B205 Accidents

24-Aug-20 N386HQ Bell 205A.1 Laverne, US-California

Tail rotor double delamination discovered during post flight inspection... Read more

10-Jan-19 VH-HUE Bell 205 Talbingo, Australia

During sling load operations, the load released and struck the loadmaster resulting in serious injuries.... Read more

14-Sep-15 Agusta-Bell 205 Sinazongwe, Zambia

Helicopter ended on its port side.  5 POB, three with minor injuries and the other two to hospital. Note, accident date was 14th not 15th (as reported elsewhere) – reports did not emerge until 15th as this flight was reportedly a private flight for the Defence Minister and not officially sanctioned.... Read more

14-Aug-15 N15HX Bell 205A-1 La Verne, US-California

Struck powerlines and made a controlled landing in Angeles National Forest.  Substantially damaged... Read more

21-Apr-15 HA-5066 Bell 205A1 Ahmad Yani, Indonesia

Photos show UH-1 after very heavy landing, upright but skids partially collapsed. Main blades appear complete and still attached to rotorhead.... Read more

06-Apr-15 C-GSIT Bell 205A.1 Key Lake, Canada

After landing, the pilot exited the helicopter with the engine running to attach a longline. The force trim was not set, and the aircraft started to spin and rotated off the helipad with nobody onboard. The aircraft collided with a metal container that was located by the helipad causing substantial damage to the boom, left... Read more

17-Mar-15 MM80722 Agusta-Bell 205A.1 Casera Razzo, Italy

Heavy landing on snow, damaging the helicopter. two pilots and two technicians on board were not seriously injured.  Army code EI-351... Read more

02-Mar-15 C-GLVI Bell 205 Revelstoke, Canada

The Pilot was repositioning 12 passengers from the bottom to the top of the Ghosts Drimie ski run. Upon departure, the Pilot elected to take-off downhill and downwind due to the terrain. The aircraft started to settle as it transited across a field and entered a ‘snowball’ at which time the pilot lost visual reference.... Read more

04-Feb-15 C-FTGK Bell 205A-1 Springbank, Canada

2 POB both injured, one seriously.  Heavy vertical landing with skids splayed out.  Main rotor had chopped tail boom but main blades still attached to rotor head CADORS 2015C0395... Read more

29-Apr-14 C-GREU Bell 205A.1 Vernon, Canada

Tail rotor clipped windsock on take-off for training flight.  Minor damage, landed safety. CADORS 2014P0551... Read more

26-Nov-13 Bell 205 Saravan, Iran

Photos show helicopter on its side with blades _undamaged_ but tail ripped away and damage to port stabiliser... Read more

14-Jun-13 C-GADA Bell 205 Quebec, Canada

Pilot completed an emergency landing after a master caution warning light from input quill / freewheel system illuminated.  The power shaft and freewheeling unit were found ruptured, and debris had been thrown into the engine inlet compressor. No post accident fire. CADORS 2013Q1303... Read more

20-Dec-12 HB-RXC Bell UH-1H Rüthi, Switzerland

Pilot decided for an emergency landing.  Heavy landing, bounced up into the air and back down on its side. Main rotor mast incl. gear box were separated from fuselage and found 10m from wreckage.  All 4 POB safe, left wreckage by themselves and to hospital.  One minor hand injury.... Read more

13-Apr-12 N17HX Bell 205A-1 Hot Springs, US-Virginia

Minor damage during external load operations... Read more

04-Sep-11 N205WW Bell 205 Tehachapi, US-California

commercial pilot sustained minor injuries; the helicopter sustained substantial damage to the tail boom from impact forces... Read more

24-Mar-11 CC-CID Bell 205A-1 San Clemente, Chile

Pilot lost control over a forest fire.  Helicopter crashed killing pilot Hector Metuaze de la Fuente, Passenger seriously injured.  Post crash fire and burnt out... Read more

06-Jul-10 D-HAFL Bell B205 Paranho Besteiros, Portugal

Main blades hit tree during firefighting ops... Read more

10-Aug-09 Agusta-Bell AB205 nr Kerman, Iran (3F)

10-Aug-09 Bell B205 nr Kerman, Iran... Read more

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