MD500 Accidents

05-Aug-20 N104SU MD Helicopters MD500D Delia, US-Kansas

Aircraft was conducting vegetation management while tree sawing and something caught saw blade and threw debris up into main blades.  Aircraft landed in nearby field. Sole occupant pilot was not injured... Read more

27-Jun-15 MD Helicopters MD500 Poerua Glacier, New Zealand

Crashed on take off, injuring the pilot Brad Maclachlan and two hunters he had just picked up... Read more

04-May-14 MD Helicopters MD500 West Nicholson, Zimbabwe

Helicopter crashed and owner Frikkie Lutzkie arranged for wreckage to be buried.  Certain aspects of press reports (including date) do not tie up – but read reports of this accident in conjunction with another incident from May 2012 relating to another helicopter and the same owner... Read more

05-Aug-13 N8688F MD Helicopters MD500D Lamesa, US-Texas (2F)

Two workers have fallen to their deaths when a cable suspending them hit a power line they were inspecting – the pair were later reported here as 25-year-old David Edward Oliveira of Turlock, CA and 26-year-old Christoper Geoffrey Breed of Moscow, ID.  Helicopter landed safely with no damage... Read more

13-Jun-13 D-HIBS Hughes 500D Bernkastel-Wehlen, Germany

50 year old pilot seriously injured and 30 year old passenger minor injuries after helicopter crashed c9.30am local time while spraying a vineyard on a steep slope.  Helicopter is believed to be D-HIBS 500D (1035D) but we await confirmation... Read more

28-May-13 Hughes 500 Pünderich, Germany

Vineyard spraying – caught port-side spray boom on powerline and damaged it.  Landed safely in nearby sports field with no further damage... Read more

21-Dec-11 N500TN MD Helicopters 500D Fall Branch, US-Tennessee

Clipped wires and landed with minimal damage to helicopter.  Owner of field stated that weather was very foggy and he thought the pilot was making a precautionary landing for the weather and did not see the wires.... Read more

02-Nov-11 MD Helicopters 500MD Wonju, Korea (1F)

Emergency landing on a mountain during an annual Hoguk military exercise Wednesday, killing one army officer and injuring another... Read more

27-Oct-11 N61PJ MD Helicopters MD500D Colusa, US-California

During powerline maintenance flight,  p[ilot made emergency field landing.  Skids broken, tail boom sliced, main blades ripped off.  Pilot to hospital... Read more

27-Sep-11 N606WA Hughes 500D Chouteau, US-Oklahoma

Skid struck powerline on take off and landed immediately without further incident... Read more

04-Jul-11 N315SH Hughes 500 McGrath, US-Alaska

Pilot Paula Huckleberry, 61, was flying to McGrath with two passengers — 21-year-old Scott Stevenson of Idaho and 39-year-old Chris Fontes of Arizona ... Read more

27-Jun-11 C-GLHQ Hughes 369D Ambler, US-Alaska

Tipped backwards and fell off elevated platform while engine was running... Read more

03-Jun-11 VH-XAA Kawasaki-Hughes 369HS Mount Coree, Australia

During a flight with two occupants on board, the helicopter collided with terrain and minor injuries were sustained. They activated a search beacon and were picked up by the Snowy Hydro SouthCare Rescue Helicopter... Read more

23-Apr-11 C-FJJO Hughes 500C Chilliwack, Canada

Conducting VFR spraying operations when it struck the top of a tree during a turn. The pilot’s vision was affected by windshield glare from the rising sun. The lower chin bubble windshield was shattered and the mount for the anti-torque control pedals was broken. The helicopter landed without further event. CADAORS ref 2011P0595... Read more

08-Mar-11 N131AL Hughes 369D Meeker, US-Colorado

Press report states “tail boom separated”... Read more

08-Feb-11 MM81052 Hughes 500M Fragagnano, Italy

Ditched into reservoir after loss of power; 2 occupants safe... Read more

04-Feb-11 N416WC MD Helicopters MD500E Elverta, US-California

Helicopter working on stringing new powerlines.  One serious injury, one “minor to moderate” injury.... Read more

27-Jan-11 PK-IWS Hughes 369D Kendari Bay, Indonesia

2 seriously injured, 1 minor injuries... Read more

27-Nov-10 D-HCHS MD Helicopters 500E Guercif, Morocco

Damaged during operation to clean insulators of a transmission line... Read more

30-Oct-10 N765WH MD Helicopters MD369E Thomas, US-West Virginia (1F)

The helicopter was flying for the Wing County Power Line Services. 4POB, 1 fatal (later named as Gary L. Bland, 52, from Georgia) and 3 to Ruby Memorial Hospital with unknown injuries... Read more

08-Aug-10 D-HDWM Hughes 369HS Borovaya, Belarus (1F)

Crashed and burst into flames while taking part in a CIS competition in helicopter sports. The 74-year-old pilot was performing a loop-the-loop but didn’t have enough height as he came out of the manoeuvre... Read more

12-Aug-09 N527BB MD Helicopters MD500E Ackworth, US-Georgia

12-Aug-09 N527BB MD Helicopters MD500E Ackworth, US-Georgia... Read more

7-Aug-09 D-HSPO MD Helicopters MD500E Moni village, Cyprus

7-Aug-09 D-HSPO MD Helicopters MD500E Moni village, Cyprus... Read more

30-May-09 N298SD MD Helicopters H369A Baltimore, US-Ohio

30-May-09 N298SD MD Helicopters H369A Baltimore, US-Ohio... Read more

26-May-09 MD Helicopters MD500 Hulugo, Kenya

26-May-09 MD Helicopters MD500 Hulugo, Kenya... Read more

5-Apr-09 N2058X Hughes 369HS , US-Pacific Ocean

5-Apr-09 N2058X Hughes H369HS , US-Pacific Ocean... Read more

04-Apr-09 D-HMRG Hughes H369HS near Hasenmoor/Wolfsberg, Germany

4-Apr-09 D-HMRG Hughes H369HS near Hasenmoor/Wolfsberg, Germany... Read more

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