B47 Accidents

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19-Feb-22 N1342X Bell 47G4A Titusville, US-Florida

Hard landing in field.  No injuries to 2 POB... Read more

11-Feb-22 N1023V Bell 47G2 Fallon, US-Nevada

Helicopter incurred a tail strike and then crashed onto the roof of a hangar, ending up on its port side. FAA incorrectly reported this as a Bell 407, rather than a Bell 47 as is evident in this image N1023V was not currently registered at the time of the accident.  FAA data shows it de-registered... Read more

31-Oct-21 N132BR Bell 47D.1 Zelienople, US-Pennsylvania

Crashed into a field shortly after take-off... Read more

28-Jun-21 N147AH Bell 47G.2A.1 Brasstown, US-North Carolina

FAA report that helicopter crashed at a private airstrip and that the helicopter was destroyed... Read more

01-Jan-21 N74823 Bell 47D1 Marana, US-Arizona

Low level manouevre to avoid another aircraft caused helicopter to crash... Read more

24-Nov-20 YN-CIQ Continental Copters Tomcat Chinandega, Nicaragua (1F)

The Tomcat helicopter (Bell 47 adaption) was involved in agricultural work.  Unclear what happened but helicopter ended up on the ground on its skids but without its rotor mast or main blades This report states that “Jose Daniel Avelarez Gálea – aviation mechanic was killed and citizen Edward José Flores Padilla, who works as an aviation... Read more

04-Aug-20 D-HIPO Bell 47G4A Lübstorf, Germany

Substantially damaged beyond repair in a forced autorotation landing at Lübstorf near Schwerin, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.  Minor injuries to the 3POB... Read more

18-Oct-19 N7060J Bell 47G5 King City, US-California

Rotor blades struck tail boom during run-on landing... Read more

20-Aug-17 N9526 Bell 47G2A St Marys, US-Pennsylvania

Heavy field landing after reported engine failure.  Little/no damage to tail boom suggests mainly vertical impact, although main blades broken at the rotorhead.  Aircraft is registered to James Delullo at an address in the same town as the accident location.... Read more

23-May-17 XB-LUB Bel 47D Amacuzac, Mexico (1F)

Helicopter crashed during mosquito control operations, and burnt out in the following fire.  Sole occupant pilot died in the accident... Read more

10-May-17 D-HAFB Westland-Bell 47 Pertisau, Austria (2F)

Crashed and burnt out killing both on board, after reportedly hitting the cables of a material cableway.  According to a report in the Tyrolean edition of the “Kronen Zeitung”, Peter H. (55) from Tulfes and Richard G. (52) from Hall.... Read more

18-Oct-15 N73224 Bell 47G3B Searchlight, US-Nevada

70 year old pilot Richard Dick was reportedly rounding up cattle at low level in windy conditions, when a gust caused him to crash... Read more

03-Aug-15 N4002G Bell 47G3B1 Camden, US-Alabama

The pilot reported that when he was at 300 feet altitude and half a mile out on approach, the hydraulics to the controls went out and they became very stiff. He elected to continue the approach into the landing zone. During the landing touchdown, the heel of the left skid struck a berm, rocking the... Read more

24-Jul-15 N1396X Bell 47G.4A Gilbert, US-Iowa

Substantially damaged after force landing in a field during aerial application work... Read more

20-Jun-15 N4427F Bell 47G5 Salinas, US-California (1F)

Crashed in low level agricultural work after impacting a fence, killing pilot Frank Gomes Jnr.  Ground crewmen who worked for the operator had just refilled the fertilizer tank on the helicopter prior to its last departure. When the helicopter did not return for its scheduled rinse load the crewmen drove out to the field to... Read more

27-Mar-15 C-GVHA Bell 47G.2 Chilliwack, Canada

1 POB with minor injuries.  CADORS 2015P0442... Read more

27-Feb-15 N4774S Bell 47G2A Ivanhoe, US-California

Agricultural aircraft hit powerlines and came down in orange orchard.  Pilot seriously injured and airlifted to hospital... Read more

29-Jan-15 N43762 Bell 47 White Rock, US-Arkansas

Impacted terrain during autorotation demonstration... Read more

29-Jan-15 N43762 Bell 47G North Little Rock, US-Arkansas

Substantially damaged after main blades hit tail boom during landing... Read more

12-Aug-14 N7089J Bell 47G-5 Mansfield, US-Illinois (1F)

Helicopter clipped powerlines and crashed killing pilot Paul Reynolds during a low level transit between fields he was working on.... Read more

10-Aug-14 N4690 Bell 47G-2 Jeanerette, US-Louisiana (1F)

Crashed on the edge of a sugar cane field killing pilot Kenneth E. Squires, age 60.  Five years ago age 55 the pilot was quoting himself as having flown 19,000 hours... Read more

18-Jul-14 N47DT Bell 47G2A Merced, US-California

Agricultural ops – crashed in field after hitting powerline... Read more

12-Jul-14 N88771 Bell 47K Kingston, US-Washington

Ditched in shallow water.  3 POB got out OK, one named by local press as Tatyana Kutsenko... Read more

03-Jul-14 N684PC Bell 47G3B2 Gaston, US-Oregon

Rigging for lifting work caught on skid on take-off and helicopter fell to the ground hard.  Pilot reported here as 31-year-old Warren Larson... Read more

28-May-14 Bell 47G Ripley Township, US-Minnesota (1F)

Crahed into roof of barn.  Pilot named in news reports as Gary Oleen, aged 71, critically injured.  AirCare helicopter attended per this YouTube clip On 05-Jun-14 this became a fatal accident following the pilot’s death from his injuries as reported here... Read more

18-May-14 N16414 Bell 47G Bakersfield, US-California

Skid caught on ground handling trailer on take-off and rolled onto its side... Read more

03-May-14 N7895B Bell 47G Whittier, US-California

Partial engine failure and hard landing and roll-over onto port side.  Minor injuries to 2 POB.  100 gallons of fuel spilt, but no fire.... Read more

30-Mar-14 N147WT Bell 47G3B1 Oglesby, US-Texas

Engine malfunction at low level while hog hunting.  Substantially damaged in field landing... Read more

21-Jan-14 N93067 Bell 47D1 Pell City, US-Alabama

Landing accident after reported transmission issue.  Skids collapsed, main blades chopped tail boom... Read more

17-Dec-13 F-BNTO Agusta-Bell 47G Northern Cyprus

Crashed after the impact of the high-voltage transmission line during the agricultural spraying operation.  Post impact fire... Read more

06-Dec-13 N1001N Texas M74L (Bell 47G) Sebring, US-Florida (1F)

Pilot died in accident from low level on agricultural operations.  Post crash fire.  The pilot was later identified as Jon Whitaker... Read more

29-Sep-13 Bell 47G Guadalupe, US-California

Struck powerlines on agricultural operations, cutting power to around 500 homes.  In ensuing manoeuvre, main blades cut tail boom.  Pilot not injured... Read more

11-Sep-13 N7836S Bell 47G5 King City, US-California

Substantially damaged in force landing on road... Read more

29-Aug-13 N8051E Bell 47G Wichita Falls, US-Texas

Lost power – force landing in field... Read more

23-Aug-13 SE-HEO Bell 47G.2 Fällfors, Sweden

Accident at a field near the Byeskeälven river northwest of Fällfors, Skellefteå, at midday earlier today. The pilot and his passenger both survived the accident, and they were later transported to hospitals in Skellefteå and Umeå. The helicopter, one of the oldest in Sweden, was destroyed in a post-impact fire.  Additional reporting from Nordic Rotors... Read more

16-Aug-13 Bell 47 Washington Lake Township, US-Minnesota

Agricultural ops, clipped wires, pilot Daniel Lee landed the helicopter with “moderate damage”, but reported back in service the next day... Read more

15-Aug-13 VH-RTO Bell 47G5A Northcote, Australia

During cruise, the pilot reported rough running and partial power loss. The pilot conducted an auto-rotation into the fields of Northcote High School... Read more

09-Aug-13 F-GELB Agusta-Bell 47G-2 Basse-Pointe, Martinique

During takeoff, the pilot lost control of the helicopter. To avoid another aircraft to his right, he turns left. The blades hit the ground and the helicopter came to rest on its starboard side... Read more

06-Aug-13 N83702 Bell 47G.3B.1 Vinton, US-Iowa

Tail boom severed by main blades during take-off.  Pilot reported here as Dick Sluke... Read more

29-Jul-13 N1396X Bell 47G4A Beaman, US-Iowa

Sheriff Rick Penning says the pilot, 48 year old Timothy Harmer from Boone was not injured as the helicopter he was operating for Vista Helicopter Service of Boone struck a Cornbelt  Electric  Powerline, which took out his tail-rotor and forced his landing in the cornfield... Read more

23-Jul-13 VH-KHJ Bell 47G.2A Amberley, Australia

During aerial work, the engine failed and the pilot conducted a forced landing. The occupants were uninjured and the helicopter sustained substantial damage.... Read more

28-Jun-13 N78900 Bell 47D Lake Ozark, US-Missouri

Main rotor struck tail boom during autorotation landing... Read more

19-Jun-13 N5024N Bell 47G Maplewood, US-Minnesota (1F)

Crashed into the back yard of a house while on mosquito control work.  Maplewood acting Police Chief Dave Kvam identified the pilot as Michael Kramer, 44... Read more

18-Jan-13 ZU-HRS Westland-Bell 47G.3B.1 Hibberdene, South Africa

Pilot heard a change in the engine pitch and managed an emergency landing before the helicopter burst into flames.  Agricultural ops... Read more

03-Jan-12 N14841 Bell 47G5A Huron, US-California

Hit powerlines (note, reg assumed correct but FAA accident report states it is a 47J whereas register and MSN suggest G5A)... Read more

01-Dec-12 N3755Z Bell 47G2 Walkerville, US-Michigan (1F)

Crash into forest area killed pilot Thomas Slocum, 49, and injured passenger Matt Williams, 28... Read more

18-Sep-12 F-GHYS Agusta-Bell 47G-2 Basse-Pointe, Martinique

Tail rotor contacted crop during agricultural operations, pilot lost control and helicopter crashed.  Aircraft destroyed.... Read more

30-Aug-12 F-GHYS Agusta-Bell 47G-2 Ajoupa-Bouillon, Martinique

Emergency landing after loss of engine power while on agricultural operations... Read more

02-Aug F-GFHL Bell 47G-2 Lamentin, Guadeloupe

Loss of engine power at low level while crop spraying.  Badly damaged landing in the crop... Read more

27-Jul-12 N652HA Bell 47G2A New Frankfort, US-Indiana

Kevin C. Rossan, 35, from Troy, Mich., was transported to the King’s Daughters Hospital in Madison after his Bell 47 crashed in a field while on spraying operations after the main blades came into contact with the ground.  Helicopter ended upright, but badly damaged (see photo)... Read more

25-Jul-12 N73252 Bell 47G2A Le Sueur, US-Minnesota

Tail separated during agricultural flight... Read more

09-Jul-12 N2919W Bell 47G.3B.2 Treynor, US-Iowa

Main blades contacted tail boom during agricultural operations... Read more

16-Mar-12 F-GBEG Bell 47G Basse-Pointe, Martinique

Helicopter on agricultural operations crashed in a banana field.  Pilot got out OK and then helicopter caught fire and burnt out.... Read more

12-Mar-12 F-BXXL Agusta-Bell 47G2 Lorrain, Martinique (1F)

Struck powerlines during agricultural operations, crashed and burnt out killing the pilot – Luke Chassery... Read more

22-Feb-12 N43921 Bell 47 (M74 Wasp) Farmington, US-California

Crashed in open, flat field during agricultural ops... Read more

01-Jan-12 N9021R Bell 47G2 Lohn, US-Texas

Crashed in a field (FAA reported this as 47J, but register says 47G2)... Read more

27-Sep-11 N9158R Bell 47D1 Ahwahnee, US-California

The Madera County Sheriff’s Department and Cal Fire as well as paramedics are on scene of a downed private helicopter.  2 POB to hospital, one by road, one by air... Read more

21-Aug-11 N948DS Bell 47G.4 Los Banos, US-California

Struck powerline during agricultural ops... Read more

14-Aug-11 N475AL Bell 47G.3B.2 Los Banos, US-California

Crashed in orchard during agricultural ops... Read more

01-Aug-11 N51857 Bell 47G Joice, US-Iowa

Wire strike during agricultural ops.  25 year old pilot Joseph Sailer of Shakopee Minnesota never saw the power line across the corn field.  Press reported operated by Northland Helicopters but helicopter is registered to Scotts Helicopter Service... Read more

28-Jul-11 N7578 Bell 47G.2A Nicollet, US-Minnesota

Crop dusting accident.  Pilot Matt Aubuchon was not hurt.... Read more

27-Jul-11 N10009 Texas M74A (Bell 47) Creston, US-Illinois

The pilot was landing the helicopter on a helicopter cart. He said that the helicopter’s skid got caught on the cart and the helicopter subsequently rolled over. There were no mechanical malfunctions with the helicopter during the flight. The helicopter sustained substantial damage to its tailboom when it rolled.... Read more

20-Jul-11 N1375X Bell 47G5 Watsonville, US-California

Helicopter owner Frank Gomes said he had finished spraying the field and had turned the crop duster over to his apprentice for a practice run. “The practice didn’t go all that well today,” Gomes said, declining to comment further.... Read more

18-Jun-11 N24HM Bell 47G4A Montgomery City, US-Missouri

Main rotor blades severed tail boom during take-off... Read more

11-Jun-11 Bell 47G Champniers, France

Tourist flight.  Pilot claimed to have been caught in a wind vortex.  Helicopter Destroyed... Read more

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