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08-Jun-22 Bell-Boeing MV-22B Glamis, US-California (5F)

Crashed and burnt out, all five on board received fatal injuries.  The deceased were named here as Capt. Nicholas P. Losapio; Capt. John J. Sax; Cpl. Nathan E. Carlson; Cpl. Seth D. Rasmuson; Lance Cpl. Evan A. Strickland.  The aircraft was operated by Marine Medium Tiltrotor (VMM) Squadron 364, based at MCAS Camp Pendleton.  VMM-364... Read more

05-Jan-21 ZA679 Boeing CH-47F Wantage, UK

Helicopter made a precautionary landing, but the field was very soft and it sank into the soil, which initiated an exercise to extract it using cranes etc over two or three days. RAF Benson photo... Read more

31-May-17 Boeing AH-64 Dornstadt-Tomerdingen, Germany

Emergency landing in a field of crop. No apparent damage from photos in press.  Quote > Instruments indicated that the hydraulics powering the flight control system had a loss in pressure, prompting a “land-as-soon-as-possible condition”... Read more

02-Dec-15 Boeing AH-64 Clarksville, US-Tennessee

Apache from  101st Airborne Division crashed around 7pm on a night training flight... Read more

23-Nov-15 Boeing AH-64 Wonju, Korea (2F)

US Army Apache crashed after hitting wires on a routine training mission, killing both on board.  Post crash fire.  Debris scattered across a road 500m from nearest houses.  The authorities reported wire among the wreckage and the upper part of a nearby high-voltage tower was damaged.... Read more

26-Oct-15 Boeing AH-64 Elkton, US-Kentucky

Emergency landing on sports field after suspected fire.  No injuries or damage.  Helicopter operating from Fort Campbell... Read more

08-Jun-15 ZD981 Boeing Chinook HC.2 Manchester, UK

Emergency landing at Manchester Airport and engineer called.... Read more

19-Apr-15 Boeing CH-47 Lisvane, UK

Chinook dropped part of its underslung load in farm field.  Chinook was flying as part of the Joint Warrior exercise... Read more

17-Mar-15 Q-15 Boeing AH-64D Gao, Mali (2F)

Captain Rene Zeetsen, 30, was killed in the crash and First Lieutenant Ernst Mollinger, 26, died later in a field hospital... Read more

12-Mar-15 Boeing V-22 Futenma, Japan

Aluminum part about 20.3 centimeters long and 7.6 centimeters wide, weighing about 164 grams, fell from aircraft in flight.  US military reportedly took four days to advise local Japanese authorities... Read more

06-Nov-14 Boeing AH-64 Boise, US-Idaho (2F)

Crashed on night training mission.  The two pilos were named as Chief Warrant Officers Stien P. Gearhart, 50, of Meridian and Jon L. Hartway, 43, of Kun... Read more

01-Oct-14 Bell-Boeing MV-22 Arabian Gulf, Bahrain (1F)

Osprey temporarily lost power after taking off from the amphibious ship Makin Island. temporarily hitting the water before the pilot regained control.  In that moment, two Marine air crewmen aboard jumped out when it looked like the Osprey was going into the ocean, with only one recovered.  The search for the second has been called... Read more

19-Jun-14 Boeing AH-64 Leray, US-New York

Tenth Combat Aviation officials say the pilots were conducting a maintenance test flight over Jefferson County  when an emergency light came on in the cockpit.... Read more

28-May-14 Boeing CH-47 Maruf District, Afghanistan (1F)

An ISAF service member died as a result of a helicopter crash in southern Afghanistan.  One report states the Chinook contacted a telecoms tower when taking off at night.... Read more

25-Apr-14 808 Boeing AH-64E Taoyuan County, Taiwan

Crashed into residential area on a training flight.  Very heavily damaged – images... Read more

07-Apr-14 ZJ187 Boeing AH-64D Maryculter, UK

Emergency field landing due to mechanical issue, no apparent damage.... Read more

29-Jan-14 Boeing AH-64 Richland, US-Pennsylvania

Helicopter calling emergency with one engine shut down and 2 POB.  Cambria County Airport area.  Safe night landing... Read more

09-Jan-14 Boeing CH-47 Laurel, US-Mississippi

Safe emergency landing made with no damage to aircraft.  Helicopter AOG awaiting engineer... Read more

08-Dec-13 Boeing CH-47D Jericho, Israel

Royal Air Force Chinook made emergency landing while en route from Amman (Jordan) to Akrotiri (Cyprus).  Some reports suggest location is in or near a minefield... Read more

21-Oct-13 MD Helicopters AH-64D Anthony Gap, US-New Mexico

Precautionary landing beside road after warning light illumination.  Helicopter required maintenance support before being flown out... Read more

26-Aug-13 Bell-Boeing MV-22 Creech AFB, US-Nevada

Heavy landing during a training exercise and caught fire.  4 POB unharmed... Read more

14-Jun-13 Boeing V-22 Dare County, US-North Carolina

Osprey engine exhaust caused grass fire on a Dare County bombing range.  No word as to extent of fire.  Osprey was “slightly scorched”... Read more

28-May-13 Boeing VH-46 Medford, US-New Jersey

Emergency landing in school field... Read more

09-Apr-12 Boeing AH-64 Pechigram district, Afghanistan (2F)

Two US soldiers killed in helicopter crash.  A press release from the Pennsylvania National Guard named the pair as Chief Warrant Officer 3 Matthew Ruffner, 34, and Chief Warrant Officer 2 Jarett Yoder, 27.... Read more

20-Feb-13 Boeing CH-46E Phitsanulok, Thailand

Hard emergency landing in a forest in Phitsanulok province.  Four of six (or seven?) occupants were admitted to hospital – Brigan Forney, Sarah Smith, Matthew Marcinko and Gavin Christian. Brigan Forney is reported to be suffering serious burns.  Helicopter was taking part in Exercise “Cobra Gold 2013”... Read more

08-Feb-13 Boeing CH-47 Rowsley, UK

Shattered windscreen from bird strike.  Emergency field landing... Read more

31-Jan-13 Boeing AH-64D Raleigh, US-North Carolina

Emergency landing after electrical malfunction... Read more

07-Jan-13 N241CH Boeing 234LR Pucallpa, Peru (7K)

Minutes after take-off from Pucallpa, the helicopter appeared to have a problem en route and smoke was coming from the aircraft.  Shortly after it crashed into a jungle area killing all 7 on board – 2 Peruvians – Joel Castillo and Luis Ramos, and 5 Americans – Dan Immel , Ed Córdova, Jaime Pickett, Lee... Read more

23-Sep-12 Vertol BV107 Bella Coola, Canada (1F)

Unstable load on climbout led to pilot releasing two logs, killing a logging worker on the ground – CADAORS ref 2012P1637... Read more

28-Aug-12 Boeing CH-47 Afghanistan

Attempting to land in the regional command-east section of Afghanistan when the “non-hostile incident” occurred.... Read more

28-Aug-12 Boeing AH-64D Netanya, Israel

Emergency landing after pilot had indication of system malfunction... Read more

20-Jul-12 Boeing CH-47D Summerhill, UK

Aircraft damaged after hitting powerlines on a training flight out of Odiham... Read more

22-Jun-12 Boeing CH-47 Kandahar province, Afghanistan

Helicopter damaged, although extent of damage not stated.  One occupant injured.... Read more

13-Jun-12 Boeing CV-22B Navarre, US-Florida

Crashed on training mission out of Hurlburt Field’s Eglin Range, injuring all five occupants... Read more

05-Jun-12 10-08079 Boeing CH-47F Hadley, US-Massachusetts

Precautionary landing on flight out of the Army Support Facility in Windsor Locks, CT.  Pilot had noticed unusual engine noise and seen smoke... Read more

28-May-12 Boeing AH-64D Wardack Province, Afghanistan (2F)

NATO officials said two coalition members were killed in a helicopter crash in eastern Afghanistan Monday. Initial reports said there was no enemy activity in the area.  Two named as Capt. John R. Brainard, 26, of Dover-Foxcroft, Maine; and Chief Warrant Officer 5 John C. Pratt, 51, of Springfield, Va., were assigned to the 12th... Read more

15-May-12 Boeing AH-64 Killeen, US-Texas

Missile training device accidentally dropped from Apache helicopter out of Fort Hood.... Read more

04-May-12 Boeing CH-47 Florennes, Belgium

Royal Netherlands Air Force pilot heard a strange noise shortly after takeoff from the base of Florennes and elected to put the helicopter down in a field.  No damage... Read more

11-Apr-12 Bell-Boeing MV-22 southern Morocco (2F)

Two killed and two seriously injured in Osprey accident in southern Morocco during exercise “African Lion”.  V-22 assigned to VMM-261 out of MCAS New River.  The fatalities were later named as Cpl. Robby A. Reyes and Cpl. Derek A. Kerns... Read more

11-Apr-12 Bell-Boeing V-22 Amarillo, US-Texas

Precautionary field landing on test flight out of Amarillo... Read more

07-Apr-12 Boeing CH-47D Yuma, US-Arizona

Royal Air Force Chinook suffered unspecificed “mishap” during training exercise.  It is known that Chinooks ZA671, ZA711 and ZA712 (and maybe a fourth?) are all currently based in Yuma on training work, so subject aircraft will be one of these.... Read more

31-Mar-12 Boeing CH-47 San Martino, Italy

Emergency landing while firefighting, possibly due to broken hydraulic lines... Read more

21-Feb-12 ZJ202 Boeing AH-64D Tattingstone, UK

Emergency landing after hitting overhead power lines on night flight... Read more

09-Dec-11 Boeing AH-64D Upper Galilee, Israel

Emergency landing in a peanut field.  Photos appear to show helicopter intact and undamaged... Read more

23-Oct-11 09-08778 Boeing CH-47F Lower Alloways Creek, US-New Jersey

Precautionary landing on test flight out of Boeing’s Ridley Park plant... Read more

15-Oct-11 Boeing CH-46 Havelock, US-North Carolina

Downdraft during take off from Havelock Chili Festival caused widespread damage and some injuries to people... Read more

14-Oct-11 Boeing CH-47 southern Afghanistan

A maintenance team conducted an initial assessment and it appears that the forced landing was the result of a mechanical issue. No insurgent activity was reported during the landing.... Read more

24-Aug-11 Bell-Boeing MV-22 Fresno-Yosemite, US-California

Hydraulic problem en route from Idaho to San Diego in Southern California.... Read more

06-Aug-11 Boeing CH-47D Wardak Province, Afghanistan (38F)

30 members of the US military, a civilian interpreter and 7 Afghan soldiers died.  Initial reports suggest it was shot down by Taliban forces... Read more

25-Jul-11 Boeing CH-47 eastern Afghanistan

ISAF helicopter crashed in eastern Afghanistan – reported by some as a Chinook hit by an RPG.  As coalition rescue forces approached the crash site, they came under enemy fire. Coalition forces returned fire, with small arms, while working to secure the site of the crash. All passengers and crew members have been secured and... Read more

07-Jul-11 Boeing MV-22 southwestern Afghanistan (1F)

Staff Sgt. Thomas J. Dudley fell to his death from an MV-22 Osprey while conducting combat operations in southwestern Afghanistan... Read more

30-May-11 Boeing CH-47D Tarin Kot, Afghanistan (1F)

An Australian Army Officer (later named as Marcus Case) was killed when an Australian Chinook Helicopter crashed while undertaking a re-supply mission in Zabul Province.... Read more

23-May-11 88-0101 Boeing CH-47D Dublin, Ireland

ONe of the four Chinooks used in Ireland for President Obama’s visit had a blade damaged in the high winds.  The helicopter was airfreighted out of Dublin on 3rd June in a C-17 freighter for repair.... Read more

17-May-11 Boeing AH-64 Hanover, US-Colorado

A 1-2 Aviation Reconnaissance Battalion flying an Apache helicopter made a cautionary landing in Hanover, east of Butts Army Airfield when a red warning light came on... Read more

16-May-11 147205 Boeing CH-47 Panjwaii district, Afghanistan

Four Canadian soldiers were injured, one of them seriously, when a Chinook helicopter crashed on landing under moonlight in a remote part of Panjwaii district in southern Afghanistan early Monday morning... Read more

04-May-11 Boeing CH-47 Frances, US-Kentucky

A Chinook out of Fort Campbell made an emergency landing in a field in Crittenden County near Frances, Kentucky. One person suffered minor injuries but there is no word on how many people were on board.... Read more

28-Apr-11 98-5054 Boeing AH-64D Packers Bend, US-Alabama (1F)

Instructor killed, Dutch student unnijured.  Helicopter apparently struck the cable for the Davis Ferry that is strung across the Alabama River... Read more

10-Feb-11 Boeing CH-47 Maker Heights, UK

Hydraulic problems force helicopter to land in field... Read more

05-Jan-11 Boeing CH-47 Stow Creek Township, US-New Jersey

Precautionary landing made after warning light illumination.  Later departed.  One of crew wearing Boeing flight uniform.  Likely on test flight out of Boeing facility at Milville Municipal Airport... Read more

12-Oct-10 Boeing CH-47 eastern Afghanistan (1F)

An explosion onboard a NATO helicopter has killed one person and wounded seven shortly after it landed at an outpost in eastern Afghanistan.... Read more

30-Sep-10 069 Boeing AH-64 Sembawang, Singapore

Photo shows helicopter landed on main gear with tail boom severed... Read more

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