EC120 Accidents

28-May-22 G-TIMO Airbus H120 Cuddesdon, UK

Helicopter ended up on its starboard side when landing on a grass tennis court.  All four POB safely out of the aircraft, two to hospital according to this report Update – location previously reported as “Denton”, the postal address of the location is Cuddesdon and thus we have updated the title Update 2 – Sources... Read more

09-Apr-21 N421PB Airbus H120 LeRoy, US-Kansas

Heavy landing in a garden on grass.  Skids splayed out.  Press report states pilot was Tereso T Orozco, 64, of Topeka, and passenger was Kenneth David Norman, 48, of Sunnyvale, Texas.  Neither were injured... Read more

15-Dec-20 ZK-HEK Airbus H120 Kekerengu, New Zealand (2F)

Helicopter crashed on rocky beach.  Eyewitness reported seeing the helicopter spiralling out of control and plummeting to the ground Two fatalities named as owner/pilot Andrew Hamish Davidson, 60, and wife Lin Chen, 39.  Three injured passengers including their two children and another child.  The children – two boys and a girl – were all aged under 14 TAIC photo... Read more

12-Sep-20 N453F Airbus H120 Baltimore, US-Maryland

Precautionary emergency landing at Patterson Park on after a warning light came on (per press), or “altitude and radio issues” (per FAA)... Read more

11-Aug-20 N45?F Airbus H120 Baltimore, US-Maryland

Police helicopter made emergency landing in park.  No damage/injuries Data from market intelligence firm Parapex Media shows that Baltimore Police currently operate four Airbus H120s, registered N451F, N452F, N453F and N454F... Read more

22-Nov-18 N124ML Airbus H120 La Romana, Dominican Republic (5F)

The aircraft took off from Río San Juan to La Romana Int’l airport MDLR with 5 peoples on board, after been transfer to the La Romana tower he reported 6 miles NW out and the tower report with the traffic inside, Clear to land. Around 30 seconds after the controller lost the visual contact with... Read more

21-Mar-18 VH-WII Airbus EC120 Hardy Reef, Australia (2F)

While approaching the pontoon, the pilot reported noticing a warning message illuminate but was unable to verify the nature of the warning due to workload. Pilot elected to conduct a go-around. On the second approach at an altitude of about 40 ft above the pontoon, the pilot recalled feeling a ‘thud’ and the nose of the... Read more

06-Feb-16 C-???? Eurocopter EC120 Toronto, Canada

The privately-registered Eurocopter EC-120B helicopter was on a local VFR flight from Toronto Billy Bishop/Toronto City Centre Airport, ON (CYTZ). The helicopter was being flown in circuits at Brampton Airport, ON (CNC3) when it experienced a loss of power. The helicopter crashed near the southern end of the airport property. Two (2) souls on board... Read more

16-Nov-15 N88HA Airbus H120 Elkhart, US-Indiana

Loss of T/R drive due to failure of air conditioning drive pulley. Instructor pilot completed successful autorotation.  Emergency AD followed for all EC120s fitted with a particular type of air conditioning... Read more

15-Aug-15 SE-JJM Airbus H120 Reisadalen, Norway

Ferry flight at approximately 2-300 ft (AGL). Turbulence experienced. Due to an observation on ground, pilot initiated a 360 degree turn with 15 degree bank to the right. Airspeed varied between 80 to 45 kt during the turn due to wind conditions. In the last part of the turn, the pilot experienced a loss of... Read more

25-Jul-14 F-GMHZ Eurocopter EC120B Chateaublanc, France

Very heavy landing – remained upright but skids splayed out and main rotors chopped tail boom.  Photos here and here... Read more

19-May-14 RA-07232 Eurocopter EC120B Lepsari, Russia (2F)

Crashed into wooded area killing both on board... Read more

02-May-14 PR-FPL Eurocopter EC120 Luiziania, Brazil

During the approach for landing as part of a hydraulic failure training, with the aircraft already sustaining “ground effect”, a high level of vibration occurred . In the sequence, the aircraft skidded to the left and rolled, colliding with the ground. The aircraft sustained breakage of the main rotor blades and tail boom. It also sustained substantial... Read more

17-Feb-14 F-HBVC Eurocopter EC120 Tabaille-Usquain, France

On approach to land when something caused main blades to slice tail boom, causing helicopter to crash from low level into a field .  The two occupants were not injured... Read more

21-Jan-14 VH-JYV Eurocopter EC120 Port Headland, Australia

During a practice autorotation from 1 500 ft, the engine failed and the crew completed an autorotation landing. An engineering inspection did not reveal the reason for the failure... Read more

18-Dec-13 CS-HEX Eurocopter EC120 Marmelete, Portugal (1F)

Struck powerlines while surveying them for energy company Energias de Portugal.  Helicopter crashed into a wooded area.  1 fatal, 2 serious.... Read more

08-Dec-13 VH-VMT Eurocopter EC120 Byron Bay, Australia

During landing at a private property, the helicopter skid and main rotor contacted the ground and the helicopter rolled over onto its right side. The occupants were able to exit uninjured but the helicopter was substantially damaged.... Read more

08-Dec-12 Eurocopter EC120 Niagara, Canada

Emergency landing with no apparent damage.  TV reports stated helicopter had been “smoking” and that it remained in place and was blocking a taxiway.... Read more

26-Sep-13 HB-ZIX Eurocopter EC120 Schwyz, Switzerland

Helicopter landed close to building, and two passengers alighted.  On take-off, the main blades hit the building, causing both of the recently alighted passengers and the pilot to be injured.  The pilot’s 12 year old son on board was unharmed.... Read more

26-Sep-13 SE-JHH Eurocopter EC120B Kiruna, Sweden

The occupants survived without serious injuries, but the helicopter was badly damaged. The commercial helicopter was engaged in a lifting task south of the lake Rostujaure when something went wrong... Read more

23-Aug-13 Eurocopter EC120 Calgary, Canada

Calgary Police EC120 – emergency landing in field.  Repaired on site by engineer.  no damage. Not clear which of Calgary Police’s pair of EC120s involved – they fly C-FCPS (1468) and C-FHMC (1050)... Read more

21-Aug-13 PR-IVE Eurocopter EC120B Sao Paulo, Brazil

Post maintenance test flight.  Pilot saw the low oil pressure alert when flying at 1,200ft AGL and performed an autorotation for landing on the Marginal Tiete Avenue which was busy with traffic.  While trying to avoid the traffic, the landing flare caused the helicopter to hit a low concrete wall, causing teh tail boom to separate.... Read more

21-Jul-13 RA-04049 Eurocopter EC120 Kola Peninsula, Russia (3F)

Shortly after dropping off two tourist anglers and their interpreter, the pilot took off but crashed into them, killing all three. The pilot survived.  The casualties were named here as retired lawyer Rupert Beaumont and fine-art dealer Mark Robertson, both 69, and their Russian guide and interpreter, Alexander Tushnikov, 53.... Read more

20-May-13 F-HHFA Eurocopter EC120 St Tropez, France

Crashed on a football pitch with the tail boom having been cut off.  Substantially damaged... Read more

03-Mar-13 OM-ECI Eurocopter EC120 Horný Čepeň, Slovakia (1F)

Helicopter struck wire and fell into river, killing teenage passenger and injuring the other three on board.  On report stated there were traces of alcohol on the 40 year old pilot... Read more

05-Jan-13 Eurocopter EC120 Baltimore, US-Maryland

Word reaching us that a Baltimore Police EC120 has made an emergency landing near the junction of Hanover Street and Reedbird Avenue in Baltimore at 0025 local time.  Later flew back to base.... Read more

15-Sep-12 JA120H Eurocopter EC120 Kujukuri, Japan

Skid caught ground on take-off – helicopter rolled-over onto its side... Read more

09-Sep-12 D-HALX Eurocopter EC120 Metzingen, Germany (1F)

Skid snagged ground taking off from sloping ground, causing helicopter to turn onto its side.  Debris from helicopter killed... Read more

20-Jul-12 N8899 Eurocopter EC120 Sri Aman, Malaysia (3F)

Crashed into river, killing 3 – named as Siti Khuzaimah Anuar, Pepter Ato Mayau and Henry Lau Tee Yong.  German pilot Rico Steger, 35, was the only survivor.  Weather was reported as a factor (also cited in later report)... Read more

19-Feb-12 JA710H Eurocopter EC120 Minamifurano, Japan

“Damaged the aircraft during takeoff after the transport skiers to the summit Karifuridake, the aircraft is rolling to the right”... Read more

18-Oct-11 OO-HCI Eurocopter EC120B Micheroux, Belgium (2F)

Having taken off from Spa on a surveillance flight for the Fluxys company, helicopter crashed in a private garden killing 2 POB.  The owner of the land described the weather as low cloud and windy gusts.... Read more

26-Aug-11 PH-LPH Eurocopter EC120 Mülheim an der Mosel, Germany

Extensively damaged by severe hailstorm when parked at a hotel.  Hail stones the size of tennis balls!... Read more

26-Aug-11 N263CP Eurocopter EC120 Mülheim an der Mosel, Germany

Extensively damaged by severe hailstorm when parked at a hotel.  Hail stones the size of tennis balls!... Read more

26-Aug-11 D-HOER Eurocopter EC120 Mülheim an der Mosel, Germany

Extensively damaged by severe hailstorm when parked at a hotel.  Hail stones the size of tennis balls!... Read more

26-Aug-11 D-HKLE Eurocopter EC120 Mülheim an der Mosel, Germany

Extensively damaged by severe hailstorm when parked at a hotel.  Hail stones the size of tennis balls!... Read more

26-Aug-11 D-HKDV Eurocopter EC120 Mülheim an der Mosel, Germany

Extensively damaged by severe hailstorm when parked at a hotel.  Hail stones the size of tennis balls!... Read more

26-Aug-11 D-HALX Eurocopter EC120 Mülheim an der Mosel, Germany

Extensively damaged by severe hailstorm when parked at a hotel.  Hail stones the size of tennis balls!... Read more

17-Jul-11 G-TBLY Eurocopter EC120 Sandwich, UK

Heavy landing during operations for British Open golf championship, further details awaited... Read more

04-Jun-11 G-FEDA Eurocopter EC120B Redhill, UK

The machine appears to have spun and caught the ground, leading to dynamic rollover,... Read more

02-Apr-10 D-HHLF Eurocopter EC120 Rotterdam, Netherlands

Badly damaged in an emergency landing after pilot noticed engine trouble immediately after take-off. Tailboom broke off.  Two on board including TV chef Herman den Blijker and the pilot are suffering from neck injuries.... Read more

06-Oct-09 D-HSHA Eurocopter Ec120 Bonn, Germany

Substantially damaged at Bonn/Hangelar Airport when the main rotor hit the ground forcing the helicopter to fell on its side... Read more

19-Jun-09 D-HRGB Eurocopter EC120 nr Mannheim, Germany

19-Jun-09 D-HRGB Eurocopter EC120 nr Mannheim, Germany... Read more

12-Jun-09 SP-… Eurocopter EC120 Jaworze, near Bielsko BiaÅ‚a, Poland

12-Jun-09 SP- Eurocopter EC120 Jaworze, near Bielsko BiaÅ‚a, Poland... Read more

27-May-09 N197CB Eurocopter EC120 Yuma, US-Arizona

27-May-09 N197CB Eurocopter EC120 Yuma, US-Arizona... Read more

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