Japan Accidents

30-Dec-20 JA77AR Robinson R66 Ojiro, Japan (1F)

Helicopter had taken off from the Isewan Helipad in Tsu City.  Circumstances of accident unclear but it is noted that high winds were recorded around that time and a local weather observatory had issued a gale advisory.  Pilot named here as Kotaro Demura, 46, was taken to a hospital but died later the same day Accident... Read more

04-Dec-20 JA504D Airbus AS350 Higashi Matsuyama, Japan

Take off from a temporary helipad in Higashi Matsuyama, Miyagi Prefecture at 10:50 (JST). The flight was for carrying trees with a sling (total weight of about 380 kg), and at an altitude of about 90 m near Miyato Kokegaura in Higashi Matsuyama, one of the trees (about 30 kg) fall in a paddy field.  No... Read more

28-Aug-30 JA332T Airbus AS332L1 Nagaoka, Japan

The aircraft took off from the temporary helipad, and was transporting a cargo, and unintentionally dropped the cargo (about 790kg, construction materials) on a grass field near the temporary helipad from a height of about 25m around 9:50 JST. Cargo was old steel tower members, weight: about 790 kilograms.... Read more

31-Jan-19 JA7980 Robinson R22 Kashiwa, Japan

Training accident in gusty conditions... Read more

08-Nov-17 JA9672 Airbus AS332L Ueno, Japan (4F)

Helicopter crashed and burnt out on a road bridge.  Scene photo shows part of tail on river bank below bridge.  All four POB received fatal injuries.  Local power cuts indicate a wire strike but unclear if that was cause of accident or result of the flight altitude at the time... Read more

14-May-17 Tabayama, Japan (1F)

When the rescue helicopter — which was hovering over the scene — moved its position, rocks and tree branches suddenly tumbled down the slope over the patient (who had fallen and summoned help) and the two rescue workers on the ground. The man was airlifted to a hospital in Kofu where he was confirmed dead.... Read more

08-Oct-15 JA9660 Airbus AS332L Takahama Cho, Japan

Took off from a temporary helipad in Takahama Cho, Fukui Prefecture, Japan at 10:12 Japan Standard Time. During carrying loads externally, wooden frame, about 1.3 m by 0.5 m, was dropped unintentionally at an altitude about 170 m. The frame was found in a car park. No one was injured. The helicopter sustained no damage.... Read more

02-Oct-15 JA9678 Airbus AS332L1 Itoigawa, Japan

Took off from a temporary helipad about 11:00 Japan Standard Time to carry liquid concrete in the externally slung bucket with a cargo hook. After unloaded the liquid concrete, the pilot mistakenly operated the cargo hook release switch and the empty bucket, the weight of which was about 210 kg, was dropped unintentionally at an... Read more

06-Apr-15 31249 Hughes OH-6D Okada, Japan

Substantially damaged in force landing in an open field... Read more

12-Mar-15 Boeing V-22 Futenma, Japan

Aluminum part about 20.3 centimeters long and 7.6 centimeters wide, weighing about 164 grams, fell from aircraft in flight.  US military reportedly took four days to advise local Japanese authorities... Read more

06-Mar-15 JA6741 Airbus AS332L1 Kihokucho, Japan (2F)

Helicopter was engaged in low level powerline work, hit powerline and crashed killing both on board.  Post crash fire.... Read more

17-Feb-15 32634 Kawasaki OH-1 Shirahama, Japan

Ditched into the sea after engine problem.  2 POB rescued safely... Read more

12-Feb-15 8781 MD Helicopters MD500E Ebino, Japan (3F)

Two instructors and one student died on a training accident.  Weather was a factor and cause them to change their planned route after take-off.... Read more

09-Oct-14 JA6741 Eurocopter AS332L1 Tsumagoi, Japan

5-6kg section of insecure load dropped from 100m during underslung operations... Read more

31-Dec-13 JA106Y Robinson R44 Kouri Island, Japan

Pilot and two passengers injured in tourist flight after ditching near Kouri Island... Read more

16-Dec-13 Sikorsky MH-60 Misaki Port, Japan

US Navy helicopter crashed and fell onto its side in a landfill site.  2 injured of 4 POB... Read more

14-Oct-13 JA15KM Eurocopter AS365N3 Kumamoto, Japan

Conducting a hoist training in front of a hanger located adjacent to Kumamoto Airport. While hovering at 60ft, it encountered close proximity to other aircraft.  Reported distance between two aircraft was 50ft horizontally.... Read more

05-Aug-13 Sikorsky HH-60 MCAS Hansen, Japan (1F)

HH-60 from MCAS Kadena crashed and caught fire near MCAS Hansen.  3 serious injuries and 1 fatal – named as Tech. Sgt. Mark A Smith... Read more

19-Nov-12 JA9965 Eurocopter AS332L1 Kita-Hira, Japan

Ground cargo-handling personnel injured during lifting operation... Read more

31-Oct-12 JA35BB Eurocopter AS350B3 Yakushima, Japan

During take off phase, near miss with landing Japan Air Commuter Dash-8 JA849C... Read more

15-Sep-12 JA120H Eurocopter EC120 Kujukuri, Japan

Skid caught ground on take-off – helicopter rolled-over onto its side... Read more

29-Jun-12 JA6817 Bell 412 Kawane, Japan

Landing accident.   2 POB injured... Read more

15-Apr-12 Sikorsky UH-60J Mutsu Bay, Japan (1F)

Crashed into the water after main blades struck the side of destroyer Matsuyuki. 6 rescued, 1 fatal  – named as 37-year-old captain, Lt. Cmdr. Masahiko Miyanaga.... Read more

19-Feb-12 JA710H Eurocopter EC120 Minamifurano, Japan

“Damaged the aircraft during takeoff after the transport skiers to the summit Karifuridake, the aircraft is rolling to the right”... Read more

03-Oct-11 JA508A Eurocopter AS350B3 Kioykawa, Japan (1F)

Two serious injuries, post crash fire.  Pilot later died from his injuries... Read more

20-Sep-11 JA6522 Eurocopter AS350B3 Higashi Kagawa, Japan

Helicopter was already well on fire before landing – fast emergency landing made on a sports arena and soon burnt out.... Read more

14-Jul-11 JA007J Robinson R22B Sabaekoizumi, Japan

Fell off side of helipad after landing... Read more

24-Jun-11 Honeywell RQ-16 Fukushima, Japan

A Honeywell RQ-16 T-Hawk drone amde an emergency landing on the remains of the #2 reactor at the Fukushima Dai-Ichi nuclear power station while taking air samples to measure radiation levels.... Read more

11-Mar-11 JA9857 Eurocopter AS350B Sendai, Japan

Damaged beyond repair by tsunami... Read more

03-Feb-11 Sikorsky SH-60 Atsugi, Japan

Sonar buoy fell from helicopter and landed in farm field... Read more

03-Oct-10 41720 Bell UH-1 Yao, Japan

It was taking a test flight after a regular maintenance check and was hovering when it crashed, the GSDF said.... Read more

26-Sep-10 JA9635 Eurocopter AS332L Yaku-shima Island, Japan (2F)

Controlled impact into terrain, foggy conditions reported... Read more

11-Sep-09 JA96GF Bell B412 Takayama, Gifu Prefecture, Japan (3F)

11-Sep-09 JA96GF Bell B412 Takayama, Gifu Prefecture, Japan... Read more

20-Jul-09 JA32CT Robinson R44 Tajima, Japan (2F)

20-Jul-09 JA32CT Robinson R44 Tajima, Japan... Read more

10-Jun-09 JA Bell B412 Ikejiri, Japan

10-Jun-09 JA Bell B412 Ikejiri, Japan... Read more

10-Feb-09 Bell B206 Gumma, Japan

10-Feb-09 Bell B206 Gumma, Japan... Read more

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