MD500D Accidents

15-Jun-22 D-HOBY Hughes 500D Ellenz-Poltersdorf, Germany

During agricultural spraying operations, had accident and ended up on its starboard side In der Nähe von #Ellenz-Poltersdorf (Kreis #Cochem-Zell) ist soeben ein Spritzhubschrauber abgestürzt. Mehr auf Video: Jens Weber — Rhein-Zeitung (@RheinZeitung) June 15, 2022... Read more

17-Mar-22 N500MZ Hughes 500D Adair, US-Iowa

Experienced engine problems during low level powerline operations.  Landed hard, starboard skid collapsed and helicopter rolled onto its starboard side... Read more

09-Jan-21 N8612F Hughes 500D Winthrop, US-Washington

Landed heavily on snow, skids broken, tail boom sliced by main blades... Read more

29-Dec-20 N103SU MD Helicopters MD500D Glade, US-Mississippi (1F)

Crashed and completely burned out.  Helicopter was involved in low-level work – trimming trees off power lines – when it crashed Pilot named here as Jason Krakowiak... Read more

27-Oct-20 N58251 MD Helicopters MD500D Nuuanu, US-Hawaii

Emergency landing in a ravine after experiencing engine problems.  Helicopter was working for Hawaiian Electric.  Some reports say “hard landing”.  Extent of damage not known. Pilot not injured “A contractor for Hawaiian Electric was transporting material near the Nuuanu Reservoir off Pali Highway when the helicopter lost power and made a hard landing,” according to... Read more

24-Aug-20 OH-HJH MD Helicopters MD500D Sarvisalo, Finland

Landed upright but tail boom got chopped by main blades during emergency landing... Read more

09-Nov-17 N500DC MD Helicopters 500D York, US-Pennsylvania

Precautionary field landing, per FAA report... Read more

08-Nov-17 N138WH Hughes 500D Sulphur, US-Louisiana (2F)

Two men working on power lines from the helicopter,  and  heir safety harness failed because it had been rubbing against the power lines causing it to “snap” the release from Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Office reportedly said.  Both men fell about 100 feet to their deaths from the helicopter – they were later named as Nicholas Gamalski,... Read more

22-Oct-15 C-FOHE MD Helicopters MD500D Paynton, Canada (2F)

A 55-year-old male pilot from Campbell River, B.C., and a 35-year-old male passenger from Prince Albert, Sask., were the only 2 POB when it crashed. They were pronounced dead at the scene.  Helicopter was contracted by electric utility SaskPower to access and repair power poles and struck a powerline causing the aircraft to crash.  Post crash... Read more

18-May-15 OH-HNR MD Helicopters MD500D Bocognano, Corsica

During a low level flight prior to attending to vegetation near powerlines, pilot noticed a decrease in engine power.  The subsequent autorotation avoiding powerlines and buildings led to a hard landing and completely burnt out in post crash fire in the garden of a house.  2 POB seriously injured... Read more

06-Apr-15 N555JC MD500D Cherokee, US-Alabama (1F)

Crashed into Tennessee River and sank without trace. Pilot was only one on board and is missing presumed drowned. Haverfield Aviation confirmed it to be one of their helicopters and some debris from it found further downstream was labelled with the company name. Nearby angler witnessed the helicopter crashing into the water around 1pm. The... Read more

06-Apr-15 31249 Hughes OH-6D Okada, Japan

Substantially damaged in force landing in an open field... Read more

05-Feb-15 ZK-IQQ MD Helicopters MD500D Marlborough, New Zealand

Firefighting helicopter crashed while filling bucket in very shallow river. pilot Neal Andrews walked away unscathed... Read more

02-Dec-14 MD Helicopters MD500D Zuoying, Taiwan

Pilot received serious head injuries from the tail rotor after receiving a warning signal, leaving the cockpit and going to the rear of the helicopter to assist the technical staff – but apparently got too close... Read more

02-Sep-14 N516PJ MD Helicopters MD500D Willow, US-California

Pilot Ron Chaplin injured when helicopter came down during low level powerline work... Read more

29-Jul-14 N89ZC Hughes 500D Bellefontaine, US-Ohio

Helicopter involved in underslung chainsaw operations, cutting back trees for a new bike track.  Helicopter crashed into the trees.  No immediate indication of cause.  Pilot Leo Boucher seriously injured... Read more

22-Jul-14 N5225C Hughes 500D Oso, US-Washington

Crashed during logging operations after tail hit a logging cable.... Read more

03-Feb-14 N8618F MD Helicopters MD500D Naples, US-Florida

Tail struck ground during autorotation training... Read more

27-Jan-14 G-CCUO Hughes 500D Droitwich, UK

Shortly after takeoff the pilot experienced yaw control difficulties, resulting in the loss of control of the helicopter and a subsequent crash landing. The pilot escaped with minor injuries. In the absence of any mechanical abnormalities, the most likely cause of the accident is a loss of tail rotor effectiveness.... Read more

15-Dec-13 Hughes 500D Glade Burn, New Zealand (1F)

A Hughes 500 helicopter flying between the Greenstone Valley and Dumpling Hut crashed at Glade Burn in steep and rugged terrain in poor weather.   Police confirmed that sole occupant pilot Bruce Andrews died in the accident... Read more

19-Oct-13 N53846 Hughes 500D Suffolk, US-Virginia

Contacted trees while trimming them.  Landed without incident... Read more

12-Sep-13 N519PA MD Helicopters MD500DE Kauai, US-Hawaii

Operator told the press “debris flew into the main rotor blades causing some damage to the aircraft”.  FAA report says “tail rotor separated from aircrxaft”... Read more

06-Aug-13 N134SH MD Helicopters MD500D Delta Junction, US-Alaska

NTSB investigator Clint Johnson says the helicopter had an engine failure, landed in trees and rolled over.  Sling load operations.  Pilot not injured... Read more

29-Jul-13 N31HM MD Helicopters MD500D Smithfield, US-West Virginia

Force landing – serious damage after it fell onto its side in wooded area, tail separate from boom... Read more

05-Jul-13 C-FYAP Hughes 500D Fort Saskatchewan, Canada

Helicopter was involved in installing powerlines – contacted tower, crashed, seriously injuring both occupants... Read more

05-Apr-13 N520PA Hughes 500D Lihue, US-Hawaii

Found damage to trailing edge of rotor blade(s) on post-flight inspection... Read more

10-Jan-13 OH-HNP Hughes 500D Paavolantie, Finland

Engine failure during low level powerline operation.  Extensively damaged.  Pilot walked away... Read more

07-Dec-12 N818CE Hughes 500D Valencia, US-California

Substantial damage after unsecured item from cabin struck aircraft... Read more

27-Nov-12 N28MP Hughes 500D Childress, US-Texas (1F)

Helicopter lost power while working at low level on powerlines for  Cross Texas Transmission. Jonathan David Suhr, 23, was suspended 50 ft below the helicopter as part of this work and was certified dead a short time later.... Read more

27-Nov-12 N163PJ Hughes 500D Sheridan, US-Oregon

Crashed into a truck during a Christmas tree lifting operation, injuring the pilot.  The helicopter was left without blades and tail boom, and heavily damaged in the cabin area.... Read more

15-Nov-12 N369AW Hughes 500D Corning, US-New York (2F)

Helicopter on low level patrol, hit wires and crashed.  Fatalities were pilot Mackenzie Bleth from Haverfield Aviation and Dale Crout – an employee of New York State Electric and Gas.  Post crash fire, and we note from this story that the tail was some distance from the helicopter and not affected by the fire.... Read more

06-Sep-12 C-GVHG Hughes 500D Alice Arm, Canada

Main blades severed tail boom during landing.  CADAORS ref 2012P1524... Read more

29-Jun-12 D-HLUX Hughes 500D Bernkastel, Germany (1F)

Hughes 500D spraying a vineyard hit powerline and crashed into field, killing the 26-year old pilot.... Read more

21-May-12 ZK-HXZ Hughes 500D North Canterbury, New Zealand

It is believed the helicopter had been contracted by the Department of Conservation (DOC) to spray for gorse when it went down at the northern end of Lake Sumner.  Helicopter and pilot missing – pilot named as  35-year-old Mike Mehrtens – company website here quotes him as a 3,500 hour pilot... Read more

30-Mar-12 N868W Hughes 369D McCormick, US-South Carolina

Extensively damaged (photo).  Pilot Dee Haddock landed at a gas station when he noticed some mechanical issues. He took off again to go to the Mccormick County Airport nearby, but never made it, crashing in a field near Mine Street and Highway 28 after flying approx half a mile... Read more

28-Aug-11 YJ-HEL Hughes 369D South Malakula, Vanuatu (1F)

Crashed in mountainous terrain.  Two passengers survived with serious injuries, but pilot Phil Cotter, age 62, died. Uncorroborated reports quote cargo net round the main rotor head.... Read more

13-Mar-11 C-GIYZ Hughes 369D Conklin, Canada

On short final the pilot elected to change the touchdown point. During manoeuvre, the tail rotor struck a large rock. The tail rotor drive shaft sheared and the tail rotor sustained substantial damage; helicopter remained upright on landing. Sole occupant pilot was not injured. CADAORS ref 2011C0797... Read more

21-Jan-11 ZS-HWX MD Helicopters 369D Wonderboompoort, South Africa

The pilot, Lt Col. Koosie De Villiers, and his crewman Lt Col. Shabir Khan, were both seriously injured in the crash.  Eyesitness described the aircraft as being a “total mangled wreck”, with no windows left as it “was all smashed up”.... Read more

22-Jul-09 N61735 MD Helicopters MD369D Wharton Township, US-Pennsylvania (1F)

22-Jul-09 N61735 MD Helicopters MD369D Wharton Township, US-Pennsylvania... Read more

2-Jun-09 N8356F MD Helicopters H369D Staunton, US-Virginia

2-Jun-09 N8356F MD Helicopters H369D Staunton, US-Virginia... Read more

10-Mar-09 N369RT Hughes H369D Lee, US-Massachusetts

10-Mar-09 N369RT Hughes H369D Lee, US-Massachusetts... Read more

7-Mar-09 N501EF MD Helicopters MD369D Rogers Peak Summit, 56m from Inyokern, US-California

7-Mar-09 N501EF MD Helicopters MD369D Rogers Peak Summit, 56m from Inyokern, US-California... Read more

5-Feb-09 OH-HWH Hughes H369D , Finland

5-Feb-09 OH-HWH Hughes H369D , Finland... Read more

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