Mexico Accidents

23-Apr-21 N119AA Leonardo AW119 Apodaca, Mexico (1F)

Helicopter came to rest nose down, tangled in overhead lines over a road.  Shortly after, it caught fire and was consumed. Reports say 3 POB with at least 1 fatality.  Image from Protección Civil Protection department of the state of Nuevo Leon, who also posted these images of the aftermath once the fire was extinguished.... Read more

07-Aug-17 Sikorsky UH-60 Nuevo Leon, Mexico

Blown over on its starboard side in strong winds while parked on the ramp – photo... Read more

28-May-17 XB-CCP Robinson R44 II Chiconquiaco, Mexico

Crashed and destroyed by fire.  3 POB seriously injured.  Passengers named as Carlos Marcelo Ruiz Sánchez and Juan Domínguez were transferred to a hospital in Naolinco, while the pilot was taken to a hospital in Xalapa.... Read more

23-May-17 XB-LUB Bel 47D Amacuzac, Mexico (1F)

Helicopter crashed during mosquito control operations, and burnt out in the following fire.  Sole occupant pilot died in the accident... Read more

06-Oct-15 XC-VER Bell 430 Emiliano Zapata, Mexico (2F)

Crashed and caught fire, killing both pilots – named as David Barrera and Fausto Calderón... Read more

15-Aug-15 XC-VVE Bell 429 Balleza, Mexico

Crashed from a reported 5m altitude and subsequenty consumed by fire.  VVIP on board – Chihuahua State Governor Cesar Duarte; his wife, Lady Bertha Gómez Duarte; journalist Lolita Ayala; two of his aides and a security element. The passengers and crew were taken to the General Hospital of Parral for evaluation – and early reports... Read more

05-Jul-15 Sikorsky UH-60 Tamaulipas, Mexico

Came under fire from the ground in an area regarded as the centre of a turf war between rival drugs cartels... Read more

27-Mar-15 XA-DSO Airbus AS350B3 San Martin de Porres, Mexico (4F)

Crashed in poor weather while working on telephone lines for Telefonos de Mexico – three died on impact, fourth later in hospital... Read more

08-Jan-15 XA-SMG Airbus EC130B4 Juarez, Mexico (2F)

Crashed at night killing owner Mauro Garza Fernandez, and passenger Alejandro Lopez Lopez.  Pilot Ciro Huerta Martinez and the other two passengers named as Balden Lorenzo González and Jorge Armando Gonzalez Bustos were injured.  Some reports say that the helicopter was not equipped for night flights.  Video of the crash site here.... Read more

03-Sep-14 XC-ALM AgustaWestland AW109S Lerma, Mexico (2F)

While en route from the Mexico City area to Toluca, helicopter went down just 5 miles from destination... Read more

03-Jun-14 XB-IYO Robinson R44 Veracruz, Mexico

Force landing in water about 1 metre deep.  Minor damage to fuselage plus obvious water damage throughout.  Pilot named in press report as Fausto Calderón with his brother as passenger... Read more

31-Jan-14 1417 Bell 212 Reynosa, Mexico (1F)

Unspecifiedl accident inside military base, killing one and injuring the other two occupants... Read more

17-Jan-14 XC-BBF Bell UH-1H Tancitaro, Mexico

Hit cable at low level and crashed into wooded area.  Some reports suggest the cable was intentionally put there by the dissident groups, and that this helicopter was one of 11 put into the region to restore order after the dissident group took control. Helicopter fitted with cable cutters. 5 pOB received minor injuries, and... Read more

19-Sep-13 Sikorsky UH-60 La Pintada, Mexico (5F)

A federal police helicopter crashed into the mountain range inthe southern state of Guerrero, killing all three crew members and two passengers onboard... Read more

07-Jun-13 N207JA Bell 206B San Luis Potosi, Mexico (4F)

Lost height on climb out from golf complex.  Fatalities named as Juan Ignacio Torres Landa, Elizárraga Alejandro Felix (pilot), Jaime Olescowski, Manuel Palacios Alcocer, while Joseph Olescowski Nutt was seriously injured.... Read more

24-Apr-13 XC-AAF MD Helicopters MD600N Oaxaca, Mexico (4F)

Helicopter on an EMS flight crashed killing a newborn baby less than 24 hours old, his father Pedro Martinez, pilot  Guillermo Chávez Medina and paramedic Pablo Héctor Vicente.  Helicopter destroyed... Read more

18-Sep-12 XC-ZIT Bell 407 Lake Zirahuen, Mexico (1F)

Crashed into lake after contacting zip wire which spans the lake.  One drowned (named as Daniel Segundo Martinez), four survived.  Helicopter was being used to capture video footage of the lake for use on a television program... Read more

04-Aug-12 XC-SSP Bell 407 Tlaxco, Mexico

B407 carrying the Secretary of Public Security of Veracruz, Arturo Bermudez Zurita, and the Undersecretary Jose Nava Holguin, made a forced landing.  Pilot was Alfonso Diaz Pineda... Read more

28-Jul-12 XA-UQH AgustaWestland AW109SP Cerro Alpino, Mexico (3F)

Two crew and one passenger killed – mountainous location.  The passenger is named in local press as Juan Armando Hinojosa Cantú, owner of Grupo Higa, parent company of helicopter operator Eolo who have up to four AW119s and three AW109SPs according to this press release... Read more

23-Jun-12 AMHP-151 Eurocopter AS565SB Tecalitlan, Mexico (4F)

Extensively damaged after hitting mountain.  Took authorities four days to find wreckage.  No word of, or from, crew – thus presumed fatal.  Aircraft took off 22nd June just before midnight and last known contact was at 00.10am with ATC at Uruapan, Michoacan... Read more

16-May-12 XA-UKL Bell 206B Jerez, Mexico

Crashed from low level during take-off and ended up on its starboard side within the police compound.  Press statement said it was a mechanical issue.  Pilot named as Víctor Ojeda Esqueda and passengers were Secretary of Public Security Jesús Pinto Ortiz and director of the State Preventive Police, Víctor Manuel Bosques.   All three to hospital. ... Read more

21-Feb-12 XA-JMB Bell 407 Loma Bonita, Mexico

On February 21, 2012, about 1400 central standard time, a Bell 407 helicopter, XA-JMB, had a loss of engine power and impacted terrain near Loma Bonita, Veracruz, Mexico. The commercial pilot, who was the sole occupant, was seriously injured. The helicopter was substantially damaged and was operated by Heliservicio Campeche S.A. de C.V. Visual meteorological... Read more

11-Nov-11 XC-UHP Eurocopter AS332L1 Temamatla, Mexico (8F)

Crashed killed Interior Secretary Francisco Blake and seven others.  NOTE, there is a question over which aircraft was involved.  Local reports (links 1 and 2 below) say XC-UHP (which is serial 2084)  but the NTSB report (link 3)  says XC-UHM (2127)... Read more

21-Oct-11 XC-EDM AgustaWestland AW109S Del Carmen Coyoacán, Mexico (2F)

Crashed into a built-up area.  Pilot Juan Manuel Ruiz Rivera and Metropolitan Development Secretary Fernando Alberto Garcia Cuevas survived.   Two fatally injured – as Julio Cesar Macerano, Garcia Cuevas’ assistant, and the co-pilot of the aircraft, Juan Esteban Rodriguez.... Read more

18-Sep-11 XA-UFE Robinson R44 Nichupte, Mexico

Landed in a lagoon during a tour flight.  The aircraft ended up completely submerged.  Pilot Ricardo Bulerui and tourists Ricardo Santos and Eduardo Abelnai were not hurt in the crash.... Read more

10-Aug-11 1632 Bell B206 Zoh Laguna, Mexico

Public Security reported that it learned of this incident that injured the pilot, copilot and mechanic, who were admitted to General Hospital Xpujil... Read more

28-May-11 MD Helicopters MD530F Apatzingan, Mexico

A helicopter from the Mexican Air Force (FAM) crashed on Saturday near Apatzingan, Michoacan, apparently as a result of mechanical failure in the aircraft... Read more

27-Jan-11 XA-KLA AgustaWestland AW119 Mexico City, Mexico

Pilot was José Manuel Covarruvias García, 36, and hospitalised for assessment.  Passenger was not named and not injured.  Helicopter sustained damage to landing gear, the transmission system and the tail rotor.  [Some translations of local language news reports wrongly quote the pilot as being killed]... Read more

08-Dec-10 Bell 412 State of Veracruz, Mexico (4F)

The helicopter was carrying six security officers, two inmates, an official from the country’s organized crime investigation unit, and two pilots.  Local reports differ on the number of fatalities, some saying 3, others 4, others 7.  Weather was apparently a factor... Read more

15-Oct-10 XA-IUR Bell 212 Las Choapas, Mexico (9F)

** WARNING the photo in the first link contains a disturbing on-scene image **. Early reports gave a figure of 8 fatalities, but the final figure was 9 – Leonardo Andrés Pérez Arteaga, 29 (pilot), Manuel Montes Ríos Heder, 27 (co-pilot), Jonathan Gutierrez Baeza, 23, José Luis Salas Ventura, 32, Aaron Ortiz Gerardo Olvera, 26,... Read more

10-Sep-09 AMHT-208 Mil Mi-17 nr Veracruz, Mexico (2F)

10-Sep-09 AMHT-208 Mil Mi-17 nr Veracruz, Mexico... Read more

7-Aug-09 XC-PEP MD Helicopters MD369FF Ensenada, State of Baja California, Mexico

7-Aug-09 XC-PEP MD Helicopters MD369FF Ensenada, State of Baja California, Mexico... Read more

8-May-09 Sikorsky S70A La Quebradora, Huitzilac, Mexico

8-May-09 Sikorsky S70A La Quebradora, Huitzilac, Mexico... Read more

08-Apr-09 XC-MIN Eurocopter AS350B2 state of Sinaloa, Mexico (3F)

8-Apr-09 XC-MIN Eurocopter AS350B2 state of Sinaloa, Mexico... Read more

30-Mar-09 XC-KAF Bell B206L3 10 km from Golfo de Santa Clara, Sonora, Mexico (1F)

30-Mar-09 XC-KAF Bell B206L3 10 km from Golfo de Santa Clara, Sonora, Mexico... Read more

14-Mar-09 XA-UGZ Bell B206 , Mexico

14-Mar-09 XA-UGZ Bell B206 , Mexico... Read more

11-Mar-09 XA-PRB Bell B206 , Mexico

11-Mar-09 XA-PRB Bell B206 , Mexico... Read more

28-Feb-09 XC-DES Bell B212 Conagua, Aguascalientes State, Mexico

28-Feb-09 XC-DES Bell B212 Conagua, Aguascalientes State, Mexico... Read more

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