MD500E Accidents

02-Dec-21 N911PH MD Helicopters MD500E Chesterfield, US-Missouri

Main blades sliced tail boom on training flight while practicing autorotations St. Louis County Police helicopter damaged at Spirit of St. Louis — KMOV (@KMOV) December 2, 2021... Read more

06-Sep-21 N125KW MD Helicopters 500E Healy Lake, US-Alaska

Crashed after skid caught on helipad during take-off... Read more

14-Apr-21 N369PD MD Helicopters 500E Atlanta, US-Georgia

Emergency landing on golf course.  FAA report did not supply any further details.  ... Read more

22-Jan-21 N90TG MD Helicopters MD500E Queen Creek, US-Arizona

FAA report helicopter was substantially damaged after loss of tail rotor effectiveness on approach to land... Read more

20-Jan-21 YV200T MD Helicopters MD500E Guanare, Venezuela (4F)

Helicopter impacted lake.  All four POB died in the accident.  When the helicopter was recovered, one blade was missing and the tail boom had been sliced off.  Pilot named in this report as Elio Marcaccio while passengers Moisés Selvi and Euclides Quintero, and a unnamed 14 year-old were added from this report... Read more

21-Feb-19 N506PH MD Helicopters MD500E Waipio, US-Hawaii

The Fire Department said the crash was a result of engine failure.  FAA report 2 POB with no injuries, while the operator said the unnamed pilot was hospitalized “for further evaluation as a precautionary measure.”  Operator said  in a statement “hard landing … while arriving for a utility flight”... Read more

27-Sep-15 SP-SOO MD Helicopters MD500E Burkatów, Poland

Encountered problem (variously reported, but likely a tail rotor problem) at low level while on powerline work.  Crashed into residential area.  Pilot injured, passenger seriously injured.  Helicopter was intentionally equipped for powerline work (see this video)... Read more

03-Sep-15 N16056 MD Helicopters MD500E New Smyrna Beach, US-Florida

Brian Hayes, Volusia County Mosquito Control’s chief pilot, was flying a routine larvae-cide mission when the helicopter crashed.... Read more

05-Aug-15 N43792 MD Helicopters 500E Whitefish, US-Montana

Crashed into Beaver Lake while picking up water to fight a fire... Read more

19-May-15 MSP-012 MD Helicopters MD500E Talamanca, Costa Rica

Emergency landing due to poor weather ended up in minor damage for the helicopter after pilot Sebastián Gadea Castro put the helicopter down into vegetation during an anti-drug flight.  Photos show all five blades intact, but cabin and tail in direct contact with vegetation and boom slightly bent near gearbox.  5 POB safely exited the... Read more

30-Apr-15 N558CP MD Helicopters MD500E New Albany, US-Ohio

Emergency field landing during missing person search due to warning light illumination.  Second of two incidents to same aircraft on same day.  Photo here... Read more

30-Apr-15 N558CP MD Helicopters MD500E Hilliard, US-Ohio

Emergency landing a night in a vacated car park of a retail store, shortly after midnight.  First of two incidents to same aircraft on same day. Photo here... Read more

12-Feb-15 8781 MD Helicopters MD500E Ebino, Japan (3F)

Two instructors and one student died on a training accident.  Weather was a factor and cause them to change their planned route after take-off.... Read more

23-Jan-15 MD Helicopters MD500E Frosinone, Italy

Training flight, accident while hover taxying... Read more

28-Oct-14 ZK-ITJ MD Helicopters MD500E Brunswick, New Zealand (1F)

Struck wires while spraying at low level, killing pilot Peter Robb... Read more

03-Oct-14 N500LK MD Helicopters MD500E Briarcliff, US-New York

Emergency landing in school field after warning light illuminated... Read more

29-Sep-14 N557CP MD Helicopters MD500E Columbus, US-Ohio

Precautionary night landing in Hamilton Road near Groves Road.  It was determined that the helicopter had a faulty gauge.... Read more

19-Aug-14 N444RS MD Helicopters MD500E Tuscaloosa, US-Alabama (2F)

Crashed on powerline patrol, killing both on board – 51-year-old pilot Matthew Wallace of Hiram, Georgia and 63-year-old David Carson of Tuscaloosa, Alabama who was employed by Alabama Power.... Read more

03-Aug-14 N553CP MD Helicopters 500E Columbus, US-Ohio

Emergency field landing at night.  Press suggestion it may have run out of fuel... Read more

08-Jun-14 N504MP MD Helicopters MD500E Gilbert, US-Arizona

Reported engine failure during night patrol – in ensuing hard landing the tail boom was broken.  2 POB not injured.  Accident was around 1am... Read more

03-Feb-14 MSP-013 MD Helicopters MD500E Cartago, Costa Rica

General media reported that pilot had tail rotor issue on take-off, and helicopter started to spin out of control.  In subsequent heavy landing, helicopter rolled over onto its side.  3 POB to hospital – pilot Allon Francisco Herrera, 56, the copilot, Gadea Sebastian Castro, 27, and an official of the Election Authorities, Adriana Solis Vega, 26... Read more

17-Dec-13 MD Helicopters MD500E Lapithos, Cyprus

French pilot Frederick Coupe slightly injured.  Skid collapsed (on landing?).  Helicopter was involved in powerline cleaning operations... Read more

06-Dec-13 N2066W MD Helicopters 500E Monticello, US-Utah

Force landing during animal capture operation... Read more

13-Nov-13 N556CP MD Helicopters 500E Grandview, US-Ohio

Emergency landing in sports field.  Mechanic called and problem solved... Read more

05-Oct-13 MD Helicopters MD500 Paducah, US-Texas (1F)

Joshua Fitts, 34, of West Hurricane, Utah, was killed about 12:20 p.m. when the tail rotor of the McDonnell Douglas helicopter crashed after clipping a transmission line pulley, called a sheave... Read more

02-Oct-13 HH-12 MD Helicopters MD500E Utti, Finland

Solo student pilot ran out of altitude on a practice engine-out autorotation landing and hit the tail boom on the ground.... Read more

28-Aug-13 N922SD MD Helicopters MD500E Easton, US-California

Emergency night landing in school field after experiencing unusual rotor blade vibration.  Attended to by engineer next day on site.  Pilot named by CBS47 as Johnny Reyes... Read more

12-Aug-13 N62PJ MD Helicopters MD500E Burns, US-Oregon

Operating for US Dept of Justice, and with Harney County Deputy Sheriff Chris Nisbet on board, the pilot was involved in a federal, state and county marijuana eradication program. Reported engine failure.  Tail boom chopped, port skid collapsed, helicopter on port side... Read more

29-Jul-13 N1608D MD Helicopters MD500E London, US-Kentucky

Contacted low level wires, crashed and burnt out.  2/3 POB airlifted to hospital... Read more

25-Jul-13 N500PH MD Helicopters MD500E Hilo, US-Hawaii

Autorotation, and rolled over onto its side on landing, 700 feet short of landing pad.  One news report suggests Texas family on board suggested it ran out of fuel... Read more

25-Jun-12 N34CT MD Helicopters MD500E Eloy, US-Arizona

Emergecny landing after reportedly losing power.  Boom separate from cabin, which ended up on its side.  3 POB to hospital... Read more

26-May-13 ZK-HNA MD Helicopters MD500E Eglington Valley, New Zealand

Engine failure followed by autorotation, and resulting in moderate skid and tail boom damage.... Read more

07-May-13 I-ONYX MD Helicopters MD500E L’Aquila, Italy

Contacted powerlines on approach to airport... Read more

27-Apr-13 D-HMGD MD Helicopters MD500E Grenchen, Switzerland

Rotorwash from departing EC135 HB-ZJE caused blades on parked MD500E D-HMGD to strike and damage tail boom.  Pilot of EC135 listed as Schweizer Bürger... Read more

22-Aug-12 F-GHLF MD Helicopters 500E Lancon-de-Provence, France

High level of vibrations during landing phase.  Helicopter landed hard and rolled over.... Read more

14-Jun-12 MD Helicopters 500E Columbus, US-Ohio

Emergency landing in school field after chip light illuminated... Read more

05-Jun-12 MD Helicopters 500E Columbus, US-Ohio

Precautionary landing in public park after warning light illuminated... Read more

28-Mar-12 N5189K MD Helicopters 500E Lawrenceville, US-Georgia

Bird strike on take off, precautionary landing made on taxiway... Read more

12-Nov-11 G-WOOW MD Helicopters MD369E Andratx, Spain (2F)

Fatal crash killing two British males named in this article as Mark Blaver-Mann and Alistair Evans.  Helicopter was completely burnt out... Read more

08-Aug-11 Boeing AH-6M Fort Benning, US-Georgia (2F)

Two Army  pilots were killed when their helicopter crashed during a training exercise on a live-fire range.  Pilots named as Capt. John D. Hortman, 30, of Inman, SC, and Chief Warrant Officer 3 Steven B. Redd, 37, of Lancaster, CA. Both served in the 1st Battalion, 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment stationed at Fort Campbell,... Read more

19-Jun-11 G-KSWI MD Helicopters MD500E Glastonbury, UK

Probable that the helicopter sustained a mechanical failure in the cruise, resulting in loss of pitch control to one of the tail blades. During the subsequent attempt to land, the airspeed reduced to the point where directional control seems to have been insufficient to maintain heading. At a height of approx 50 ft, the helicopter... Read more

31-Dec-10 N438RC MD Helicopters MD500E Eugene, US-Oregon

Bird strike to tail rotor at 1800 ft during training flight.  Landed safely... Read more

8-May-09 N8372F MD Helicopters MD369E Houston, US-Texas

8-May-09 N8372F MD Helicopters MD369E Houston, US-Texas... Read more

5-May-09 N8373F MD Helicopters MD369E Houston, US-Texas

5-May-09 N8373F MD Helicopters MD369E Houston, US-Texas... Read more

20-Jan-09 N369PD MD Helicopters MD369E Atlanta, US-Georgia

20-Jan-09 N369PD MD Helicopters MD369E Atlanta, US-Georgia... Read more

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