Indonesian-Army Accidents

21-Apr-15 HA-5066 Bell 205A1 Ahmad Yani, Indonesia

Photos show UH-1 after very heavy landing, upright but skids partially collapsed. Main blades appear complete and still attached to rotorhead.... Read more

22-Jan-14 HA-5166 Bell 412EP Long Tulip, Indonesia

Precautionary landing in jungle due to weather.  Location meant that helicopter crew was out of contact for 15+ hours, causing SAR response etc.  10 POB all safe... Read more

15-Dec-13 HA-5170 Bell 412EP Paradise Aroanop, Indonesia

Five POB all safe after helicopter damaged in emergency landing in mountainous area... Read more

09-Nov-13 Mil Mi-17V5 Malinau, Indonesia (13F)

13 died and 6 survived crash of Indonesian Army Mi-17.  Reports of sudden gusty wind conditions on final approach to land... Read more

11-Jun-13 Schweizer 300C Semarang, Indonesia

Training flight, minor injuries to 2 POB... Read more

10-Sep-11 HA-5113 Bell 412HP Rumpius Karvak, Indonesia

Bell 412 with five on board lost contact with ATC while on mission to locate missing Cessna 208 aircraft of Susi Air.  The following day the helicopter arrived in nearby town of Wamena, reporting that it had had to make an emergency landing due to fog.  Jungle location had led media to assume the worst,... Read more

16-May-11 Bell B412 Mapenduma, Indonesia

Mixed reports quoting three or four serious injuries and a total of 17 (or 10 plus three crew?) on board.  Weather reported as “very windy” but no other information at this time as to potential cause... Read more

08-Jun-09 HS-7112 Eurocopter Bo105 Cianjur, West Java, Indonesia (2F)

8-Jun-09 Eurocopter Bo105 Cianjur, West Java, Indonesia... Read more

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