was lowered onto the deck of a vessel as part of winch training exercise, off the coast of Perth, Western Australia. During the exercise, the rescue crewman was pulled overboard from the vessel, into and through the water. The rescue crewman was not injured.... Read more

09-Jun-17 902 Airbus AS565MB Varna, Bulgaria (1F)

Crashed into the sea during artillery exercise, after colliding with the Bulgarian Navy Wielingen-class Drazki 41 frigate.  Pilot (named as Captain Georgi Atanasov) later died in hospital, with the other two occupants seriously injured but stable.  Serial confirmed in this article... Read more

30-May-17 Airbus AS365N3 Moorea, French Polynesia

French Navy Dauphin made a wheels up landing on the runway, with the helicopter remaining upright on its belly. Three POB not injured The French Navy have two examples based at Papeete/Tahiti-Faaa (PPT / NTAA), serialled 6872 and 6928... Read more

27-May-17 VT-ENX Airbus AS365N Ahmedabad, India

Helicopter was flying from Manekpur in Valsad to Himmatnagar when the engine reportedly heated up.  Successful safe emergency landing made.  VVIP – the Chief Minister of Gujarat (Vijay Rupani) was on board.  The actual helicopter involved has not yet been identified and may have been a replacement in any case – after other issues with... Read more

20-May-17 6595 Airbus HH-65 Berkeley, US-California

Emergency landing after the autopilot system failed and a crew member smelled something electrical burning.  Helicopter removed from site by road back to base at CGAS San Francisco... Read more

24-Nov-15 VT-ELJ Airbus AS365N2 Meluri, India

Aircraft was taken off from Dimapur with 4 passengers onboard and just after 35 minutes of flight the helicopter had made a crash landing. Helicopter rear portion caught fire after landing and destroyed.... Read more

04-Nov-15 VT-PWF Airbus AS365N3 off Mumbai, India (2F)

Crashed into sea on night training flight.  Helicopter was operating a training flight for night recency and took-off from rig “WIS”. While landing at “RONTAP MEYER” it met with an accident. After impact ELT was triggered. Cockpit door found at the last known position during SAR. Pilots named here as TK Guha and Eeso Samuel... Read more

03-Nov-15 VH-WPX Airbus AS365N3 Jandakot, Australia

After returning from a test flight, a maintenance inspection revealed damage to a main rotor blade.... Read more

02-Jul-15 D2-EWA Airbus AS365N3 Nhime, Angola (6F)

Crashed and burnt out.  Wreckage not found for six days.  Helicopter was being operated for National Institute of Medical Emergencies... Read more

29-Jun-15 Airbus MH-65 San Francisco, US-California

Landing accident on post maintenance test flight.  ended up on its side... Read more

13-May-15 Airbus H155 Norwich, UK

Near miss between two (Eurofighter) Typhoon jets and an EC155... Read more

02-Apr-15 PP-LLS Airbus EC155B1 Carapicuiba, Brazil (5F)

Crashed onto the roof of a house during a post-maintenance test flight. Video footage indicates items fell from the helicopter in flight prior to impact. Pilot was named as Thomaz Rodrigues Alckmin, son of Sao Paulo governor Geraldo Alckmin, and three of the other four fatalities were engineers working for Helipark.... Read more

13-Mar-15 B511 Eurocopter AS565MB Gageodo Island, Korea (4F)

Crashed in waters off Gageodo Island, while trying to land near a seawall to carry out a mission to transport an emergency patient to an inland hospital. The accident left one dead and three others aboard the helicopter missing.... Read more

17-Jul-14 HL9461 Eurocopter AS365N3 Gwangju, Korea (5F)

Firefighting helicopter crashed in built-up area killing all five on board – video online shows helicopter descending at high speed in 70 degree nose-down attitude.  Aircraft identified from this photo showing a Dauphin tail with GW001 code and this photo tracking it to HL9461... Read more

26-May-14 N365WM Eurocopter AS365N2 Constantine, US-Michigan

Hand landing causing damage to nose wheel and starboard landing wheels.  Helicopter came to rest on an angle without the blades striking the ground... Read more

08-May-14 TU-HAA Eurocopter AS365N Takoradi, Ghana (4F)

Offshore rig support helicopter operated by Volta River Aviation, working for Lukoil.  8 POB.  Four deceased (one named as Samuel Sambo and another as Walter Agbetimevor), and four rescued.  Helicopter appears to have broken up, given image in this story.  Helicopter was en route from Takoradi to the Jack Ryan drillship.  Registration confirmed as TU-HAA in... Read more

01-May-14 F-GVFE Eurocopter AS365N Maripasoula, French Guiana

Starboard gear damaged in heavy landing at night... Read more

22-Mar-14 SE-JRB Eurocopter AS365N3 Gallivare, Sweden

Tail boom stabiliser fin lost inflight.  Minor damage to belly of aircraft... Read more

02-Mar-14 Eurocopter MH-65C Washington Island, US-Wisconsin

Emergency landing made after crew experienced “flight control malfunctions”... Read more

21-Jan-14 6578 Eurocopter HH-65C New Haven Township, US-Michigan

Flying from Traverse City to Lansing for maintenance of a compass malfunction when it developed mechanical problems requiring the emergency landing.  Roaded out.... Read more

18-Jan-14 VT-ELD Eurocopter AS365N Birbhum, India

Helicopter wheels stuck in concrete – helipad had been hastily built for new Santiniketan-Calcutta service  and had not fully set!... Read more

04-Jan-14 ZS-HOS Eurocopter AS365 Cape Town, South Africa

The helicopter lifted an external load of 485 kg from the deck of a vessel at sea to transport it to land. After lifting the load, the helicopter gained climbing speed and began to climb to 300 ft AMSL for the cruise. Once at 300 ft the load was reported to be stable, the PIC... Read more

17-Dec-13 Eurocopter AS365N Guwahati, India

Port side landing gear failed on landing, helicopter fell onto its side.  Later photo shows propped up helicopter with tail sitting on the ground and port stabiliser end-plate bent from ground contact.  All six passengers and two crew safely evacuated.  It is believed that the helicopter was operating on the scheduled route between Guwahati and Shillong... Read more

20-Nov-13 VT-ELR Eurocopter AS365N Chowra Island, India

The LH sliding door flown off during flight causing damages to tail structure. The helicopter made an emergency landing on nearby helipad at Chowra island.... Read more

06-Nov-13 OY-HJJ Eurocopter EC155 Clipper Field, UK

Shortly after takeoff from an off-shore platform at night, the helicopter entered a series of extreme pitch excursions which resulted in the airspeed reducing below 20 kt, followed by a descent. The flight crew were eventually able to recover to normal flight. The helicopter had descended to within approximately 50 feet of the sea surface.... Read more

14-Oct-13 JA15KM Eurocopter AS365N3 Kumamoto, Japan

Conducting a hoist training in front of a hanger located adjacent to Kumamoto Airport. While hovering at 60ft, it encountered close proximity to other aircraft.  Reported distance between two aircraft was 50ft horizontally.... Read more

05-Oct-13 F-WTAZ Eurocopter AS365 Grand Central, South Africa

Grand Central Airport emergency services tweeted : “Precautionary landing (RCF) at Grand Central Airport. Dauphin AS365 Helicopter. Reg: FW-TAZ (French). All safe”.  We’re not sure why the reg isn’t presented correctly as F-WTAZ, but there you go!... Read more

25-Sep-13 N95MD Eurocopter AS365N3 Leonardtown, US-Maryland

State Police helicopter made wheels-up landing and remained upright on the fuselage... Read more

26-Jul-13 N896LL Eurocopter AS365N3 Hershey, US-Pennsylvania

the #2 engine chip light illuminated without secondary symptoms noted. The pilot completed the emergency procedure for a #2 Engine Chip Light illumination and landed without incident at a local airport.... Read more

28-Jun-13 VT-PHZ Eurocopter AS365N3 Harsil, India

Pawan Hans helicopter, which was on a rescue mission in Uttarakhand, made a hard landing at Harsil.  Although the helicopter remained on its wheels, photos show the tail separated just ahead of the horizontal stabilizer.  The aircraft remained on site until the Indian AF airlifted it out on 4th September (see here and here)... Read more

21-May-13 3A-MPG Eurocopter EC155 Albenga, Italy

Approaching Albenga Airport, MGB CHIP warning light ON. After 5 minutes hard noise was detected and crew has decided to land immediately on a beach. No damages was detected to the helicopter... Read more

05-May-13 9M-DBH Eurocopter AS365N2 Sungai Besi, Malaysia

Caught by sudden gust of wind in poor weather while hovering to turn for taxi to parking spot.  Helicopter ended up on its port side.  Passengers were Home Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein and his wife  Tengku Datin Seri Marsilla Tengku Abdullah, and their daughter and son-in-law – none were injured in the accident... Read more

21-Mar-13 D-HLTM Eurocopter EC155 Berlin, Germany (1F)

Two helicopters collided in white-out conditions during a police exercise.  An AS332L2 and a EC155 had landed and kicked up a lot of snow.  The pilot of a second AS332 landing soon after then suffered white-out and landed too close to the EC155, killing the pilot.  Three other injuries reported.... Read more

04-Oct-12 N646GE Eurocopter AS365N2 Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Main blades hit hangar when trying to taxi through too narrow a gap on the ramp. Pilot named as Fidel Báez – no injuries reported to 2 crew and 1 tech on board. Flying debris went more than 300 ft damaging 3 other aircraft.... Read more

28-Jun-12 TU-THO Eurocopter SA365C2 Beposo, Ghana

Helicopter carrying six employees of mining company Newmont and two crew of the IAS Helicopter Company this afternoon made an unscheduled landing at Beposo in the Ashanti Region. All people on board the aircraft are safe.  Damage level is not known – company announcement implies a safe single engine landing.  Some press reports contain a... Read more

23-Jun-12 AMHP-151 Eurocopter AS565SB Tecalitlan, Mexico (4F)

Extensively damaged after hitting mountain.  Took authorities four days to find wreckage.  No word of, or from, crew – thus presumed fatal.  Aircraft took off 22nd June just before midnight and last known contact was at 00.10am with ATC at Uruapan, Michoacan... Read more

11-Apr-12 Eurocopter MH-65C Salinas, US-California

Emergency landing after crew began to smell smoke in the cockpit and reported that the engine was acting unusual.  MH-65C assumed on the basis that the CGAS San Francisco website states they currently operate four of these (and no other types)... Read more

28-Feb-12 6535 Eurocopter MH-65C Point Clear, US-Alabama (4F)

US Coast Guard MH-65C missing.  1 crew member rescue swimmer CPO Fernando Jorge was found unresponsive and later pronounced dead.  Search for the other thre on board has so far found the bodies of Lt. j.g. Thomas Cameron, and Lt. Cmdr. Dale Taylor.  The body of Petty Officer 3rd Class Andrew Knight has still not... Read more

20-Feb-12 N82MD Eurocopter AS365N2 Harford County, US-Maryland

Engine vibrations in flight, made emergency landing and there was a fire in the engine too... Read more

16-Feb-12 N63CF Eurocopter AS365N Dayton, US-Ohio

Rapid yaw to the left on take-off, which the pilot managed to control and bring the helicopter back to a safe landing.  Mechanic found tail/rotor servo cannon plug was coated with residual oil... Read more

10-Dec-11 N164CF Eurocopter AS365N2 Dayton, US-Ohio

Emergency landing due to mechanical issue.  Upon inspection by the mechanic, a clogged left hydraulic filter was found which had made the collective feel stiff. After replacement, the aircraft was returned to service.... Read more

09-Nov-11 I-DAMS Eurocopter AS365N3 Mineo, Italy (1F)

Crashed into a hill in poor weather during an EMS flight with 5POB.  Co pilot Sergio Torre fatally injured.  The aircraft had taken off from the hospital in Caltanissetta and was bound for Messina... Read more

13-Sep-11 N625CF Eurocopter AS365N3 Dayton, US-Ohio

On final approach to Miami Valley Hospital’s south helipad, the aircraft struck a bird. The pilot continued with his landing. The aircraft was inspected and no damage was found. It was returned to service.... Read more

16-Jun-11 ZJ165 Eurocopter AS365N2 Plymouth, UK

Nose wheel collapse on runway landing on training flight.  Runway blocked for period of time which necessitated diversion of one airline flight.  Civil owned, Military Registered aircraft, operated by British International for Royal Navy “Flag Officer Sea Training” unit... Read more

18-Apr-11 G-REDG Eurocopter AS365N3 Norwich, UK

Engine fire while taxying for take-off to offshore rig.  Fire put out on the ground... Read more

06-Apr-11 TC-HET Eurocopter EC155B1 Orhangazi, Turkey (1F)

EC155 came down in wooded area of a mountainous region.  Foggy conditions reported.  One fatality, two injured.  The three were Jesus Light,  Ahmet Deniz, and Hadji Ahmed Maples.... Read more

07-Jan-11 Eurocopter AS365 Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (4F)

EMS helicopter went town killing all four on board – named as pilot Capt. Khaled Al-Dakhil and First Lt. Mandeel Al-Subaihi, both Saudis, Egyptian doctor Amjad Al-Iraqi and Filipino nurse Rosella.  Official source has said that it “crashed south of Riyadh Friday burst into flames due to the force of the impact with the ground”.... Read more

16-Dec-10 VT-SOK Eurocopter AS365N3 Chandigarh, India

Rolled over while taxiing.   Caught fire and injuring both the pilots (named in one report as S P S Brar and M S Brar)... Read more

25-Oct-10 G-HBJT Eurocopter EC155B1 Blackbushe, UK understands this EC155 suffered a blade strike. We are aware that it was roaded from Blackbushe Airport to Eurocopter UK at Oxford on 25th October 2010, so for the time being we will assume this was the date. Please email any update to Read more

17-Jun-10 G-HEMS Eurocopter AS365N Thornaby, UK

Door opened in flight at 700 ft agl. Items fell out, some striking person on the ground and rendering them unconscious... Read more

12-Apr-09 B- Eurocopter AS365 , China (1F)

12-Apr-09 B- Eurocopter AS365 , China... Read more

29-Jan-09 N272DE Eurocopter AS365 , US-Maryland

29-Jan-09 N272DE Eurocopter AS365 , US-Maryland... Read more

24-Mar-08 5N-BJF Eurocopter AS365N2 Bonny Airstrip, Nigeria

At 50 feet, during the demonstration of Class B landing by the training captain, the helicopter experienced a sudden drop in height, hitting the ground nine metres short of the runway. There was no fatality, but damage to the nose wheels, the left main landing gear forward structure and the tail guard.... Read more

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