Hughes Accidents

02-Apr-22 N7057L Hughes 269A Fort White, US-Florida

FAA: “Crashed into a field for unknown reasons”... Read more

14-Dec-21 N8827F Hughes 269A Crowley, US-Texas

FAA: Pilot lost control while practicing on a private ranch, and rolled onto its side on landing.  No injuries reported to the 2 POB Helicopter is registered to an address in the town of the incident... Read more

14-Nov-21 D-HOHL Hughes 300C Grimma, Germany

Heavily damaged in emergency landing, but remained upright on its skids.  Tail boom was not attached to the cabin.  Two people on board only suffered minor injuries See image  ... Read more

03-Jun-21 N41G Hughes TH-55A Monroe, US-Louisiana

FAA “Helicopter went into a tail spin on landing and hit hard on the grass”... Read more

08-Jan-20 N6186U Hughes OH-6A Weston, US-Georgia

Aircraft crashed under unknown circumstances, Weston, US-Georgia.... Read more

5-Apr-09 N2058X Hughes 369HS , US-Pacific Ocean

5-Apr-09 N2058X Hughes H369HS , US-Pacific Ocean... Read more

04-Apr-09 D-HMRG Hughes H369HS near Hasenmoor/Wolfsberg, Germany

4-Apr-09 D-HMRG Hughes H369HS near Hasenmoor/Wolfsberg, Germany... Read more

10-Mar-09 N369RT Hughes H369D Lee, US-Massachusetts

10-Mar-09 N369RT Hughes H369D Lee, US-Massachusetts... Read more

5-Feb-09 OH-HWH Hughes H369D , Finland

5-Feb-09 OH-HWH Hughes H369D , Finland... Read more

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