Kamov Accidents

01-Dec-18 HL9419 Kamov Ka32 Guri, Korea (1F)

Crashed into river when hovering and taking up water for firefighting operation for a fire on Mount Youngchuk.  The rescue services said the helicopter crashed into the Han River near Gangdong Bridge around 11:20 a.m. The pilot and copilot were able to exit the aircraft immediately prior to impact, but the mechanic was trapped in... Read more

08-May-17 HL9414 Kamov Ka32 Samcheok, Korea (1F)

Helicopter struck wires and made an emergency landing into shallow water – but ended upright with little apparent damage from available press images.  However, one crew member knocked unconscious in the manoeuvre and later died in hospital from his injuries Civil registration HL9414, and also carries Korea Forest Service fleet code FP 608... Read more

08-Oct-14 Kamov Ka32 Jincheon, Korea

2 of 3 POB injured in heavy field landing.  helicopter remained upright but tail and all rotor blades badly damaged... Read more

17-Dec-13 Kamov Ka226 Bashkortostan, Russia

Damaged in force landing after cockpit filled with smoke.  Flight described as a ferry flight from the factory at Kumertau (Republic of Bashkortostan) to Boules airfield (Samara) which suggests it may be the delivery of a new helicopter... Read more

29-Oct-13 Kamov Ka52K Zhulebino, Russia

Experimental Kamov Ka52K crashed on test flight, close to residential area.  Two on board injured and were clear of the aircraft when it exploded twice, caught fire and burned out.  One report suggests the ejector seats activated uncommanded.  Another report says two people on the ground injured too... Read more

04-Aug-13 C-GKHL Kamov Ka32 Bella Coola, Canada

The helicopter contacted the ground going sideways and rolled on its starboard side. The main-rotor blades contacted the ground and broke. The crew was able to shut the engines off and exit with minor injuries. There was no fire. CADORS 2013P1171... Read more

31-Jan-13 RA-31803 Kamov Ka32 Russia

Emergency landing – reportedly due to a hydraulic problem.  HeliHub.com research queries whether registration was actually RA-31603... Read more

03-Sep-12 CS-HMO Kamov Ka32A Ourém, Portugal

Piloted by Commander Paulo Loureiro and the co-pilot Diogo Cabral – and involved in firefighting when it crashed.... Read more

09-Aug-12 RA-31596 Kamov Ka32 Koycegiz, Turkey (5F)

Firefighting helicopter impacted terrain, killing 5 including three Russian citizens named as Alexander Gavrilov, Nikolai Atepalikhin and Sergey Khorokhorin... Read more

26-Apr-12 ER-KGD Kamov Ka32 Ostrov, Romania (5F)

Crashed shortly after take off, killing all five Ukraine nationals on board.  Helicopter was one of two being ferried from Ukraine to Turkey for firefighting operations there.... Read more

08-Dec-11 B-7810 Kamov Ka32 Antarctica

Chinese Antarctic Expedition... Read more

09-Jun-11 Kamov Ka27 Mount Ebrus, Russia

Crashed on mission to rescue the occupants of crashed Robinson R44 helicopter RA-04331... Read more

04-Apr-11 HL9400 Kamov Ka32 Dongducheon, South Korea (2F)

Engaged in external lifting work in mountainous region.  No further details yet known. The pilots, identified only by their surnames Lee, 61, and Kwon, 49, died... Read more

19-Mar-11 Kamov Ka26 Bashkortostan, Russia

Crashed and burnt out.  Both occupants injured.  One report states it did not have an airworthiness certificate, and the pilot was not approved on type.... Read more

26-Sep-10 Kamov Ka32 Fisht Mountain, Russia (2F)

Helicopter was involved in lifting operations when it struck a mountain ropeway... Read more

18-Jun-09 ER-KGA Kamov Ka32T Mugla Province, Turkey (2F)

18-Jun-09 ER-KGA Kamov Ka32T Mugla Province, Turkey... Read more

4-May-09 44 Kamov Ka27 Baltic Sea, Russia

4-May-09 44 Kamov Ka27 Baltic Sea, Russia... Read more

25-Mar-09 Kamov KA28 22nm West of Goa, India

25-Mar-09 Kamov KA28 22nm West of Goa, India... Read more

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