MI-171 Accidents

10-Jul-15 Mil Mi-171 Apatrampa, Ghana

Flight with Ghana’s President John Mahama and First lady Lordina Maham on board.  Landed due to severe weather.  No mention in local press as to whether pilot obtained a forecast before take-off... Read more

07-Oct-13 HK-4770 Mil Mi-171 Orito, Colombia

Inadvertently landed in a mine field.  Occupants escaped unharmed but helicopter later consumed by fire.... Read more

14-Sep-11 EP-617 Mil Mi-171 Chorobamba, Peru (2F)

Shot down by rebels of Sendero Luminoso when flying over the region of the rivers Apurimac and Ene. Two fatalities named as Lt. Col. Ernesto Vasquez Esneider Silvaand Captain Alberto Campos Vidarte Jenner... Read more

02-Aug-11 H-610 Mil Mi-171 Malanje, Angola (1F)

One fatality (named as Canjole Kitumba Aguinaldo) in take-off accident... Read more

15-Jun-11 707 Mil Mi-171 Mandapul, Afghanistan

Helicopter ended up on its port side with the tail boom broken... Read more

09-Jan-09 RA-22463 Mil Mi-171 nr Mount Chernaya, Altai Republic, Russia (7F)

9-Jan-09 RA-22463 Mil Mi-171 nr Mount Chernaya, Altai Republic, Russia... Read more

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