MI-2 Accidents

17-Apr-21 RA-20977 Mil Mi-2 Ilsky, Russia (1F)

Helicopter crashed during low level agricultural spraying operations.  Pilot received fatal injuries  ... Read more

24-Mar-15 Mil Mi-2 Yelizovo, Russia (2F)

Two deaths reported – helicopter on a post maintenance test flight after engine was replaced.  Registration variously quoted as RF-01186 or RF-01168... Read more

26-Dec-14 RA-15643 Mil Mi-2 Lower Maktama, Russia

Emergency landing, breaking the tail boom.  No injuries to three on board.... Read more

02-Nov-14 Mil Mi-2 Yamal, Russia (2F)

Russia’s Emergencies Ministry has confirmed the death of two persons in the crash of a private Mi-2 helicopter in Yamal, northwest Siberia.  Heliccopter crashed into a lake and only the tail visible above the water... Read more

13-Aug-14 Mil Mi-2 Tomtor, Russia

crashed due to wiring problem and burnt out completely. 2 crew members and 7 passengers managed to escape.... Read more

10-Jul-14 RA-23721 Mil Mi-2 Varyeganskiy, Russia (1F)

Tail boom (or rotor?) hit wires on take-off, causing crash.  Tail some metres from rest of wreckage, but unclear if that was contributory or result of accident.  Aircraft had been leased by Lukoil and had just dropped off oil workers. Pilot Nicholas Vandakurov killed.... Read more

21-Jun-14 RA-3121K Mil Mi-2 Staromavrinskoe, Russia

Both pilots seriously injured in low level accident involving powerlines during agricultural operations – named as Anatoly Kurilov and Alexander Fumchenko... Read more

01-May-14 SP-SFC Mil Mi-2 Czesty, Poland

Privately owned Mi-2 fell onto its side in accident in open field.  Main blades contacted tail boom.  7 POB, of which five to hospital.  Registration confirmed by this tweet... Read more

05-Feb-14 RA-1434G Mil Mi-2 Tevrizsky District. Russia

Rotor blades contacted building on take-off, causing helicopter to crash.  Post accident fire.  Pilot escaped unharmed... Read more

09-Sep-13 Mil Mi-2 Dolinsk, Russia (3F)

Crashed and consumed by fire, killing all three on board.  Photos of wreckage show it half buried, implying significant vertical speed at impact.... Read more

21-May-13 RA-20977 Mil Mi-2 Seversky, Russia

Helicopter crashed into field during agricultural operations... Read more

17-Nov-12 Mil Mi-2 Ivanovo, Russia (2F)

2 killed when helicopter crashed into forest... Read more

10-Aug-12 RA-3054K Mil Mi-2 Proletarsky, Russia (1F)

Helicopter crashed while carrying out agricultural work.  No further details at this time.  Pilot fatally injured... Read more

16-Jul-12 Mil Mi-2 Mbouambe, Congo Brazzaville (2F)

Mi-2 owned by Congo Interior Ministry (referred to in one report as a “police helicopter”) crashed killing Russian citizen, SP Korostel, and Belarusian citizen, MF Cherenkov.  Earlier reports of 2 Ukrainians being killed were later dismissed... Read more

22-Mar-12 Mil Mi-2 Sheksna, Russia

Two people hijacked the helicopter, forced the pilot to fly to a prison at gunpoint, and then hovered as a rope ladder was dropped town for prisoner Alexei Shestakov to escape.  Prison guards shot at the helicopter in an attempt to force it to land.  The aircraft was later found abandoned on the edge of... Read more

30-Nov-11 UR-14322 Mil Mi-2 Kapitanovka, Ukraine (1F)

Impacted ground in fog while on low level pipeline patrol.  2POB, 1 fatal... Read more

22-Jun-11 Mil Mi-2 Andreyevskaya Cossack, Russia (1F)

The helicopter had flown only about 300 metres after takeoff when it crashed, killing the sole occupant pilot... Read more

18-Jun-11 Mil Mi-2 Boguchany district, Russia

Take-off accident, helicopter ended up on its side... Read more

28-May-11 Mil Mi-2 Yasny, Russia (1F)

A Mi-2 helicopter crashed in the Stavropol Territory when it supposedly performed farm work. The pilot died, a source at the Emergencies Ministry’s regional centre said. The accident occurred in the village of Yasny at about 23:00 on Friday.... Read more

05-Feb-11 RF-00854 Mil Mi-2 Kalmukia, Russia (2F)

Crashed and burst into flames shortly after take-off at 1900hrs – after emergency landing earlier in the day (see separate incident page here) and subsequent repairs.  Pilot and passenger killed.... Read more

05-Feb-11 RF-00854 Mil Mi-2 Kalmukia, Russia

Emergency landing due to engine problems.  Later repaired but helicopter crashed fatally on subsequent take-off (see separate incident page here)... Read more

12-Jun-10 RA-20598 Mil Mi-2 Kirov, Russia

Fourth digit of registration is not confirmed (see photos at URL2).  Options are 20558, 20568, 20588 or 20598... Read more

8-Jul-09 Mil Mi-2 Lesnichenko, 35 km from Smolensk, Russia

8-Jul-09 Mil Mi-2 Lesnichenko, 35 km from Smolensk, Russia... Read more

2-May-09 RA-23710 Mil Mi-2 Kazan, Russia

2-May-09 RA-23710 Mil Mi-2 Kazan, Russia... Read more

29-Apr-09 N2560Q Mil Mi-2 Harlingen, US-Texas

29-Apr-09 N2560Q Mil Mi-2 Harlingen, US-Texas... Read more

22-Apr-09 RA-23302 Mil Mi-2 15 km from Luginetskogo gas field, Russia

22-Apr-09 RA-23302 Mil Mi-2 15 km from Luginetskogo gas field, Russia... Read more

17-Feb-09 SP-ZXC Mil Mi-2 Budziszow, Poland (2F)

17-Feb-09 SP-ZXC Mil Mi-2 Budziszow, Poland... Read more

12-Jan-09 RA-20981 Mil Mi-2 near Nefteyugansk, Tyumen Oblast, Russia (4F)

12-Jan-09 RA-20981 Mil Mi-2 near Nefteyugansk, Tyumen Oblast, Russia... Read more

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