B212 Accidents

09-Sep-21 N523EH Bell 212 Livingston, US-Montana

Significant vibration experienced, emergency landing.  Damage level not known... Read more

07-Jul-21 N911KW Bell 212 Weed, US-California

Firefighting helicopter ditched into Lake Shastina, from where it was picking up water.  US Forest Service reported that the pilot was able to swim/walk away... Read more

27-Jan-21 CC-ATY Bell 212 Olivar, Chile

Remained upright in very heavy landing.  Engine fire.  Skids collapsed, boom detached.  Pilot (only person on board) airlifted to Rancagua hospital Chilean Army photo from Twitter... Read more

04-Nov-20 ARC223 Bell UH-1N Guaymaral, Columbia

Emergency landing during low level training detail.  4POB all out OK Helicopter fell onto its port side, breaking the main blades.  The tail boom remained mostly intact, apart from the port stabiliser on which the helicopter came to rest.,... Read more

10-Aug-20 (serial tba) Bell UH-1N Middleburg, US-Virginia

Routine training mission; helicopter was struck by a bullet. A safe emergency landing was made at Manassas Regional Airport. One crew member was treated at a hospital for injuries that were not life-threatening.... Read more

31-Jan-16 N215KA Bell 212 Nakusp, Canada

The pilot was attempting to land on a marked heliski landing site on a ski run called “Nicole”. This was the second landing of the day at this location; the helicopter was carrying 10 guests, 2 guides and the pilot. The first approach was abandoned due to skiers from a previous group waiting on the... Read more

08-Jan-15 ZK067 Bell 212 Nyeri, Kenya

British Army Air Corps helicopter slightly damaged in emergency landing in forest clearing on a training flight.  One report states they lost a tail rotor blade but this video clearly shows both still in place post incident... Read more

13-Aug-14 6-2414 Agusta-Bell 212 Dayer, Iran

Helicopter came down with significant vertical force, causing the skids to splay out, the cabin to touch the ground and the boom to detach at the root.  That said, the main and tail rotor blades were not damaged.  4 of 6 POB injured... Read more

31-Jan-14 1417 Bell 212 Reynosa, Mexico (1F)

Unspecifiedl accident inside military base, killing one and injuring the other two occupants... Read more

29-Sep-13 VT-HGC Bell 212 Thane, India (5F)

Helicopter en route from Juhu aerodrome in Mumbai to Aurangabad descended due to bad weather, hit high tension cables and crashed killing all five on board – named here as pilot Capt. SS Bhaduria, co-pilot Captain Allen Martin, Capt. Anshu Matta, Engg Yatin Wakade and Technician Dean D’Souza.... Read more

12-May-13 C-GAHZ Bell 212 Dewar Lakes, Canada

On landing, the helicopter encountered whiteout conditions, and after touchdown, the helicopter rolled over. Two of the three passengers suffered minor injuries. The pilot and other passenger were not injured. The helicopter was destroyed.  On contract to Canada’s Dept of National Defence.  CADORS 2013C1810... Read more

24-Jan-13 Agusta-Bell 212 Praia, Italy

Precautionary landing on sports pitch. probably weather related... Read more

06-Oct-12 OB-1845-P Bell 212 Kiteni, Peru

One of three helicopters fire bombed by terrorists at night while parked on the airfield.  All three were on contract to Transportadora de Gas del Peru... Read more

15-Sep-12 C-GZNF Bell 212 Batman, Turkey

Helicopter was subject to small arms fire from the ground and was badly damaged.  Four of the nine passengers sustained gunshot related injuries.  CADAORS ref 2012C4147... Read more

20-Jul-12 Bell 212 Ulu Belait, Brunei (12F)

2 survived, 12 killed in crash.  Helicopter was en route home with three members of the crew and 2 trainers, 1 staff and 8 Officer Cadets, Officer Cadet School after a jungle training camp.  The Defence Ministry later stated “The main cause of the aircraft crash was due to human error. The aircraft was involved... Read more

30-Apr-12 FAC-4020 Bell 212 Sabanagrande, Colombia (13F)

The helicopter was on a transport mission from Barranquilla to Caucasia when the accident occurred, killing all 13 on board – 7 from the Colombian Air Force and 6 from the Colombian National Police.  Pilot was named as Major Abel Jorge Garcia Cardona, while Lieutenant Hector Vega Alejandro Cuevas was serving as copilot.... Read more

14-Mar-12 D-HALS Bell 212 Iquela, Gabon (2F)

Crashed while taking part in oil exploration/ seismic operations on behalf of the Perenco Oil... Read more

25-Nov-11 HC-CLH Bell 212 Quito, Ecuador

Impacted terrain close to company helipad.  Local DGAC records show the helicopter was only certified in Ecuador 7 days before.  Four occupants – Pilot Patricio Villalba, front seat passenger Jorge Luis Villegas and two mechanics Luis Ferrario and Pedro Medina were all injured... Read more

18-Oct-11 CS-HFJ Bell 212 Golfar, Portugal

Helicopter ended up upside down, but with the cabin and boom looking reasonably intact – certainly tail boom is complete and tail rotor blades do not appear damaged... Read more

17-Oct-11 Agusta-Bell AB212 Jagodina, Serbia

Seven children hurt after hovering helicopter caused billboards to be blown over the crowds at a stadium.  Helicopter was demonstrating troops rapelling to the ground... Read more

30-Sep-11 CC-CIS Bell 212 Bienservida, Spain (1F)

Accident between EC-GIC and CC-CIS both 212s involved in re-filling their water tanks during fire-fighting operations.  Pilot Leo Janssen, flying CC-CIS was killed.  Pilot Manuel Fuertes in EC-GIC survived... Read more

30-Sep-11 EC-GIC Bell 212 Bienservida, Spain

Accident between EC-GIC and CC-CIS both 212s involved in re-filling their water tanks during fire-fighting operations.  Pilot Leo Janssen, flying CC-CIS was killed.  Pilot Manuel Fuertes in EC-GIC survived... Read more

26-Sep-11 Bell 212 Ubon Ratchathani, Thailand

Bell helicopter with 7 on board, including Provincial Police Region 3 commander, makes emergency landing in Ubon Ratchathani during illegal logging bust duty – likely a Bell 212 or 412.... Read more

24-Jul-11 35098 Bell 212 Phetchaburi province, Thailand (3F)

Departed from Lopburi Air Force Base bound for the crash site of a Black Hawk which went down on 19th, Unfortunately this too had an accident, killing three of the four aboard.  Survivor was mechanic Sergent Pattanaporn Tonchan... Read more

21-Jun-11 N49678 Bell 212 Mesa, US-Arizona

The Bell 212 was part of a three-aircraft test flight for Boeing. Two support aircraft were chasing an Apache Longbow on test flight when one of the support aircraft went down.... Read more

20-May-11 C-FJUR Bell 212 Slave Lake, Canada (1F)

Firefighting operations, taking up water from lake, fel into lake 30m from shore and two thirds submerged.  Sole occupant pilot killed, later named as Jean-Luc Deba, 54, of Montreal.... Read more

15-Oct-10 XA-IUR Bell 212 Las Choapas, Mexico (9F)

** WARNING the photo in the first link contains a disturbing on-scene image **. Early reports gave a figure of 8 fatalities, but the final figure was 9 – Leonardo Andrés Pérez Arteaga, 29 (pilot), Manuel Montes Ríos Heder, 27 (co-pilot), Jonathan Gutierrez Baeza, 23, José Luis Salas Ventura, 32, Aaron Ortiz Gerardo Olvera, 26,... Read more

2-Sep-09 Bell B212 Bela-Vista, Mozambique

2-Sep-09 Bell B212 Bela-Vista, Mozambique... Read more

14-Aug-09 C-GTKE Bell B212 between Lillooet and Lytton, Canada (1F)

14-Aug-09 C-GTKE Bell B212 between Lillooet and Lytton, Canada... Read more

21-Jul-09 N212HP Bell B212 Lassen National Forest, US-California (1F)

21-Jul-09 N212HP Bell B212 Lassen National Forest, US-California... Read more

28-Feb-09 XC-DES Bell B212 Conagua, Aguascalientes State, Mexico

28-Feb-09 XC-DES Bell B212 Conagua, Aguascalientes State, Mexico... Read more

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