B407 Accidents

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25-Jul-22 SX-HEJ Bell 407 Spata, Greece (1F)

22-year old British tourist (named here as Jack Fenton) received fatal injuries after being struck by the tail rotor after alighting from the helicopter. This report suggests that one of the other three passengers on the helicopter disputes the statement made by the head of the Greek aviation accident investigation board.... Read more

07-Jun-22 N402SH Bell 407 Kona, US-Hawaii

Tourist flight, 6 POB all injured.  One airlifted to Kona Community Hospital, others by road A helicopter tour crashed on Wednesday in a lava field on Hawaii’s Big Island, injuring all six people on board — including two in serious condition, officials said. https://t.co/VCDgiiDQ6l — FOX 7 Austin (@fox7austin) June 11, 2022  ... Read more

04-Jun-22 N98ZA Bell 407 Caldwell, US-New Jersey

Heavily damaged in hard landing, pilot was only person on board and suffered serious injuries Pilot Injured In Helicopter Crash At Essex County Airport https://t.co/HtWnIVU6vq — Randolph Patch (@RandolphNJPatch) June 6, 2022    ... Read more

01-Mar-22 N2191 Bell 407 Fort Worth, US-Texas

Autorotations to a taxiway, and damaged a taxiway light... Read more

17-Jan-22 N167RL Bell 407 Houma, US-Louisiana (2F)

FAA “aircraft crashed in unknown circumstances” Press reports “Local authorities were notified of the crash before noon by a citizen who reported seeing the aircraft lose altitude and then saw a “big splash of mud,” Lafourche Parish President Archie Chaisson said during a news conference” The two fatalities were named here as 30-year-old Dylan Horn... Read more

14-Dec-21 N150AS Bell 407 LaPlace, US-Louisiana (1F)

Helicopter crashed on the eastbound carriageway of the Bonnet Carré Spillway Bridge on Interstate 10.  Aircraft was observed flying low, consistent with low cloud base and low visibility at the time.  Helicopter took out some powerlines, causing 20,000 people to be without electricity.  The helicopter was on fire post impact and completely burned out, as... Read more

14-Dec-21 N862YB Bell 407 Bridgeport, US-Texas

FAA – Training flight for power recovery practice.  Crashed over safety area on runway.  ... Read more

12-Dec-21 N434PH Bell 407 Conroe, US-Texas

Controlled emergency landing after being unable to recover correctly from practice autorotation landing... Read more

10-Nov-21 N619DE Bell 407 Eloy, US-Arizona

Force landing on a road after paraglider tether caught on the skid... Read more

25-Sep-21 N668RL Bell 407 Patterson, US-Louisiana

Bell 407 N662RL was lifting off for departure when it drifted backwards into sister ship N668RL of the same operator... Read more

25-Sep-21 N662RL Bell 407 Patterson, US-Louisiana

Bell 407 N662RL was lifting off for departure when it drifted backwards into sister ship N668RL of the same operator  ... Read more

18-Sep-21 N512MT Bell 407 Conroe, US-Texas

Bird strike damaged stabiliser shortly after take-off... Read more

13-May-21 N432PH Bell 407 Midlothian, US-Texas

Main blades struck port horizontal stabiliser during run-on landing on grass. No injuries to pilot or 2 passengers... Read more

19-Apr-21 N516MT Bell 407 Columbia, US-South Carolina

FAA report emergency field landing for this air ambulance helicopter... Read more

07-Apr-21 B-70S5 Bell 407GXi Lingbao City, China

Emergency landing in a car park, landed heavily and skids splayed out after the helicopter started spinning in the air, suggesting a tail rotor issue (see video below) 2 minor injuries of 4 POB.  This was a training flight by a company intending to use the helicopter for sightseeing.  One report said that they do... Read more

16-Nov-20 ZS-MCC Bell 407 (Location tba), Tanzania

Photos posted online show helicopter significantly damaged by landing in two feet of water in a lake, although it remained upright on its skids.  Second image shows the person who took the photos, sat in the water of the lake with leg injuries strapped up in a rudimentary way... Read more

08-Nov-20 N139PD Bell 407 Piñones, Puerto Rico

Emergency landing on beach as the tide was coming in.  Skids sank into the soft sand.... Read more

04-Nov-20 N3191 Bell 407 Little Rock, US-Arkansas

Heavy autorotation landing.  Sole occupant pilot not injured... Read more

15-Sep-20 N489DM Bell 407 Fort Worth, US-Texas

Main rotor struck tail boom during autorotation training.  Instructor and student not injured... Read more

25-Dec-19 N663SF Bell 407 Headland, US-Alabama (1F)

A Survival Flight aircraft rolled onto its side on landing, after the pilot, Douglas Davis had an unconfirmed heart attack. There was no patient on-board at the time, the two crew members were uninjured, the pilot was later pronounced dead at the hospital.... Read more

09-Dec-19 N79LP Bell 407 Grand Isle, US-Louisiana (2F)

Aircraft crashed in the Gulf of Mexico under unknown circumstances. The last known position was 13 nm W of Southwest Pass, Louisiana as they transiting from one off-shore platform to another.... Read more

31-Jan-19 N407P Bell 407 Church Hill, US-Tennessee

Smoke detected after using of deicing equipment.  Precautionary landing made in open field without further incident.... Read more

29-Jan-19 N191SF Bell 407 Zaleski, US-Ohio (3F)

The helicopter departed Mount Carmel Grove City hospital and was flying to Holzer Meigs hospital in Pomeroy to pick up a patient.  Contact was lost and the wreckage was found in a wood about three and a half hours later. Troopers located the wreckage of a Bell 407 helicopter east of State Route 278 and... Read more

05-Nov-17 N522RL Bell 407 Rig MP281, US-Gulf of Mexico

Bird strike en route to offshore rig... Read more

18-May-17 N6040Y Bell 407 Fort Worth, US-Texas

FAA reported substantially damaged after hard landing on training flight – aircraft operated by Bell Helicopter Training Academy... Read more

13-May-17 Bell 407 Mosul, Iraq

Helicopter shot down from ground fire.  Reports do not agree as to whether the two occupants were fatally injured or not.  In one report, a Bell 407 is shown with holes in the front windscreen... Read more

02-May-17 N457PH Bell 407 Grand Bay, US-Gulf of Mexico

On May 2, 2017, about 0635 central daylight time, a Bell 407 made a precautionary landing at Grand Bay receiving station in the Gulf of Mexico, near Boothville, Louisiana, after the pilot noticed a vibration in-flight. VMC prevailed at the time of the accident.The non-scheduled domestic passenger flight was being conducted under the provisions of... Read more

10-Dec-15 N408FC Bell 407 McFarland, US-California (4F)

EMS helicopter “went down in dense fog in an area known to have overhead powerlines”, killing all four on board – pilot, flight nurse, flight paramedic and patient... Read more

25-Sep-15 C-FTJU Bell 407 Goose Bay, Canada

Helicopter was landing at a gravel pit near a hunting camp. While manoeuvring to land to refuel the helicopter, the tail rotor struck a fuel drum. The rotor blade was destroyed, the tail rotor drive train was damaged and one main rotor blade was damaged by debris. The helicopter landed safely and the pilot, the... Read more

13-Sep-15 Bell 407GX Hucao, China (4F)

helicopter went down in the Chinese city of Chongqing on Sunday, killing all four on board, including two cameramen Jiang Ya and Song Hao’en from Chongqing Broadcasting Group, a local satellite TV station.... Read more

14-Aug-15 N485AE Bell 407 San Antonio, US-Texas

Struck lower tail fin on concrete curb while repositioning after refuelling... Read more

24-Jul-15 C-FNOB Bell 407 Bugaboo Provincial Park, Canada

Transporting 6 workers from the Bobbie Burns lodge when the engine lost power. The pilot carried out an emergency landing to an area of new growth trees. The landing with low rotor rpm was hard, but the helicopter stayed upright. The tail section of the helicopter was struck by a main rotor blade and severed.... Read more

09-Jul-15 Bell 407 Jiangde, China (2F)

2 fatal and 5 injured when helicopter of State Grid General Aviation Company crashed at Tongyong Airport.  Photo shows helicopter missing one blade – another photo here... Read more

28-Jun-15 N311RL Bell 407 Platform 127, US-Gulf of Mexico

“Blown off the side of the platform” during run-up on offshore rig. 1 minor injury... Read more

08-Jun-15 N501PH Bell 407 Fresh Water City, US-Louisiana

Emergency landing in marsh area.  Boom damaged... Read more

05-Mar-15 N41BH Bell 407 Fort Worth, US-Texas

Tail rotor strike on landing, substantially damaged... Read more

05-Feb-15 C-FAHI Bell 407 Revelstoke, Canada

conducting heliski operations with one pilot and five passengers aboard. During a run-on downwind landing, the main rotor contacted the helicopters tail boom. The tail rotor driveshaft cover was damaged and the tail rotor driveshaft was creased. The aircraft’s vertical winglets were also struck by the main rotor blades. The helicopter’s occupants were not injured.... Read more

17-Jan-15 N407CR Bell 407 Greenville, US-South Carolina

Aircraft on approach to landing was flown to the right of centerline for landing at the base helipad.  Fuel tank is installed right of the helipad.  At approximately 10ft AGL, main rotor blades contacted fuel tank obstruction light.  Pilot maneuvered aircrat to the left, landing on the center of the helipad.  No injuries to 3... Read more

01-Nov-14 N710DP Bell 407 Denver, US-Colorado

Night emergency landing into public park after bird strike broke chin window... Read more

08-Oct-14 Bell 407 Beiji, Iraq (2F)

The helicopter was allegedly downed by IS with a shoulder fired missile.  One report says three fatalities... Read more

03-Oct-14 N409TD Bell 407 New York, US-New York

Bird strike, penetrating the windshield, which shattered – causing only minor injury to the front-seat passenger.  Note – wrongly reported elsewhere as N410TD.  N409TD confirmed by FAA report and this news story which refers to the ATC call “zero nine tango delta”.  pilot made an emergency landing at the West 30th St. HP... Read more

11-Sep-14 N142MA Bell 407 Moab, US-Utah

Sole occupant pilot injured in crash – helicopter was on survey work for Greenriver Energy... Read more

11-Jun-14 Bell 407 US-Gulf of Mexico

Contolled landing close to rig.  Floats deployed and helicopter remained upright on floats on calm seas, 6 POB safely evacuated by liferaft... Read more

03-May-14 N407MH Bell 407 Telluride, US-Colorado

Emergency landing onto snow at 10,000 ft altitude, damaging blades, after reported engine problem.... Read more

10-Apr-14 Bell 407 Mujiayu, China (1F)

Training accident, one pilot with very minor injuries but the other with head injuries which proved fatal... Read more

30-Dec-13 5Y-RDU Bell 407 Kwa Mathenge, Kenya

Three POB injured after reported loss of lower caused helicopter to come down... Read more

29-Dec-13 EC-LBS Bell 407 Chiquitoy, Chile

Fire fighting helicopter shot at from the ground by 9mm bullett... Read more

16-Nov-13 HR-AXO Bell 407 Rio Abajo, Honduras

While en route from Tegucigalpa to Juticalpa, an inflight problem led to emergency landing, during which main rotor blades sliced tail boom.  Helicopter landed upright on its skids in a field of long grass.  One passenger was Honduras’ ruling party presidential candidate, Juan Hernandez... Read more

19-Oct-13 N495AE Bell 407 Cooperton, US-Oklahoma

Birdstrike, landed without incident but one of 3 POB suffered minor injuries... Read more

11-Oct-13 LQ-BHT Bell 407 Valle Fértil, Argentina (1F)

Legislator Margarita Ferra de Bartol died of her wounds in hospital, while San Juan Governor Jose Luis Gioja suffered several bruises. Three other passengers were also injured.  This video shows brownout conditions at low level, then a flash as the helicopter contacts with powerlines.  Initial accident report here... Read more

13-Aug-13 N53LP Bell 407 Trinity V Platform, US-Gulf of Mexico

Ditched near offshore rig – the pilot and two passengers had minor injuries and were airlifted to Thibodaux General Medical Center for treatment.   Helicopter destroyed – see photo after recovery onto ship... Read more

12-Aug-13 N407CH Bell 407 Page, US-Arizona

Lower chip detector plug was found out of the locked detent position and had slightly ?backed out? of the housing. This condition will cause a disruption of oil flow through the transmission oil pump and therefore a loss of oil pressure.  Enroute from Page Municipal Airport (KPGA) to Kane County Hospital in Kanab, Utah... Read more

07-Aug-13 N803DS Bell 407 Daytona Beach, US-Florida

Emergency landing on the beach, no damage... Read more

24-Jul-13 VT-TBE Bell 407 Garud Chatti, India (2F)

Accident situation unknown.  Helicopter operating on Disaster Relief Operations with Uttarakhand Government.  Operator reported it was en route from Kedarnath to Guptkashi at about 1530 hrs.  Later update said it was weather related.  Fatalities named here as Pilot J. S. Dhaliwal and technician Abhay Ranjan... Read more

30-May-13 N407HC Bell 407 Columbia, US-Maryland

Emergency landing in school field, helicopter remained upright.  Tail boom sliced by main rotor blades... Read more

25-Apr-13 N937GR Bell 407 Mount Aeneas, US-Montana

Rolled over on landing.  Supporting work on radio repeater site on the mountain... Read more

18-Apr-13 N495AE Bell 407 Waco, US-Texas

Bird strike, windscreen broken, landed without further incident, no injuries... Read more

15-Apr-13 N408GA Bell 407 New River, US-Arizona

We have a recent report in of an emergency landing at 10.28pm of an EMS helicopter near the junction of New River and Cross Mountain roads in New River, Arizona – northern outskirts of Phoenix.  Air Methods operating for “Guardian Air”... Read more

03-Mar-13 N911LL Bell 407 Scottsbluff, US-Nebraska

Bird strike to side of helicopter very shortly after night take-off... Read more

02-Jan-13 N445MT Bell 407 Ventura, US-Iowa (3F)

Three killed in night time accident north of Ventura – pilot Gene Grell, nurse Shelly Lair-Langenbau and paramedic Russell Piehl.   Reports state it was the helicopter based at Mercy Medical Center-North Iowa.  Post impact fire.  Was en route from Mason City to Emmetsburg.... Read more

30-Dec-12 VT-PHH Bell 407 Vaishno Devi, India

Damaged in emergency landing near Vaishno Devi shrine – remaining mostly undamaged and relatively upright into the trees/shrubs into which it fell.  Minor injuries to 7 POB, named as pilot A S Parmar and passengers Anita Puri, Meenakshi, Arun Kumar, Arti Devi, Raj Rani and Chetan Kumar.  Sources vary, but most report a technical issue... Read more

29-Dec-12 N534MT Bell 407 Big Lake, US-Texas

Emergency landing, Tail boom sliced, damage to main blades.  Helicopter remained upright.  No Fire.  Patient on board... Read more

28-Dec-12 N407KS Bell 407 Renton, US-Washington

“Guardian One” Helicopter fell off side of ground handling trolley during run up, causing tail to contact the ground... Read more

24-Dec-12 N489AE Bell 407 McAllen, US-Texas

While in the hover, boom struck blade(s) of parked helicopter during a pedal turn... Read more

22-Dec-12 2807 Bell 407 UAE

Reported write-off... Read more

15-Nov-12 N7160V Bell 407 Riverton, US-Wyoming

Force landing after striking power lines.  Wire strike system successfully cut cables and helicopter landed safely.  This report suggests that the helicopter was flying at 80-100 ft altitude, and thus the crew “were acting outside the scope of their employment and in violation of Federal Aviation Regulations, company operational specifications and policies.”... Read more

05-Nov-12 N905HA Bell 407 Bakersfield, US-California

“Hall Medevac 1” made emergency landing after bird strike while en route to pick up patient... Read more

29-Oct-12 N905HA Bell 407 Bakersfield, US-California

Blade delamination caused unusual vibration levels which prompted crew to investigate and then change aircraft before they took off... Read more

10-Oct-12 Bell 407 Minneapolis, US-Minnesota

Chin window damaged by patient trolley and helicopter taken out of service until new parts fitted.  Life Link III operate five Bell 407s – N404LL through N408LL so presumably one of these was the subject aircraft... Read more

09-Oct-12 N108MF Bell 407 Coolbaugh Township, US-Pennsylvania (2F)

Available photos give no clues as the trees are likely to have had a significant effect on the level of damage. Weather reports include both rain and fog with visibility of less than a quarter of a mile. Pilot William Ellsworth and passenger Tighe Sulllivan were killed.  The other passenger Stephen Barral survived but is... Read more

05-Oct-12 Bell 407 Rathora, India

Safe emergency landing in field due to technical issue.  No damage to helicopter or POB... Read more

18-Sep-12 XC-ZIT Bell 407 Lake Zirahuen, Mexico (1F)

Crashed into lake after contacting zip wire which spans the lake.  One drowned (named as Daniel Segundo Martinez), four survived.  Helicopter was being used to capture video footage of the lake for use on a television program... Read more

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