EC130 Accidents

01-Sep-20 N139HN Airbus EC130 Winchester, US-Kentucky

Emergency landing in field after engine issues... Read more

21-Oct-19 N922RJ Airbus EC130 Oroville, US-California

Bird strike (quoted in local press as a goose), and subsequent emergency landing at Oroville Municipal Airport en route Sacramento to Chico... Read more

24-Oct-15 F-GOLH Airbus EC130 Megève, France

Sightseeing flight – failed to take-off, lost height and rolled over on landing.  Only one of the 7 POB was not injured.  Registration to be confirmed – Type, Colour scheme and operator match to our records... Read more

30-May-15 5Y-GYM Airbus EC130 Kinangop, Kenya

Emergency landing in potato field due to weather.  Passengers included Speaker of the National Assembly Justin Muturi, nominated Senator Beatrice Elachi and Kiminini MP Chris Wamalwa. Pilot named as Evans Sigilai... Read more

27-Feb-15 UP-EC010 Eurocopter EC130 Karatau, Kazakhstan

According to preliminary information, after take-off from the helipad on a helicopter has failed directional control system, the pilot decided to make an emergency landing to determine the circumstances and causes of the failure. During landing the helicopter rolled over on its right side and collapsed.  Reportedly destroyed.  Location was a helipad located at the... Read more

08-Jan-15 XA-SMG Airbus EC130B4 Juarez, Mexico (2F)

Crashed at night killing owner Mauro Garza Fernandez, and passenger Alejandro Lopez Lopez.  Pilot Ciro Huerta Martinez and the other two passengers named as Balden Lorenzo González and Jorge Armando Gonzalez Bustos were injured.  Some reports say that the helicopter was not equipped for night flights.  Video of the crash site here.... Read more

02-Oct-14 HB-ZJC Eurocopter EC130 Bart, France (5F)

Helicopter took off from Lausanne, Switzerland and has crashed in France – reportedly just prior to landing at Montbéliard – Courcelles Aerodrome. Weather reported as foggy and press report says that pilot was looking for a gap in the cloud to land at the airfield.  Five of seven POB killed when helicopter landed on a... Read more

27-Sep-14 HS-CCN Eurocopter EC130 Naung Mon, Myanmar (1F)

Crashed in jungle on flight searching for two missing mountaineers.  Wreckage found three days later.  Two occupants (pilot  Capt Chatchawal Thanthong and experienced mountain trekker U Shwe Yin Taw Gyi) hiked for some time and were located further days after that according to this report.  The third (Myanmar co-pilot Aung Myat Toe who navigated) was... Read more

28-May-12 Eurocopter EC130B4 Puna, US-Hawaii

Precautionary field landing made during sightseeing flight. N o damage to helicopter.  Another helicopter from the same operator came and picked up the passengers.... Read more

14-Mar-12 C-GONT Eurocopter EC130 Geraldton, Canada

conducting low-level wildlife management work when the helicopter was damaged and collided with the ground. The pilot and two crew members received minor injuries and were airlifted to safety by another MNR helicopter. CADAORS ref 2012O0625... Read more

17-Feb-12 N390AM Eurocopter EC130 Paris, US-Tennessee

Emergency landing after bird strike with mallard duck and cracked windshield.... Read more

10-Nov-11 N11QV Eurocopter EC130 Molokai, US-Hawaii (5F)

Crashed into a mountainside on a sightseeing tour.  All 5 POB perished, including pilot Nathan Cline and Pennsylvania residents Michael and Nicole Abel who were only married five days earlier.  The other two were later named as Stuart Roberston and Eva Birgitta Wannersjo from Ontario, Canada... Read more

03-Nov-11 N130AL Eurocopter EC130 Noblesville, US-Indiana

Circled after encountering heavy rain while en route.  Landed in ploughed field and burst into flames,  6POB all safe with minor injuries... Read more

20-Sep-11 N131LN Eurocopter EC130 Georgetown, US-Kentucky

Tail rotor chip light illuminated during patient transfer.  Safe precautionary landing made in church car park.  Second helicopter attended to complete patient transfer... Read more

30-Sep-10 N822MH Eurocopter EC130 Grand Canyon, US-Arizona

Tail rotor struck canvas umbrella while hovering at low level... Read more

10-Aug-09 N862MH Eurocopter EC130 Boulder Beach, US-Nevada

10-Aug-09 N862MH Eurocopter EC130 Boulder Beach, US-Nevada... Read more

1-Aug-09 M-BOAT Eurocopter EC130 Bangor, US-Maine

1-Aug-09 M-BOAT Eurocopter EC130 Bangor, US-Maine... Read more

28-May-09 N87KH Eurocopter EC130 Omaha, US-Nebraska

28-May-09 N87KH Eurocopter EC130 Omaha, US-Nebraska... Read more

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