Ecuador Accidents

29-Aug-20 HC-CVB Robinson R66 Manta, Ecuador

Heavy landing which resulted in the starboard skid ripped off, main blades damaged, tail strike which destroyed tail blades Registration to be confirmed as HC-CVB is also reported as a Bell 505... Read more

27-Jan-15 FAE-605 HAL Dhruv Tena, Ecuador

Crashed shortly after take off from Army operations centre at Tena.  All four survived despite helicopter ending upside down and on fire – named as captains Soberon Hernán Alberto Davalos Villacrés and Andrew Ismael Carrillo, Second Sergeant Henry Toapanta Ona and Sergeant Humberto Moreno.  A later press report blamed this accident on a fault with... Read more

13-Jan-15 FAE-603 HAL Dhruv Chongon, Ecuador

Ditched for unknown reason in the Chongón dam reservoir, all POB in hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.  Video of the last stages of the recovery effort can be seen here  A later press report blamed a tail rotor drive shaft problem... Read more

23-Mar-13 Bell TH-57A Salinas, Ecuador

Training accident.  Main rotors severed tail boom, aircraft ended upright on its skids... Read more

25-Nov-11 HC-CLH Bell 212 Quito, Ecuador

Impacted terrain close to company helipad.  Local DGAC records show the helicopter was only certified in Ecuador 7 days before.  Four occupants – Pilot Patricio Villalba, front seat passenger Jorge Luis Villegas and two mechanics Luis Ferrario and Pedro Medina were all injured... Read more

25-Mar-09 , Ecuador

25-Mar-09 , Ecuador... Read more

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