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31-May-22 N27574 Bell 206 Cameron, US-Texas

FAA: Crashed between hangars and runway while attempting to hover, ending up on its starboard side Cameron police confirm a helicopter crash occurred at Cameron Municipal Airport earlier this afternoon. Cameron Police Chief Lonnie Gosch said three people were on board and this could've been a training flight. Chief Gosch says Texas DPS is on... Read more

30-Dec-21 N8AU Bell 206B Livingston, US-Texas (1F)

1 fatal injury of the four on board when the helicopter came down on the edge of a wood nr Livingston.  Fatality named in this press report as  54-year-old Daniel King of Livingston while the survivors were named as pilot 73-year-old John Martin and passengers 26-year-old Braydon King and 23-year-old Brocton King At approximately 11:45... Read more

28-Nov-21 N59600 Bell 206B Perry, US-Oklahoma (1F)

Crashed under unknown circumstances, caught fire and completely burned out.  Pilot received fatal injuries passenger had serious injuries. Address quoted in press report equates to address on FAA register for owner Jeff A Henke... Read more

28-Oct-21 N27TK Bell 206L3 Covelo, US-California

Low level photo mission with door off.  Passenger removed jacket which was sucked out, caught on the stabilizer and then the tail rotor, causing helicopter to crash.  Pilot and three passengers reported as not injured, but helicopter reported as substantially damaged... Read more

15-Oct-21 G-WIZZ Agusta-Bell 206B Humberston, UK

Main rotor blades sliced tail boom during emergency landing on beach. Helicopter was moved quickly due to incoming tide Helicopters don’t bounce! @BBCNews @looknorthBBC — Ruairidh Greig (@Argee48) October 15, 2021... Read more

06-Oct-21 N373SP Bell 206B Gonzales, US-Louisiana

FAA state this was due to loss of tail rotor effectiveness The State Police pilot, who was not identified, was taken to the hospital with minor injuries.  Press report says State Police report helicopter seriously damaged... Read more

09-May-21 N40YB Bell 206B Chino, US-California

FAA : Aircraft made an off airfield landing for unknown reasons. Pilot and 3 passengers not injured... Read more

04-Feb-21 N820H Bell 206B Pahokee, US-Florida

While conducting low level nighttime frost control operations, the helicopter dropped to the ground, rolled over and caught fire.  No injury reported to the 2 POB... Read more

19-Jan-21 ZS-HUC Bell 206B Ceres, South Africa

Helicopter involved in low level agricultural work.  Struck wires and crashed to the ground.  Pilot suffered fatal injuries... Read more

11-Dec-20 PP-MSA Bell 206B Angra dos Reis, Brazil (1F)

Helicopter crashed after striking a wire.  Pilot died in the accident – and was named here as Eurico Azevedo... Read more

08-Nov-20 N123NC Bell 206A Raleigh, US-North Carolina

Highway Patrol helicopter landed in the street on final approach to its base after striking trees.  The helicopter remained upright, but landed heavily and the skids splayed out – other damage included main blades and bom.  Sole occupant pilot B.K. Jones was injured Approx latlong 35.731181, -78.629324... Read more

21-Oct-20 N716VL Bell 206B Jones Inlet, US-New York

Helicopter ditched in three feet of water in poor visibility.  Fuselage cracked by impact.  Sole occupant pilot got out and appeared OK... Read more

16-Oct-20 N777CP Bell 206 Lakeland, US-Florida

Autorotation into a green swamp wilderness due to engine issues.  Tail boom separated and blades struck trees... Read more

04-Oct-20 N24AE Bell 206 Jackson, US-Mississippi

Bird strike which broke the windshield on the pilot’s side and ended up in the cabin... Read more

29-Sep-20 N91TA Bell 206B Packwood, US-Washington

Tail rotor hit trees during logging operations, causing helicopter to crash... Read more

28-Aug-20 5N-BQW Bell 206B Opebi, Nigeria (3F)

Helicopter crashed into the yard in a built-up area, killing two of three occupants on impact.  Third is reported to have later died in hospital. Images show mast and main rotor blades largely intact, suggesting it descended upright and vertically.  Location is about 3km east of Lagos Airport.... Read more

24-Aug-20 C-GRCT Bell 206B Porcupine Plain, Canada

Helicopter was applying herbicide to a wheat field with only the pilot on board. After clearing a row of trees, the helicopter began a slight descent. While rounding out to continue the application pass, the spray boom made contact with the crop and the pilot lost directional control of the helicopter. The helicopter veered to... Read more

22-Aug-20 N41SJ Bell 206 Clifton, US-New Jersey

Precautionary landing in baseball field.  Eyewitness reports suggest there was something on fire in the cockpit which was taken out of the helicopter and extinguished.  With rotors still turning, the one person who got out then got back in and the helicopter took off again.... Read more

08-Aug-20 N284S Bell 206 Marathon, US-Texas (3F)

Three Texas Parks and Wildlife employees died in the accident as they surveyed the landscape for desert bighorn sheep.  The pilot, who was a private contractor for the state agency, was taken to El Paso for medical treatment.  The victims were named by Texas Parks and Wildlife as Wildlife Biologist Dewey Stockbridge, Fish and Wildlife... Read more

07-Aug-20 N55SL Bell 206L4 Windham, US-New Hampshire

Precautionary landing in a parking lot... Read more

06-Aug-20 N137HS Bell 206B Paris, US-Illinois

Aircraft struck powerlines during aerial application... Read more

28-Jan-20 AF-302 Bell 206 Bulo, Uganda (2F)

The UPDAF (Uganda People’s Defence Air Force) aircraft crashed in unknown circumstances in Bulo, Uganda. The helicopter had two crew on board, named as Maj Naome Karungi and PCdt Wakalo Benard, neither survived.... Read more

17-Oct-19 N167AG Bell 206B Marshville, US-North Carolina (1F)

Struck powerlines and crashed while involved in low level spraying operations Pilot was  identified as Andrew Alan Stephen by the Union County Sheriff’s Office... Read more

18-Mar-19 ZT-ROB Bell 206L3 Beira, Mozambique

Damaged by debris during hangar collapse caused by Cyclone Idai... Read more

11-Feb-19 PT-HPG Bell 206B Jabaquara, Brazil (2F)

Helicopter crashed on Anhanguera Highway in Sao Paulo and hit the front of a truck that was passing by, and was consumed by fire.  Two fatalities, including journalist, presenter and broadcaster Ricardo Boechat.  Ronaldo Quattrucci also died in the accident.  Brazilian defence department confirmed the registration of the Bell 206... Read more

04-Feb-19 VH-NXW Bell 206 Marcoola, Australia

Bell 206 remained upright on its skids in a heavy landing during a training flight. The 22-year-old student pilot sustained injuries and was transported to hospital. One report suggested it will require a new set of skids... Read more

07-Nov-17 N93PH Bell 206B Rolling Fork, US-Mississippi

Force landing during aerial application work.... Read more

08-Nov-17 N275AE Bell 206L3 Union City, US-Tennessee

Air Evac Lifeteam aircraft had in-air problem on approach to the local 911 centre and put down in a hurry.  Power lines cut – not known if that was cause or effect of the heavy landing. Helicopter ended up on its skids, tail boom creased, main blades missing, upper part of tail bent and significant... Read more

10-Aug-17 7T-WU? Bell 206L Douira, Algeria (4F)

Helicopter crashed on a photo survey flight – it was chartered by the National Agency for Studies and Follow-up on Railways Investment, who were conducting cartography of the new railway line linking Algiers downtown to the western suburb of Zeralda.  Images show the helicopter completely burnt out.... Read more

10-Jun-17 B-31118 Bell 206B Fengbin, Taiwan (3F)

Helicopter took off at 1046 from Taidong for an aerial photography mission at Fengbin Township, Hualien County. At around 1220, the helicopter was loss of contact and crashed at Fengbin Township, Hualien County. One pilot and two aerial photographers aboard were killed – one was named as Chi Po-Lin, an acclaimed film director.  Helicopter almost completely... Read more

10-Jun-17 VH-ONE Bell 206B Avalon, Australia

Successful emergency landing in public park after engine problems.  Helicopter not damaged, all passengers safe.  Helicopter was on a tour flight from Mascot to Palm Beach... Read more

13-May-17 D-HHFW Bell 206B Hirtshals, Denmark

While being transported, the trailer carrying the helicopter started to fishtail from the towing vehicle – causing the helicopter to work free of the straps/cables holding it in place, and the trailer finally turned over, causing significant damage to the helicopter... Read more

07-May-17 Bell 206 Waterloo, US-Illinois

Helicopter involved in low level agricultural work, clipped wires and came down into the field.  Pilot walked away... Read more

02-May-17 N911GE Bell 206B Fort McCoy, US-Florida

A Marion County Sheriff’s Office helicopter that was assisting the Florida Forest Service and Marion County Fire Rescue with active brush fires crashed while dipping a bucket for water in a lake.  Pilot is named in press reports as Sgt. John Rawls... Read more

21-May-16 C-GSHX Bell 206L4 North West Territories, Canada

A Great Slave Helicopter Bell 206L-4 (C-GSHX) rolled over when pilot exited helicopter to unhook sling load. The pilot contacted Ektaki, NT (CYOA) radio. CADORS 2016C1746... Read more

04-May-16 C-GOPK Bell 206B Fort St James, Canada

C-GOPK, a Highland Helicopters Bell 206 B departed Williams Lake (CYWL) and was carrying out scanning operations over a logged area about 112 nm NW of Prince George when the helicopter spun to the left and descended into the ground. The helicopter was destroyed, the pilot was injured, but the 2 passengers appeared to have... Read more

25-Mar-16 VH-WHU Bell 206B Mackay, Australia (1F)

The ATSB is investigating a fatal accident involving a Bell 206B helicopter accident near Camila, Queensland on 25 March 2016. During crop spraying operations, the helicopter struck powerlines before colliding with terrain. The pilot was fatally injured and the helicopter was destroyed by post-impact fire.... Read more

24-Mar-16 C-GGQL Bell 206B Port Renfrew, Canada

C-GGQL, a Far West Helicopters Bell 206B, was departing with two passengers on board off a helipad at an elevation of about 2500 feet ASL, 4 nautical miles north of Port Renfrew, BC. During the vertical ascent to rise above tree height, the torque gauge was indicating about 90-95%. Upon reaching an estimated 100-150 feet,... Read more

11-Feb-15 G-OAMI Bell 206B Booker, UK

Date is not confirmed but is between 4th February and 11th when it was transported from Booker (Wycombe Air Park) by road. Substantially damaged in heavy landing with 5 on board.  Industry sources indicate that the tail boom was badly damaged in the autorotation landing.... Read more

20-Jan-16 C-GOFH Bell 206L-1 Twin Lakes Camp, Canada

The Custom Helicopters Bell 206L-1, C-GOFH, was hovering prior to touchdown at a remote camp in north eastern Manitoba when an unsecured canvas portion of a Quonset hut was blown into the rotor disc. The aircraft landed without further incident. The helicopter sustained damage to one rotor blade and will remain on location pending inspection... Read more

27-Oct-15 C-GIFY Bell 206 Kinley, Canada (1F)

1976 Bell 206 crashed into a farm field after reporting severe icing.  En route from Calgary to Saskatoon... Read more

05-Oct-15 ZS-HDW Bell 206B Senwabarwana, South Africa (2F)

Helicopter was involved in installing an antenna, when it crashed and completely burnt out. Most reports say it hit a pole, but not clear if that was before or after it “experienced difficulties”. Two fatalities and three serious injuries, including those on the ground hit by debris.  The two fatalities were named as pilot David... Read more

09-Sep-15 YV-2349 Bell 206B Curiapo, Venezuela

Pilot encountered some sort of issue and reportedly landed away from a built-up area by crashing into the Orinoco River.  That said, there apepars to have been more than that as the main blades and rotorhead are ripped off.  The 2 POB named as Ceylan Orestes Requena Piña and Rafael José Aguirre Aguilera were safe... Read more

02-Sep-15 C-GYBK Bell 206B Sept Iles, Canada (2F)

Heilcopter with 5 POB went down on a wide rock adjacent to a river, with the tail boom detached. Two fatalities, three seriously injured Blandine Pinette-Fontaine and Pierre-Michel Fontaine have been identified by the Quebec coroner as the two fatalities.  The pilot was reported as Gabriel Turbide CADORS 2015Q1696... Read more

18-Aug-15 N5743W Bell 206 Cresco, US-Iowa

According to the pilot, he departed with 25 gallons of fuel and 80 gallons of chemical to spray a bean field near Cresco. About 5 minutes into the application, the engine lost power and the pilot initiated an autorotation to a water way on the side of a hill. Upon touchdown on the uneven terrain,... Read more

08-Jul-15 N3QY Bell 206L4 Sacramento, US-California

Force landed on school property.  FAA has no other details, but industry forum suggesting engine failure.  Helicopter is operated by TV station KCRA... Read more

21-Jun-15 G-TFHW Bell 206B Pembrey, UK

Due to weather conditions on Saturday 20th, the helicopter was unable to fly and remained grounded at the site.  While parked and unattended on Sunday 21st, the helicopter was damaged by cattle which managed to break through fence from adjacent field. Nose area damaged.   Fly Heli Wales had provided the helicopter for the Welsh... Read more

06-Jun-15 G-RAMY Bell 206B Baldwin Valley, Isle of Man (1F)

Crashed in open field close to the Isle of Man TT motorbike race course.  Racing had been suspended for the whole day due to weather – quoted wind gusts of up to 60 mph.  1 fatality confirmed by Isle of Man Police in this statement.  Photos show wreckage confined to a small area, later named... Read more

29-May-15 N206ED Bell 206B Caledonia, US-Michegan

Emergency situation led pilot Ken Wilson to put the helicopter down into trees – and it came to rest in the branches 40 feet from the ground.  Wilson and passenger Raymond Osan III – working on low level powerlines – were able to get out of the helicopter into the trees, from which they were... Read more

28-May-15 9M-LLM Bell 206B Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia

Solo student pilot lost control on landing and helicopter ended up on its starboard side.  Pilot named here as Fatin Nadeera Mohamad Jeffrey.  Post crash fire extinquished by airport fire crew... Read more

28-May-15 C-GJID Bell 206 Cochrane, Canada

The Expedition Helicopters Bell 206B (C-GJID) was flying with a pilot and three passengers. The passengers were checking land claims and were dropped off before the helicopter proceeded to an area where it landed and waited for the passengers. The ground was soft and the pilot landed with caution to ensure the skid gear would... Read more

13-Apr-15 Bell 206B Lezhi, China (1F)

Crashed, killing the pilot, after hitting powerlines while spraying at low level.  Part of the boom, including the stabilizer and tail, remained attached to the powerline... Read more

31-Mar-15 CC-APP Bell 206L4 Diego de Almagro, Chile (4F)

Crashed in mountainous area with the loss of all 4 POB. The helicopter was transporting workers sent to restore water service to the tens of thousands of people left without drinking water after the floods.  Pilot Pedro Pablo Aldunate Arriola was married to a cousin of Chilean President Michelle Bachelet.... Read more

30-Mar-15 N50KH Bell 206L.1 Saucier, US-Mississippi (2F)

Helicopter down with two fatalities (named here as Steve Cobb and pilot Brandon Ricks) and one serious injury (Brendan Mullen). Bell 206L1 was contracted to US Forestry Service and the crew were working on a prescribed burn of 800 acres in the Desoto National Forest.... Read more

27-Mar-15 163220 Bell TH-57B Pensacola, US-Florida

US Navy TH-57B rolled over onto its starboard side during a night training flight.  Instructor and student not seriously injured... Read more

24-Mar-15 N43CM Bell 206B Taylors Island, US-Maryland

Landed in shallow water close to the shore of Taylor’s Island.  Remained upright and the 2 POB got out and walked to the shore after experiencing a mechanical problem.  Pilot named as 45-year-old Vincent Giglio of New Jersey and passenger 61-year-old Ronald Lopes of New York... Read more

23-Mar-15 N1511L Bell 206B Lake Ray Hubbard, US-Texas

Bird strike while conducting low level search at night over a lake.  Helicopter landed safely with a hole in the windshield... Read more

16-Mar-15 Bell TH-67A Tainan City, Taiwan (1 of 2)

Manoevring accident – in hover, tail rotor hit the tail rotor of another helicopter on the apron... Read more

16-Mar-15 Bell TH-67A Tainan City, Taiwan (2 of 2)

Manoevring accident – in hover, tail rotor hit the tail rotor of another helicopter on the apron... Read more

16-Mar-15 N1510L Bell 206B Dallas, US-Texas

On patrol at 600′ AGL flying south along Interstate 45 over the Trinity River struck two ducks. Landed safely with minor damage... Read more

07-Mar-15 N206FW Bell 206B Fort Worth, US-Texas

Force landed in a field, no injuries... Read more

15-Feb-15 P2-HFZ Bell 206L4 Wabo, Papua New Guinea

Sole occupant pilot safe but was immediately flown back to Port Moresby for transfer to hospital for X-ray and medical observation.  Unknown circumstances or level of damage to helicopter... Read more

13-Feb-15 N279AE Bell 206L-1 White House, US-Tennessee

Emergency landing after vibration experienced. No patient on board... Read more

12-Feb-15 Bell TH-57 Spencer Field, US-Florida

Training accident of a SeaRanger out of Whiting Field NAS, rolling over onto its side while landing... Read more

11-Feb-15 C-FBCW Bell 206 Sprout Mountain, Canada

Heliski operation landing atop Sprout Mountain with 2 pax in an area cleared of snow accumulation, when the main rotor struck a nearby cabin. The helicopter tail section was severed but the helicopter remained upright and all occupants exited uninjured. The area which had been prepared for the arrival of the helicopter was located beside... Read more

19-Jan-15 N3202Q Bell 206 Calabasas, US-California

Emergency landing in baseball field.  Engineer called.  No damage.... Read more

31-Dec-14 N57AW Bell 206L4 Benson, US-Arizona (2F)

Helicopter crashed on post-maintenance ferry flight from Phoenix to Sierra Vista, killing pilot Jeff Steele and mechanic Marc Hansen, who were both employed by Airwest Helicopters LLC. The helicopter was operated for Cochise County Sheriff’s Department... Read more

21-Dec-14 Bell 206B Kampung Poyak, Thailand

Crashed in bad weather in a rubber plantation, during flood relief operations.  Four POB named as pilots Capt Seksan Puraphol and Lt Apisit Prahacha, plus aircraft mechanics Pol Sgt Major Sa-ngun Muengkamrueng, and Pol Sgt Major Kittipong Saeng-Thit... Read more

18-Dec-14 B-31019 Bell 206B Changhua City, Taiwan

Loss off power during low level powerline insulator washing ops.  Both of the 2 POB suffered minor injuries.  Boom and skids damaged... Read more

11-Nov-14 N414AE Bell 206L4 Merkel, US-Texas

Emergency night landing between two buildings after bird strike while ferrying a patient from Hendrick Medical Center in Abilene to Covenant Medical Center in Lubbock.  A nurse was reported injured by the bird entering the helicopter... Read more

23-Oct-14 N418SV Bell 206B Palm Beach, US-Florida

Substantially damaged.  FAA website provides no further information at this time... Read more

16-Oct-14 N59541 Bell 206B Prattville, US-Alabama

Main blades contacted tail boom on landing, helicopter destroyed... Read more

07-Oct-14 VH-CLR Bell 206B Cooktown, Australia

The Bell 206 helicopter was conducting a passenger carrying charter flight with passengers and has collided with terrain on Mt Cook. The helicopter has rolled onto its side and there are two persons with serious injuries and two with minor injuries.  One press report quotes the local Mayor saying that the helicopter was hovering close... Read more

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