Bristow-Helicopters Accidents

08-Dec-20 G-CLHW Sikorsky S92 Sumburgh, UK

Safe emergency landing after diversion due to unspecified technical issue – instead of returning to Aberdeen.  A one-off flight by sister ship G-IACF was flown Aberdeen to Sumburgh to Aberdeen a few hours later, presumably to bring back the passengers temporarily stranded.... Read more

25-Sep-20 LN-ONQ Sikorsky S92 Sola, Norway

On Friday 25 September 2020, the Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation S-92A, LN-ONQ, operated by Bristow Norway was on its way back to Sola (ENZV) after a flight to the West Elara oil installation. During descent from 7 000 ft. towards 1 000 ft., at a height of approx. 4 500 ft. the crew received a caution... Read more

25-Oct-19 5N-BOA Sikorsky S92 Port Hardcourt, Nigeria

Port side engine failure en route to Port Harcourt from offshore platform GERD.  Helicopter with 13 on board continued to Port Hardcourt and made safe landing.  Nigerian AIB involved.... Read more

02-May-17 G-MCGG Sikorsky S92 Kirkfieldbank, UK

Helicopter went unserviceable on the ground at an emergency callout... Read more

26-Jun-15 Aberdeen, UK

Bristow aircraft returned to base after caution light illuminated – reportedly in error... Read more

01-Apr-15 G-CGUB Airbus EC225 North Sea, UK

Aircraft turned back to Aberdeen before reaching destination.  7 POB.  Reported as a Cowling Open warning light... Read more

22-Jan-15 G-GALC Sikorsky S92 nr Sumburgh, UK

Bristow flight BHL60A has declared an emergency just NE of Shetland and returned to Sumburgh.  Press article refers to an unspecified cockpit warning light.... Read more

26-Sep-14 G-CIGZ Sikorsky S92 Aberdeen, UK

Emergency landing with 3 POB.  Declared emergency at 2.20pm and landed at airport safely 2.39pm... Read more

28-May-14 Sikorsky S92 North Sea, UK

Temporarily grounded after fuel leakage on offshore “floating storage unit”... Read more

01-May-14 Eurocopter EC225 Aberdeen, UK

Bristow EC225 en route to Talisman’s Clyde platform returned to base after a warning light came on... Read more

29-Apr-14 Eurocopter EC225 Shetland, UK

Offshore helicopter diverted to Sumburgh Airport due to warning light.  Airport was on full emergency alert.  Safe landing.  18 pax and 2 crew... Read more

10-Apr-14 Sikorsky S92 North Sea, UK

S92 helicopter returned to North Sea rig Brent Delta on flight to Scatsa after experiencing significant airframe vibration... Read more

09-Oct-13 Sikorsky S92 Scatsa, UK

S92 returned to airport after burning smell in cabin.  Safe landing... Read more

18-Feb-13 Sikorsky S92 North Sea, UK

Emergency shutdown on rig after overheating indication, which later turned out to be false... Read more

05-Oct-12 N406AL Bell 407 Intracoastal City, US-Louisiana (1F)

From a Bristow press release:-  A Bristow Bell 407  operating near Intracoastal City, Louisiana was involved in a fatal accident at approximately 8:00 a.m. CDT . Local press reported poor visibility.  The pilot was the only person onboard – later named as Carl Amos, from Corpus Christi, Texas... Read more

26-Sep-12 G-CGOU Sikorsky S76C++ Humberside, UK

Emergency landing made in a field after smell of burning in the cabin.  No damage to helicopter, no injuries... Read more

05-Apr-11 G-BMCX Eurocopter AS332L Misurata, Libya

Helicopter damaged in hangar as a result of the local unrest in the country.  Date is approximate, not confirmed.  Helicopter returned to UK October 2012 showing damage to be superficial only.... Read more

30-Mar-11 G-IACC Sikorsky S92A Scatsa, UK

The helicopter was ground taxied onto a parking spot and brought to a stop by the commander, who was the pilot flying. He then intended to apply the parking brake but inadvertently raised the collective control lever, which caused the helicopter to become airborne. He released the collective control lever, which was lowered by the... Read more

03-Aug-07 5N-BIQ Bell 412EP Eket, Nigeria (1F)

Very heavy landing on unauthorised flight.  Pilot died from his injuries... Read more

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