Mi-8 Accidents

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29-Jan-21 CU-H1457 Mil Mi-8 Mesura, Cuba (5F)

Helicopter was one of three making the same route within minutes of each other.  This helicopter impacted terrain and all 5POB received fatal injuries – named here as Pilot: Ernesto Ivan Verdecia Diaz Copilot: Luis Miguel González Santana Flight Engineer: Nivaldo García Herrera Bodyguard: Yoani Alarcón Ramirez Bodyguard: Osneiviz Pedro Martinez Reyes  ... Read more

25-Nov-20 RF-38376 Mil Mi-8MTV1 Volgograd, Russia

Airport ramp floodlight mast fell onto boom, possibly caused by main blades striking it first.  Video shows tail rotor separating from boom prior to the mast falling 3POB not injured... Read more

20-Aug-20 RA-????? Mil Mi-8 Khakassia, Russia

Heavy landing, damaging the landing gear.  No injuries to 17 POB Helicopter was en route from Tashtagol to Kemerovo... Read more

09-Feb-19 ET2015 Mil Mi-17V-5 Abyei, South Sudan (3F)

Ethiopian Air Force Mi-17V-5 being operated for the United Nations Interim Security Force for Abyei (UNISFA) crashed inside the UNISFA compound.  The aircraft was on routine operation carrying Ethiopian troops on rotation from Kadugli to Abyei, and it could be assumed it was intending to land in that compound when it experienced some sort of difficulty... Read more

27-May-17 Mil Mi-8 Maritime Territory, Russia

One of 7 POB injured in a rough landing of a Mil Mi-8 helicopter in the Far East’s Maritime Territory... Read more

15-Sep-15 Mil Mi-8 Ramit, Tajikistan

Tail rotor damaged in emergency landing after reportedly being hit by an armed group led by former deputy defence minister Abdukhalim Nazarzoda... Read more

14-Jul-15 Mil MI-172 Gohpur, India

Pawan Hans helicopter with 19 passengers and three crew members on board made emergency landing after sudden change in weather... Read more

13-Mar-15 12551 Mil Mi-17 Belgrade, Serbia (7F)

EMS flight in poor weather conditions, crashed killing two medical staff, four crew and the baby patient, only a few days old.  A later report indicated “The post mortem showed there were 0.68 milligrams per milliliter of alcohol in Mehic’s blood, and 1.30 mg/ml in his urine.”... Read more

24-Feb-15 Mil Mi-171 Gudauri, Georgia

Damaged in hard landing at mountain resort.  No injuries to pilot or four passengers.  Helicopter was either 4L-TBS (103M12) or 4L-TLS (95588)... Read more

26-Jan-15 Mil Mi-8 South Kordofan, Sudan

Helicopter came under fire from members of the Sudan People’s Liberation Army-North and were forced to make an emergency landing in a remote area of Sudan’s South Kordofan state.... Read more

26-Jan-15 RA-22781 Mil Mi-8 Valyek, Russia

Bird strike after landing, but caused damage to blades while they were still turning... Read more

07-Dec-14 RA-06138 Mil Mi-8T Varandy, Russia (2F)

Heavy landing after reported engine failure.  Impact killed two of the six on board, named here as Vladimir Novikov and Flarit Galyavutdinov... Read more

10-Oct-14 Mil Mi-8 Tuva, Russia (14F)

Helicopter crashed into a mountainside amid low cloud and falling snow and caught fire when it hit the ground   There were 11 passengers and 3 crew members on board .  Wreckage not found until 07-Aug-15 and reported 08-Aug-15... Read more

04-Sep-14 RA-24255 Mil Mi-8 Gelendzhik, Russia (2F)

Crashed near Gelendzhik airport and caught fire. Full video of accident here.  From a steady hover the helicopter lost height and hit the ground heavily and bounced.  The impact caused the tail boom to shear off and thus the helicopter became dynamically unstable, it immediately crashed onto its belly and caught fire.  It burned out... Read more

27-Aug-14 Mil Mi-8 Tikrit, Iraq

A helicopter from the Iraqi Air Force was allegedly shot down north of Tikrit by ISIS insurgents... Read more

26-Aug-14 RA-22430 Mil Mi-8AMT Bentiu, South Sudan (3F)

During operations for the UN, the helicopter was shot down over the area of Bentiu in Southern Sudan. Three crew members died, a fourth was seriously injured.... Read more

19-Aug-14 Mil Mi-8 Donetsk, Ukraine

Mil Mi-8 helicopter was shot down by Donetsh People Republic fighters. Helicopter crashed and crew member were severely injured. Later they were evacuated to hospital. The very same pilots flew on Mil Mi-8MT, 62 YELLOW which was shot down the day before (see HeliHub.com page for that accident). That time they were into luck to... Read more

18-Aug-14 62 Yellow Mil Mi-8MT Donetsk, Ukraine

Mil Mi-8MT helicopter of 16 Army Aviation Brigade was shot down by Donetsh People Republic fighters. Helicopter crashed but crew managed to leave the downed machine and return to air base. The next day the same crew flying on another helicopter would be shot down again. (see HeliHub.com page for that accident).... Read more

18-Jul-14 Mil Mi-8MTV Issyk-Kul, Kyrgyzstan

Crashed into snowy mountains of Issyk-Kul region during evacuation of a mountain climber, who broke his leg.  The crew and the climber were not injured.  Photo here... Read more

18-Jul-14 RA-70902 Mil Mi-8MTV Kujus, Russia

Emergency landing, no damage, no injuries... Read more

10-Jul-14 MAP-7712 Mil Mi-17V-5 Strumica, Macedonia (4F)

Police helicopter on night mission hit 140m high antenna, and crashed to the ground killing all four on board.  Cabin burnt out in post-crash fire... Read more

07-Jul-14 Mil Mi-171 Hanoi, Vietnam (18F)

Military helicotpter on parachute training flight came down killing 16 and injuring a further 5.  2 of the 5 succumbed to their injuries in hospital within 48 hours, taking the toll up to 18... Read more

21-Jun-14 Mil Mi-8 Lyzohubivka, Ukraine (3F)

Crashed en route from Nezhin air base to Chuhuiv air base.  Quoted by one source as “21 yellow” msn 9788612 but with no evidence provided to validate... Read more

30-Jun-14 RA-24541 Mil Mi-8 Chekunda, Russia

15 POB (including 12 firefighters) survived the crash of this Mi-8.  Post crash fire.  Registration validated by this local language report... Read more

24-Jun-14 Mil Mi-8 Slaviansk, Ukraine (9F)

All nine on board killed when Ukrainian Army helicopter shot down by rebel forces... Read more

16-Jun-14 EP-665 Mil MI-171Sh Ayacucho, Peru

Four of five POB injured.  Crashed into trees on take off from the grounds of the barracks No. 42 of counterinsurgency battalion Vraem (who do counter narcotics work)... Read more

31-May-14 Mil Mi-8 Munozero Lake, Russia (16F)

At least 16 people were missing after a helicopter believed to be carrying top regional officials and businessmen crashed into a lake in northwestern Russia, police and the emergencies ministry said... Read more

29-May-14 Mil Mi-8 Slavyansk, Ukraine (14F)

Ukraine AF helicopter shot down by rebel forces... Read more

03-Feb-14 RA-25655 Mil Mi-8 Bovanenkovo, Russia

Pilot lost vertical visibility due to fog, hit the ground heavily and the helicopter rolled onto its side.  Of 19 POB, one serious injury... Read more

23-Dec-13 Mil Mi-8 Novy Urengoy, Russia

Damage to tail rotor blades and tail boom during landing phase, arriving from Sabetta.  No reported injuries to 3 crew and 13 passengers on board... Read more

05-Dec-13 RA-24430 Mil Mi-8 Kargasok, Russia

Heavy landing in snow covered field after main blades struck tail boom.  15 passengers and 3 crew members on board.  No fatalities... Read more

28-Nov-13 Mil Mi-8 Gardez province, Afghanistan

Helicopter sustained bullet hole from ground fire.  No reports of any other damage... Read more

24-Nov-13 Mil Mi-8 Krasnoyarsk, Russia

Returned to take-off point after avionics issue... Read more

21-Nov-13 Mil Mi-17 Dragon Oil Rig, Vietnam

Tail blades broken when they hit the rig structure when landing in high winds.  Flying debris caused serious injuries to two workers on the rig... Read more

19-Nov-13 Mil Mi-8 Nadim, Russia

Emergency landing – due to loss of oil pressure?... Read more

09-Nov-13 Mil Mi-17V5 Malinau, Indonesia (13F)

13 died and 6 survived crash of Indonesian Army Mi-17.  Reports of sudden gusty wind conditions on final approach to land... Read more

29-Sep-13 Mil Mi-8 Zalingei, Sudan

UN helicopter developed a technical fault en route Zalingei to Nertiti, in Central Darfur.  Pilot turned back to Zalingei helipad and during the emergency landing the aircraft crashed and was badly damaged. All 19 passengers and 4 crew were safely evacuated, of which three passengers suffered minor injuries... Read more

12-Sep-13 Mil Mi-17 Lest, Slovakia (1F)

Soldier abseiling down rope died after falling to the ground.  Reports in subsequent days suggest the rope was intentionally cut after the helicopter suffered a major malfunction and had to make an emergency landing to save the 13 on board.... Read more

12-Sep-13 Mil Mi-8 Turukhansk, Russia

1 injured from 9 passengers and 3 crew on board.... Read more

11-Sep-13 RA-24223 Mil Mi-8 Tarko-Sale, Russia

Crashed after reported engine failure.  No injuries... Read more

08-Aug-13 Mil Mi-8 Urengoj, Russia

Single engine failure.  Three crew and one passenger not injured.... Read more

06-Aug-13 Mil Mi-8 Marib, Yemen (8F)

Shot down by Yemeni tribesmen, complaining about an oil pipeline.  The helicopter crashed and all eight occupants died... Read more

06-Aug-13 Mil Mi-8 Toboyskoye, Russia

Hard landing, reported as no serious injuries to 22 POB... Read more

31-Jul-13 RA-25497 Mil Mi-8 Debre Zeit, Ethiopia

Three serious and one minor injury to the 4 POB.  Ferry flight preparing for UN operation.  No UN people on board... Read more

14-Jul-13 Mil Mi-8 Tomsk Region, Russia

The Mi-8 helicopter made an emergency landing and fell on its side.  17 POB of which 7 were injured.... Read more

02-Jul-13 RA-22657 Mil Mi-8 Deputatsky, Russia (23F)

Loss of control due to mountain winds (according to this report), killing 23 of 28 POB.  The five survivors were the three crew and two of the passengers, one a child.... Read more

02-Jul-13 Mil Mi-17 Kushma Bazaar, Nepal

Emergency landing due to weather.  Later reported as typical in monsoon season... Read more

20-Jun-13 Mil Mi-17 Momotombo, Nicaragua (9F)

helicopter experienced “mechanical problems” at altitude before descending uncontrolled on the edge of Lake Managua.  Most of the wreckage entered the water where it subsequently submerged... Read more

28-May-13 Mil Mi-8 Ivanovsky, Russia (2F)

Crashed on training flight, killing two of the four POB... Read more

06-May-13 RA-24410 Mil Mi-8 Preobrazhenka, Russia (9F)

Helicopter with 9 persons and 2 tons of explosive... Read more

21-Apr-13 Mil Mi-8T Azr district, Afghanistan

Emergency landing off airfield.  12 occupants (2x USA, 7x Turkish, 1x Russian, 2x Afghan) captured by Taliban forces, who claim to have destroyed the helicopter, which may be one of YA-KHA/B/C/D/E... Read more

20-Apr-13 Mil Mi-17 Sharq Al-Owainat, Egypt

Emergency landing after system malfunction... Read more

07-Apr-13 OB-1916P Mil-8 Loreto, Peru (13F)

Incident summary – Oil exploration support helicopter went down, killing all on board.  Initial reports vary between 13 and 14 fatalities after initial reports of 9.  Some local news sources are saying it exploded in the air, 10 minutes from its destination.  The helicopter was supporting work by Perenco Peru, who issued a statement saying that apart from... Read more

26-Mar-13 RA-22986 Mil Mi-8MTV Kronotsky, Russia

Rolled over onto its side on landing.  The helicopter carried three crewmembers and 3.2 tonnes of building materials.... Read more

16-Mar-13 Mil Mi-8 Khankala, Russia (3F)

Three killed out of four on board a Russian Border Guard Mi-8 which crashed in poor visibility.  A criminal investigation has been opened.... Read more

14-Mar-13 Mil Mi-8T Khabarovsk, Russia

Crashed on take off for post-maintenance  test flight... Read more

09-Mar-13 RA-22472 Mil Mi-8AMT Bukavu, Congo (4F)

Crashed in mountainous area in poor weather, flying for United Nations.  Photo suggests controlled flight into terrain.... Read more

25-Jan-13 228 Mil Mi-171Sh Duga Resa, Croatia

Emergency landing at night on snow after overheating.  Stayed a while and returned to base in Zagreb.  Serial 228 to be confirmed (may possibly be 226).  Aircraft type is Mi-171Sh and not Mi-8 per the press reports.... Read more

23-Jan-13 Mil Mi-8 Dudinka, Russia

Avionics problem and pilot returned to his departure point at Dudinka.  Aircraft was operating a regular flight number 9356 on route Dudinka – Ust-Awam – n Volochanka.  No injuries to 3 crew and 12 passengers... Read more

26-Dec-12 Mil Mi-8 Mazzeh, Syria

The Free Syrian Army claims to have shot down a helicopter over Mazzeh Mlitary Airport as it was shelling a residential area... Read more

25-Dec-12 Mil Mi-8MT Oleksandriia, Ukraine (5F)

Crashed shortly after take-off, killing all five on board.  Three were the helicopter crew, two were ground handlers from the airport... Read more

21-Dec-12 RA-27003 Mil MI-8AMT Likuangole, Sudan (4F)

Shot down – four Russian nationals on board all died – named later in a UN statement as Pilot in Command Ilin Sergei, Co-Pilot Abrakov Alfir, Flight Engineer Egorov Sergei and Flight Attendant Shpanov Nikolai... Read more

10-Dec-12 RF-23148 Mil Mi-8 Lake Ritsa, Russia

Heavy emergency landing, seven injured – of which two serious.... Read more

27-Nov-12 Mil Mi-17 Aleppo, Syria

Syrian AF Mi-17 was hit by surface to air missile, continued flying but crashed minutes later.  Two YouTube clips show situation – see this one first, then this one.  Casualties unknown... Read more

24-Nov-12 UP-M1829 Mil Mi-8 Dostyk, Kazakhstan

Euro-Asia Airlines Mi-8 reported missing and not found five days later.  The helicopter took off on November 24 at 08.30 to fly over the Ushara-Dostyk section of the Atasu – Alashankow oil pipeline – but did not land at Dostyk at 12.30 as expected – and crashed nr Dostyk.  The helicopter had significant damages with... Read more

22-Nov-12 Mil Mi-8 Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Russia

Emergency landing after helicopter damaged in bird strike... Read more

17-Nov-12 RA-22343 Mil Mi-8 Sedelnikovo, Russia

Turned over onto its side when landing.  Beyond that, reports differ – in particular the company press release and the initial investigation reports and local press.  Some say conditions were gusty, others say low visibility – one report has photo of wreckage with snow falling.  Some say  17 passengers and 3 crew – of which... Read more

16-Nov-12 Mil Mi-17 Al-Ghota Al-Sharqeya, Syria (5F)

Syrian rebels claim to have shot down a Mi-17 helicopter... Read more

17-Oct-12 RA-24267 Mil Mi-8 Evenk, Russia (1F)

Fell onto its side while landing, killing one of the eight on board.  Fatality named as Svetalana Kulishova... Read more

14-Oct-12 Mil Mi-8 Yakawolang, Afghanistan

Emergency landing after developing mechanical problems in flight.  Some passengers with minor injuries... Read more

09-Oct-12 ER-MHL Mil Mi-8 Tembagapura, Papua New Guinea

Helicopter was seriously damaged but its 24 passengers and three crew members were safe (full manifest here)... Read more

06-Oct-12 OB-1586 Mil Mi-17 Kiteni, Peru

One of three helicopters fire bombed by terrorists at night while parked on the airfield.  All three were on contract to Transportadora de Gas del Peru... Read more

05-Oct-12 Mil Mi-8 East Ghouta, Syria (4F)

Helicopter shot down by rebel forces, and burned out on the ground... Read more

30-Aug-12 Mil Mi-17 Sarmat, India (5F) – 2 of 2

Two Mi-17 helicopters hit each other on take off on a training mission from an air base near the village of Sarmat in Jamnagar district of Gujarat state.  9 killed, assumed currently as 4 in one helicopter and 5 in the other.  One helicopter caught fire and completely burned out, the other did not –... Read more

30-Aug-12 Mil Mi-17 Sarmat, India (4F) – 1 of 2

Two Mi-17 helicopters hit each other on take off on a training mission from an air base near the village of Sarmat in Jamnagar district of Gujarat state.  9 killed, assumed currently as 4 in one helicopter and 5 in the other.  One helicopter caught fire and completely burned out, the other did not –... Read more

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