Israel Accidents

08-Dec-13 Boeing CH-47D Jericho, Israel

Royal Air Force Chinook made emergency landing while en route from Amman (Jordan) to Akrotiri (Cyprus).  Some reports suggest location is in or near a minefield... Read more

25-Apr-13 (military helicopter) Israel

A helicopter transporting Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made an emergency landing after military officials spotted and shot down a UAV entering Israeli airspace.... Read more

12-Mar-13 Bell AH-1 Shfela, Israel (2F)

Accident around 1am local on night training mission.  Both reservists killed, named by IDF as Lt.-Col. (res.) Noam Ron, 49, and Maj. (res.) Erez Flekser, 31. The pilots had radioed the Palmahim air base before the crash, saying they would land there in six minutes. There was no distress call prior to the accident.... Read more

28-Aug-12 Boeing AH-64D Netanya, Israel

Emergency landing after pilot had indication of system malfunction... Read more

15-Aug-12 Sikorsky CH-53 Tel Nof, Israel

aircraft was forced to carry out an emergency landing near the Tel Nof airbase south of Tel Aviv... Read more

31-May-12 Sikorsky UH-60 Mitzpe Ramon, Israel

Emergency landing made shortly after take-off... Read more

09-Dec-11 Boeing AH-64D Upper Galilee, Israel

Emergency landing in a peanut field.  Photos appear to show helicopter intact and undamaged... Read more

25-Oct-10 Sikorsky UH-60 Golan Heights, Israel

Flew into an electric cable during a training flight; The Black Hawk was slightly damaged and no one on board was injured... Read more

5-May-09 Bell AH-1 Ma'ale Efraim, Israel

5-May-09 Bell AH-1 Ma'ale Efraim, Israel... Read more

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