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09-Jun-22 I-ELOP Leonardo AW119 Mount Cusna, Italy (7F)

Crashed and completely burned out on Mount Cusna, Italy.  Wreckage found two days after reported overdue. All 7 on board suffered fatal injuries – named in this report as pilot Corrado Levorin, Turkish citizens Kenar Serhat, Cez Arif, Ilker Ucar, and Altug Erbil and Lebanese citizens Chadi Kreidy and Tarek Tayah. All six passengers were... Read more

27-May-22 I-PLLY Airbus SA318C Quargnento, Italy

Helicopter experienced difficulties shortly after take off.  All four POB seriously injured Wreckage airlifted the next day by the fire service Reparto volo dei #vigilidelfuoco di #Torino impegnato #oggi a Quargnento (AL) nella rimozione di un elicottero precipitato ieri pomeriggio — Vigili del Fuoco (@vigilidelfuoco) May 28, 2022  ... Read more

02-May-21 HB-ZQQ Leonardo AW109S Padua, Italy

Main blades struck canopy over fuel area at airport.  Rotor disc imbalance was serious enough for the main blades to slice the tail boom off The pilot had reportedly planned on refuelling at Ozzano but was unable to do so on arrival and flew on to Padua.... Read more

31-Mar-21 I-MIAT Airbus H125 Bisaccia, Italy

Helicopter was involved in loadlifting operations, and lost altitude suddenly , crashing into trees as seen below in the image from Vigili del Fuoco.  37 year old pilot was the only POB and was taken to hospital... Read more

27-Mar-21 MM81970 Leonardo AW169 Bolzano, Italy

Substantially damaged in ground running incident prior to take-off (see video below).  The explanation is approximately as follows:-  Nose wheel is locked (should have unlocked in pre-taxi check list).  Pilot then tries to taxi and turn left but the aircraft doesn’t respond as expected.  After a pause, the nose wheel is unlocked, but without first... Read more

30-Dec-20 I-LGLG Airbus H125 San Martino, Italy

Crashed in white-out conditions during landing, during which the main rotor disc hit the ground.  20 minutes after the accident the helicopter caught fire and completely burned out.  It is evident from images that the helicopter was written off in the accident (boom in multiple pieces) prior to the conflagration.  Pilot named in this report... Read more

06-Nov-19 MM81487 Leonardo AW101 Tyrrhenian Sea, Italy

Helicopter belonging to the  1° Gruppo Elicotteri of the Italian Navy crash landed aboard  Caio Duilio AAW (Anti-Air Warfare) Destroyer at the end of a night training flight. Helicopter on its side, 6 POB not seriously injured... Read more

25-Jan-19 I-EDIC Airbus AS350B2 La Thuile, Italy (7F)

Mid-air crash between AS350B2 I-EDIC and a Jodel D140 fixed wing F-PMGV, resulting in seven fatalities between the total of nine on board the two aircraft.  Helicopter pilot was named here as Maurizio Scarpelli, accompanied by mountain guide Frank Henssler and three others, one of whom survived. In the fixed wing were four people, the French instructor named... Read more

10-May-17 N480W Enstrom 480 Pfunders, Italy (1F)

Helicopter had started the day in Pisa, flying north and refuelling at Bolzano.  On next leg to Salzburg it encountered some difficulties and one report suggests it was on fire before reaching the ground and burning out in a ravine.  Sole occupant pilot fatally injured – reported as a 75 year old Austrian national... Read more

30-Oct-15 N609AG AgustaWestland AW609 Vercelli, Italy (2F)

We are seeing many reports in the Italian media of an AW609 accident with two fatalities – named here as Pietro Venanzi and Herbert Moran. “on fire in flight between Santhià and Tronzano, the province of Vercelli” seems to be the common link description at this time.  ... Read more

27-Oct-15 Sikorsky CH-53E Castelvetrano, Italy

Emergency landing made in public park... Read more

06-Sep-15 I-CFAC Agusta-Bell 412EP Montecristo, Italy

Helicopter crashed heavily onto a sloping rock face, seriously injuring the pilot.  The other two POB only had minor injuries... Read more

26-Aug-15 I-COLK AgustaWestland AW139 Sassofortino, Italy

Winch cable broke after hitting a powerline during a HEMS winching operation; doctor Riccardo Bolognini and paramedic Roberto Marconiwere dropped from about 5 meters, and were taken to a hospital with multiple injuries. There was no damage to the helicopter itself... Read more

21-Aug-15 I-GBVD Airbus AS350B3 Arzana, Italy

During fire fighting activities, the helicopter, equipped with bambi bucket, immediately after the first water drop experienced control problems. Trying an emergency landing in a nearby area 1 km away, the helicopter in the final phase of the flight, started an abrupt spin and crashed.  Helicopter was on contract to Forest Service of Sardinia. Only... Read more

31-Jul-15 I-CMCM Airbus AS350B3 Alpe Zocca, Italy (3F)

Hit mountain, and subsequent crash killed all three on board – pilot Folini Augustine, engineer Stefano Olcelli, and flight engineer Marco Gianatti... Read more

29-Jul-15 I-GASF Schweizer 300C Gratosoglio, Italy

Helicopter written off in agricultural accident... Read more

17-Mar-15 MM80722 Agusta-Bell 205A.1 Casera Razzo, Italy

Heavy landing on snow, damaging the helicopter. two pilots and two technicians on board were not seriously injured.  Army code EI-351... Read more

08-Feb-15 I-AWCD AgustaWestland AW119 Valgriesenche, Italy

Caught by gust of wind on mountain landing – leading to loss of control and impacting terrain and injuring the pilot and two heliskiers... Read more

23-Jan-15 MD Helicopters MD500E Frosinone, Italy

Training flight, accident while hover taxying... Read more

06-Jan-15 I-LASW Airbus AS350B3 Pertica Bassa, Italy

During fire fighting operation, pilot experienced problems on the tail rotor and landed safely – another report suggests the cable holding the water bucket (empty at the time) contacted the tail rotor. Damages found on tail rotor and tail boom.... Read more

24-Oct-14 I-DUEK Airbus AS350B3 Trodena, Italy

During take off (aerial work ops) in a mountain and wooded area, the main rotor hit a tree.  Damages to the main blades, to the tail boom and the tail rotor.... Read more

18-Aug-14 I-AICO Airbus BK117C1 Val Badia, Italy

Main rotor blade strike in mountainous region during rescue. Helicopter landed safely with main blade tips suffering the most damage... Read more

08-Aug-14 I-PAAD Eurocopter SA318C Gaby, Italy (2F)

Crashed into mountain during a thunderstorm killing pilot Domenico Praiale (55) and passenger Sara Piredda Piras (29).  Local reports suggest ​​poor visibility due to fog and clouds.  Helicopter was original an SA318 Alouette but had been extensively modified and was classed as a homebuild... Read more

27-Jul-14 I-LUPU Eurocopter AS350B3 Varco Sabino, Italy (2F)

Firefighting reconnaissance flight from Fassinoro.  Helicopter encountered difficulties and emergency landing procedure made – but hit a low level cable  shortly prior to intended landing point.  One killed in crash, second died during recovery operation.  Third and last occupant flown to hospital.... Read more

16-Feb-14 T7-ZST Eurocopter SA315B Masera, Italy

At touch down the pilot experienced strong vibrations with damages to the helicopter... Read more

16-Oct-13 I-HASB Eurocopter AS350B3 San Bernardo di Mendatica, Italy

Main blades struck tree during aerial work operations... Read more

20-Aug-13 I-RBNR Agusta-Bell 412 Novara di Sicilia, Italy

4 POB injured in heavy landing due to loss of visual clues in brown-out conditions.  EMS operation... Read more

05-Aug-13 OY-HPF Robinson R44 Piombino, Italy

Helicopter ditched in shallow water.  3 POB exited safely.  En route from Elba to Bologna.  Italian pilot age 44, passengers were on Turkish and Portuguese passports.... Read more

21-Jul-13 I-GANI Schweizer 300C Cuneo Levaldigi, Italy

Destroyed in accident, occupants not injured... Read more

05-Jun-13 I-LUPU Eurocopter AS350B3 Limavady, Italy

During cruise at 120 kts, pilot experienced a tail rotor failure and performed a forced landing on a field... Read more

21-May-13 3A-MPG Eurocopter EC155 Albenga, Italy

Approaching Albenga Airport, MGB CHIP warning light ON. After 5 minutes hard noise was detected and crew has decided to land immediately on a beach. No damages was detected to the helicopter... Read more

07-May-13 I-ONYX MD Helicopters MD500E L’Aquila, Italy

Contacted powerlines on approach to airport... Read more

03-May-13 I-B165 Robinson R22B Viareggio, Italy

Helicopter ended up on its side in an open field... Read more

30-Mar-13 F-HJTE Eurocopter AS350B3 Concorezzo, Italy

Substantially damaged in landing accident.  Sole occupant pilot not injured... Read more

09-Feb-13 I-LALM Robinson R22 Pontecagnano, Italy

Private pilot injured in accident on take-off.  Local language TV report at Read more

24-Jan-13 Agusta-Bell 212 Praia, Italy

Precautionary landing on sports pitch. probably weather related... Read more

20-Nov-12 I-MIAE Eurocopter AS350BA Trichiana, Italy (2F)

Helicopter was involved in low-level aerial work to drop rabies vaccines for foxes as part of a Health Authority program.  AS350BA crashed into field close to houses after hitting high voltage cables, killing both occupants – pilot Silvio Botto Steglia, 37, and Felice Faivano, 35.  Two houses damaged (see photo essay).  Some local reports cite... Read more

02-Nov-12 I-HEFH Robinson R22 Bresso, Italy

Training accident, ending up on its port side... Read more

21-Aug-12 I-GUAN Schweizer 300C Arena Po, Italy

Two occupants, substantially damaged... Read more

21-Jul-12 I-BLGN Eurocopter EC145 Morbegno, Italy

Air ambulance struck cables on climb-out from road accident scene.   Pilot Augusto Stazzonelli, co-pilot Stefano Turetta, doctor Fabio Martorana, a nurse, an alpine rescue specialist and the patient survived.... Read more

01-Jul-12 I-LASB Eurocopter AS350B3 Granmichele, Italy

Force landing due to a technical issue on positioning flight back to base after firefighting... Read more

15-Jun-12 I-PATI Eurocopter SA315B Illorai, Italy

Crashed on firefighting ops while filling up the water bucket... Read more

15-Jun-12 I-PATI Eurocopter SA315B Illorai, Italy

Overturned while loading water from a stream during firefighting operations. Aircraft destroyed    ... Read more

01-Apr-12 I-SNEK Robinson R44 Lago Patria, Italy

Pilot Raffaele Morelli di Quarto was not seriously injured in the crash of this R44 from low level, although photos of the R44 show extensive damage... Read more

31-Mar-12 Boeing CH-47 San Martino, Italy

Emergency landing while firefighting, possibly due to broken hydraulic lines... Read more

25-Mar-12 Robinson R22 Sinalunga, Italy (2F)

R22 crashed from a low level sharp turn shortly close in a ploughed field approx 200m from the pilot’s house, killing both occupants.  The sequence was watched by the pilot’s son from the house, who immediately called the emergency services. The two were later named as pilot  Marcello Bartalucci age 62 and Giampaulo Marri, age... Read more

15-Jan-12 Robinson R22 San Liberato, Italy (2F)

Crashed after hitting cables on approach to airfield, killing Filippo Sini, 39, and Vittorio Mestichelli, 57.  [Warning – some photos in the Italian press show at least one of the bodies without it being covered up]... Read more

30-Dec-11 I-NAPE Robinson R44 San Tammaro, Italy

Tourist flight.  Tail boom cut by main rotors, helicopter ended up on port side.  Ground covered in snow – potential for vertical reference issues.... Read more

11-Nov-11 HB-ZJN AgustaWestland AW109E Marcucci, Italy (3F)

Three killed, cause unknown but low visibility reported in the area... Read more

09-Nov-11 I-DAMS Eurocopter AS365N3 Mineo, Italy (1F)

Crashed into a hill in poor weather during an EMS flight with 5POB.  Co pilot Sergio Torre fatally injured.  The aircraft had taken off from the hospital in Caltanissetta and was bound for Messina... Read more

17-Aug-11 I-LASF Eurocopter AS350B3 Pizzo Corvo, Italy

Lost altitude suddenly after having poured the water on the flames while firefighting... Read more

05-Aug-11 I-AMVZ Eurocopter AS350B3 Celledizzo di Pejo, Italy (1F)

Pilot Roberto Bezzi died and 4 (or 5?) passengers injured.  Early reports suggest blade strike... Read more

25-May-11 I-PAZZ Schweizer 300C Farra di Soligo, Italy

Crashed from an altitude of 20m while spraying vineyards.  The only one person on board, pilot Michele Astrella, 62, from Basilicata, was seriously injured... Read more

26-Apr-11 I-ETEC Robinson R22 Sulmona, Italy (2F)

Initial reports are suggesting a wire strike in less-than-ideal visibility. Fatalities named as Danilo Ricuperati (31) and Matteo Franchini (27)... Read more

27-Mar-11 I-HEHL Robinson R44 Monte Argentario, Italy

Helicopter landed in water.  Pilot, the only occupant, not injured... Read more

18-Feb-11 F-GUJB Robinson R44 Canne della Battaglia, Italy (1F)

The helicopter had departed from Modugno, near Bari, and was heading to Foggia. Pilot Tanzarella Antonio D’Amico, age 29, was alone... Read more

08-Feb-11 MM81052 Hughes 500M Fragagnano, Italy

Ditched into reservoir after loss of power; 2 occupants safe... Read more

27-Nov-10 I-WWWW Robinson R22 Paganella, Italy

Encountered sudden winds taking off in mountainous region, landed no side in snow. Pilot Paolo Ferrazza (35) was not seriously injured while passenger Andrea Zampedri (38) was virtually unscathed... Read more

07-Sep-09 I-NERY Eurocopter SA315B Mont Blanc, Italy (2F)

7-Sep-09 I-NERY Eurocopter SA315B Mont Blanc, Italy... Read more

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