Austria Accidents

21-Nov-21 OE-XCE Bell 429WLG Wiener Neustadt, Austria (1F)

Crashed and caught fire on landing.  Weather reported as foggy.  Pilot was the only person on board.... Read more

17-Aug-17 OE-XGM Schweizer 300C Engelhartszell, Austria

Pilot made emergency landing after experiencing problems during photo flight, and subsequent landing in open field left the aircraft on its starboard side.  Passenger received light head injuries... Read more

25-May-17 N11FX Bell UH-1 Höfen, Austria

While landing after an aerobatic demo flight, the rotor blades came into contact with a building and the tail rotor gearbox separated from the aircraft.  Subsequent small fire was put out and helicopter written off on the helipad.  Pilot Siegfried Schwarz... Read more

10-May-17 D-HAFB Westland-Bell 47 Pertisau, Austria (2F)

Crashed and burnt out killing both on board, after reportedly hitting the cables of a material cableway.  According to a report in the Tyrolean edition of the “Kronen Zeitung”, Peter H. (55) from Tulfes and Richard G. (52) from Hall.... Read more

31-May-15 OE-XJK Robinson R22 Kasten bei Böheimkirchen, Austria

Substantially damaged after hitting roof of a house and crashing in the front garden.  House unoccupied at the time.   Both occupants seriously injure.... Read more

12-Oct-14 D-HUGI Robinson R22 Zöblen, Austria

 loss of engine power whilst on a flight from Wiedergeltingen to Jungholz and was badly damaged in an emergency landing at Mt. Schönkahler near Zöblen, Tyrol, Austria. The helicopter landed hard with its right skid and was damaged beyond repair. 63-year-old pilot o.k., 1 passenger on board minor injured... Read more

09-Aug-14 OE-XRL Schweizer 300C Stockerau, Austria

Helicopter fell over onto port side on landing.  Male pilot uninjured, female passenger slight injuries.... Read more

05-Apr-14 G-OJMF Enstrom 280FX Kirchham, Austria (1F)

Crashed into a heavily forested area on a night flight.  Pilot killed, and the two other occupants seriously injured... Read more

12-Aug-13 Eurocopter EC135 Meidling, Austria

“Christopherus 9” helicopter found with 9mm bullet hole through rotor blade.  Date/location of incident unknown, but 12-Aug-13 the most likely date according to report and given location is base of this helicopter – Meidling Heliport, Vienna... Read more

15-Feb-13 D-HDRJ Eurocopter BK117C1 Mitterberg, Austria

Severe damage to rotor blades and skid after being hit by a truck while parked on is base helipad at Fresach/Freizeitpark Millstättersee Heliport, Austria. All four rotorblades including the rotorhead had to be changed, causing a total damage of 600.000 €... Read more

29-Apr-12 OE-XMM MD Helicopters MD902 Großvenediger, Austria (1F)

Alpine rescue expert and two others were being lowered on a winch to rescue a trapped climber.  Due to poor visibility, the pilot released the winch at too high an altitude – about 10m AGL.  Franz Franzeskon died instantly in the fall while the two others suffered multiple injuries. No technical issues reported with the... Read more

30-Mar-11 OE-BXF Eurocopter EC135P2+ Achensee, Austria (4F)

4 died when EC135 crashed into a lake – check links for many photos and other info.... Read more

24-Mar-11 OE-XCG Schweizer 269C Pogusch, Austria

All three occupants injured after accident when landing on a steeply sloping site... Read more

09-Mar-11 OE-XYY Bell 412 Innsbruck, Austria

Extremely erratic take-off from elevated hospital helipad caught on video.  According to the company, the pilot could bring the machine under control. CEO Roy Knaus blamed the incident on “a combination of circumstances”... Read more

03-Dec-09 D-HEOY Eurocopter EC135 Seefeld, Austria

Hit a railway cable while filming the new Tom-Cruise-movie “Knight and Day”. The helicopter only suffered minor damage and landed safe after the incident.... Read more

10-Aug-09 UR-ABCG Aerokopter АК1-3 , Austria

10-Aug-09 UR-ABCG Aerocopter АК1-3 , Austria... Read more

6-May-09 OE- Imst, Austria

6-May-09 OE- Imst, Austria... Read more

10-Mar-09 OE-BXL Eurocopter AS350B1 Deutschlandsberg, Austria (1F)

10-Mar-09 OE-BXL Eurocopter AS350B1 Deutschlandsberg, Austria... Read more

26-Jan-09 OE-XHH Robinson R44 near St. Veit , Austria (1F)

26-Jan-09 OE-XHH Robinson R44 near St. Veit , Austria... Read more

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