Norway Accidents

20-Nov-21 LN-OOS Airbus H145 Kongsvikdalen, Norway

Air ambulance on a mission to help three persons that were lost in the mountains. The helicopter had to wait in heavy snow showers while boarding the passengers. The crew were aware of a power line they had to be careful to avoid while navigating out of the valley. Due to the heavy snow the... Read more

16-Nov-20 LN-OAX Airbus AS350B3 Lysefjorden, Norway

The aircraft was performing external load flights with delivering of concrete to a powerline fundament. During delivery of concrete to powerline mast number 49, the pilot experienced severe vertically vibrations. The pilot took immediate action, released the external load and was capable to manoeuvre the helicopter away from the construction area. During this operation the... Read more

25-Sep-20 LN-ONQ Sikorsky S92 Stavangar, Norway

S92 was on its way back to Stavangar/Sola (ENZV) after a flight to the West Elara oil installation. During descent from 7 000 ft. towards 1 000 ft., at a height of approx. 4 500 ft. the crew received a caution that the oil pressure on the main gearbox had dropped below 45 psi. Shortly afterwards,... Read more

25-Sep-20 LN-ONQ Sikorsky S92 Sola, Norway

On Friday 25 September 2020, the Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation S-92A, LN-ONQ, operated by Bristow Norway was on its way back to Sola (ENZV) after a flight to the West Elara oil installation. During descent from 7 000 ft. towards 1 000 ft., at a height of approx. 4 500 ft. the crew received a caution... Read more

01-Jun-20 LN-OOU Airbus H145 Skibotn, Norway

Damage to belly of helicopter after attempted landing on top of two metal posts about a metre tall which appear to have once supported a sign.  Google Street View shows the posts in place in July 2019 Helicopter repaired and back in service by 22-Jul-20... Read more

06-Apr-20 LN-OFQ Airbus AS350B3 Kodleberget, Norway

The air accident happened on Monday 6 April 2020 in connection with sling loads for Statnett, the system operator of the Norwegian electrical power system. A container was to be moved. Because of a misunderstanding, the container was put in the wrong place. The container was to be moved further, but a strong wind gust... Read more

17-Feb-19 LN-ORH Robinson R44 Røldal, Norway (2F)

Impacted terrain in mountainous region.  2 fatal... Read more

10-May-17 G-HKCN Airbus H125 Bergen, Norway

Ended up in the water next to the superyacht it is based on – MY Bacarella after the helicopter’s downdraft caused a loose tarpaulin to rise up into the rotors shortly before touchdown, and evasive action by the pilot steered the helicopter away from the boat and into the water alongside.  Three POB, one seriously... Read more

29-Apr-16 LN-OJF Airbus EC225 Bergen, Norway (13F)

Main rotor blades and hub reportedly detached in flight, and a video online purports to show this subsystem spinning down to earth.  The remainder of the helicopter descended at high rate, impacting  rocky ground with 13 fatalities on impact and being consumed in the post-impact fire.  The helicopter was being operated for Statoil, and en... Read more

14-Sep-15 LN-OFC Airbus AS350 Narvik, Norway

A total of five helicopters were damaged by rocks while parked due to an uncontrolled blast 100m away from the pad. Two needed roading to Helitrans main base in Værnes including LN-OFC Can anyone help us with the registrations of the other four helicopters? If so, email us at Read more

15-Aug-15 SE-JJM Airbus H120 Reisadalen, Norway

Ferry flight at approximately 2-300 ft (AGL). Turbulence experienced. Due to an observation on ground, pilot initiated a 360 degree turn with 15 degree bank to the right. Airspeed varied between 80 to 45 kt during the turn due to wind conditions. In the last part of the turn, the pilot experienced a loss of... Read more

29-Sep-14 074 Sikorsky S61 Meloy, Norway

Hoist cable snapped and flicked up into main rotor disc. No damage in subsequent emergency landing... Read more

24-Jun-14 LN-OSY Airbus AS350B3e Hjerkinn, Norway

Helicopter lost height and crashed within 30 seconds of take off – video of incident here. Helicopter was operating for the military and ended up on its side, heavily damaged.  5 POB all got out OK.  Helicopter was delivered new less than six weeks prior to accident.... Read more

14-Jan-14 LN-OOI Eurocopter EC135P2+ Solihøgda, Norway (2F)

Air Ambulance helicopter struck powerlines (video) on final approach to road traffic accident landing site.  Norsk Luftambulanse has confirmed two of its employees have died in the accident.  Fatalities confirmed here as pilot Bjorn Nergård and doctor Anders Nakstad with the paramedic Sondre Bjartland seriously injured... Read more

04-Oct-13 LN-ONW Sikorsky S92 Yme Platform, Norway

Emergency landing on unmanned offshore platform.  12 offshore workers and 2 crew were rescued by Norwegian Air Force SAR Sea King.  Weather reported as 200m visibility and emergency was called 17 km from the rig it landed on.... Read more

27-Apr-13 LN-OVO Eurocopter AS350B3 Roldal, Norway

Five POB not seriously injured when helicopter crashed at ski resort.  One report quotes a police officer saying there is a suspicion the pilot was impaired by alcohol, but most reports say the test was “routine”. Some reports mention contact with powerlines, others rule that out... Read more

11-Dec-12 Westland Sea King Mk.43B Lakselv, Norway

Hard landing in remote location on training flight – port side undercarriage collapsed and fuselage resting on the ground.  Crew of 6 rescued by another helicopter – local temperature was -10C.  Helicopter recovered by Mi-26 from Russia two weeks later (photo)... Read more

12-Jan-12 LN-OJE Eurocopter EC225 Asgard B rig, Norway

The incident happened when the helicopter alarm system alerted the pilots of loss of pressure in the left hydraulic system.... Read more

20-Sep-11 LN-OMW Sikorsky S92 Valhall field, off Norway

Engine problem en route Sola to the Maersk Reacher rig in Valhall field, North Sea, returned to base... Read more

04-Jul-11 LN-OXC Eurocopter AS350 Dalamot, Norway (5F)

Helicopter had been rented by a construction company.  Crashed and burnt out in mountainous location at Dalamot nr Hardanger Fjord.  Deceased named as Kjetil Bu (27) from Kinsarvik, Karianne Ringkjøb Dahl (29) from Bergen, Andrew Søvik Fossmark (24) from Vaksdal, Siv Holtan (18) from Bergen and pilot  Tore Bendigtsen Ystanes (39) from Bergen... Read more

24-May-11 LN-ODD Eurocopter SA315B Haustreisdalen, Norway

Helicopter had been chartered by Statnett for work on high voltage power lines.  Rotor blade struck pylon and became unstable, crashing to the ground.  Passenger worked for Infratek, subcontractor to Statnett.  Pilot was named as Karl Gustav Backlund.... Read more

13-May-11 LN-ONP Sikorsky S92 Sola, Norway

Pilot broadcast Mayday after loss of oil pressure in one engine 90 miles SW of Stavangar.  SAR helicopter scrambled and accompanied S92 back to a safe landing at Sola... Read more

1-May-09 LN- Eurocopter EC135 Eid, Norway

1-May-09 LN- Eurocopter EC135 Eid, Norway... Read more

8-Apr-09 LN- Sikorsky S92 Tor Platform, North Sea, Norway

8-Apr-09 LN- Sikorsky S92 Tor Platform, North Sea, Norway... Read more

21-Mar-09 71+19 Bell UH-1D Bjerkvik, Norway

21-Mar-09 71+19 Bell UH-1D Bjerkvik, Norway... Read more

4-Feb-09 LN-OAO Eurocopter AS350B3 Rostadalen 40 NM E of Bardufoss, Norway

4-Feb-09 LN-OAO Eurocopter AS350B3 Rostadalen 40 NM E of Bardufoss, Norway... Read more

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