Pawan-Hans Accidents

24-Nov-15 VT-ELJ Airbus AS365N2 Meluri, India

Aircraft was taken off from Dimapur with 4 passengers onboard and just after 35 minutes of flight the helicopter had made a crash landing. Helicopter rear portion caught fire after landing and destroyed.... Read more

04-Nov-15 VT-PWF Airbus AS365N3 off Mumbai, India (2F)

Crashed into sea on night training flight.  Helicopter was operating a training flight for night recency and took-off from rig “WIS”. While landing at “RONTAP MEYER” it met with an accident. After impact ELT was triggered. Cockpit door found at the last known position during SAR. Pilots named here as TK Guha and Eeso Samuel... Read more

04-Aug-15 VT-PHK Airbus AS365N3 Khonsa, India (3F)

Went missing over dense jungle. Foggy weather during flight.  Wreckage not located until 10-Aug-15... Read more

14-Jul-15 Mil MI-172 Gohpur, India

Pawan Hans helicopter with 19 passengers and three crew members on board made emergency landing after sudden change in weather... Read more

24-Jun-15 VT-ENY Airbus AS365N Haldia, India

Red carpet and various other items laid out for the greeting of a visiting VIP (senior Union Minister Nitin Gadkari) were blown up by rotor downdraft and reportedly struck fenestron... Read more

18-Jan-14 VT-ELD Eurocopter AS365N Birbhum, India

Helicopter wheels stuck in concrete – helipad had been hastily built for new Santiniketan-Calcutta service  and had not fully set!... Read more

17-Dec-13 Eurocopter AS365N Guwahati, India

Port side landing gear failed on landing, helicopter fell onto its side.  Later photo shows propped up helicopter with tail sitting on the ground and port stabiliser end-plate bent from ground contact.  All six passengers and two crew safely evacuated.  It is believed that the helicopter was operating on the scheduled route between Guwahati and Shillong... Read more

20-Nov-13 VT-ELR Eurocopter AS365N Chowra Island, India

The LH sliding door flown off during flight causing damages to tail structure. The helicopter made an emergency landing on nearby helipad at Chowra island.... Read more

28-Jun-13 VT-PHZ Eurocopter AS365N3 Harsil, India

Pawan Hans helicopter, which was on a rescue mission in Uttarakhand, made a hard landing at Harsil.  Although the helicopter remained on its wheels, photos show the tail separated just ahead of the horizontal stabilizer.  The aircraft remained on site until the Indian AF airlifted it out on 4th September (see here and here)... Read more

30-Dec-12 VT-PHH Bell 407 Vaishno Devi, India

Damaged in emergency landing near Vaishno Devi shrine – remaining mostly undamaged and relatively upright into the trees/shrubs into which it fell.  Minor injuries to 7 POB, named as pilot A S Parmar and passengers Anita Puri, Meenakshi, Arun Kumar, Arti Devi, Raj Rani and Chetan Kumar.  Sources vary, but most report a technical issue... Read more

19-Oct-11 VT-BSH HAL Dhruv Ranchi, India (3F)

A BSF (Border Security Force) helicopter on anti-Naxal duty crashed on the outskirts of Ranchi today, killing two pilots and a technician on board. The Dhruv was going to Chaibasa from Ranchi when its engine caught fire and it crashed in Khunti jungle, a senior BSF official said.  Aircraft completely burnt out.  Pilot named as... Read more

30-Apr-11 VT-PHT Eurocopter AS350B3 Kyela, India (5F)

Crashed in mountainous region.  One passenger was Arunachal Pradesh’s Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu... Read more

19-Apr-11 VT-PHF Mil Mi-17 Tawang, India (18F)

Mi-17 hit a wall and burst into flames as it was trying to land in India’s remote northeast, killing 17 people [later revised to 18 after another passenger died].  It was on a regular passenger service from Guwahati.  See also story on appointment of a committee of inquiry... Read more

16-Dec-10 VT-SOK Eurocopter AS365N3 Chandigarh, India

Rolled over while taxiing.   Caught fire and injuring both the pilots (named in one report as S P S Brar and M S Brar)... Read more

11-Dec-10 VT-PHF Mil MI-172 Assam, India

Emergency landing due to fog... Read more

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