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27-Nov-22 RA-07390 Robinson R66 Vyazovets, Russia (2F)

Two persons on board – named here as Alexander Kurylev (pilot) and his brother Dmitry – lost their lives in an accident on an evening flight... Read more

10-Dec-21 RA-07397 Robinson R66 Lake Karakul, Russia (1F)

Crashed in mountainous region near Lake Karakul on flight from Novokuznetsk (Kemerovo region).  Pilot received fatal injuries... Read more

12-Sep-21 RA-06238 Robinson R44 Zheleznodorozhny, Russia

Reportedly due to instrument issues, helicopter landed in shallow river in four feet of water 2 people on board exited without injury... Read more

17-May-21 RA-????? Robinson R44 Mudyug Island, Russia (1F)

Russian Investigative Committee statement “According to preliminary data, the crash of a Robinson helicopter near the island of Mudyug in the Arkhanglesk region was reported at 21:25 Moscow time on May 17, 2021. The helicopter set off from the Vaskovo airport in the Arkhangelsk region. As a result of the crash, one person died, two were... Read more

17-Apr-21 RA-20977 Mil Mi-2 Ilsky, Russia (1F)

Helicopter crashed during low level agricultural spraying operations.  Pilot received fatal injuries  ... Read more

23-Dec-20 RA-07328 Airbus H125 Novopodkletnoe, Russia

Accident on training flight.  Two POB both injured and airlifted out.  Helicopter ended up on its port side EMERCOM photo... Read more

25-Nov-20 RF-38376 Mil Mi-8MTV1 Volgograd, Russia

Airport ramp floodlight mast fell onto boom, possibly caused by main blades striking it first.  Video shows tail rotor separating from boom prior to the mast falling 3POB not injured... Read more

20-Oct-20 RA-04327 Robinson R44 Bobrovskoye, Russia (4F)

The helicopter was en route Vologda – Veliky Ustyug and crashed into the Sukhona River near the Bobrovskoye settlement of the Nyuksensky District, after flying into powerlines.  Three villages suffered power failure. Operated by Aerosoyuz, the four occupants on board all died in the accident.  They included Oleg Vasiliev, the general director of JSC “Ded Moroz”,... Read more

26-Aug-20 RA-04393 Robinson R44 Krasnaya Polyana, Russia

Details sketchy, but helicopter damaged and 2 of 4 POB were injured.... Read more

20-Aug-20 RA-????? Mil Mi-8 Khakassia, Russia

Heavy landing, damaging the landing gear.  No injuries to 17 POB Helicopter was en route from Tashtagol to Kemerovo... Read more

21-Aug-17 RA-05750 Robinson R66 Maly Utrish, Russia (1F)

Sole occupant pilot suffered fatal injuries when helicopter crashed into a mountain, per press reports... Read more

27-May-17 Mil Mi-8 Maritime Territory, Russia

One of 7 POB injured in a rough landing of a Mil Mi-8 helicopter in the Far East’s Maritime Territory... Read more

04-May-17 RA-04156 Robinson R44 Inzer, Russia (3F)

Crashed killing 3 onboard as the helicopter was monitoring forest fires in Bashkortostan, Russia. Reports coming in state that the pilot and 2 forestry workers were killed instantly when the R44 came down in the forest... Read more

07-Sep-15 RA-04151 Robinson R44 Baltasinsky, Russia

During a hard landing in a field with low-level crop (presumably an emergency landing?), the helicopter rocked back onto its tail, resulting in the tail rotor gearbox and tail shearing off.   Rest of helicopter appears unscathed, apart from the skids being splayed out as a result of the heavy landing.... Read more

08-Aug-15 RA-04383 Robinson R44 Alehnovo, Russia (4F)

Mid-air with Cessna U206F Floatplane RA-67523 killing all four in the R44 and five in the Cessna.  Initial reports say the Cessna pilot was taking off in the evening into the sun and likely did not see the helicopter... Read more

02-Aug-15 RF-95316 Mil Mi-28N Dubrovichi, Russia (1F)

During a display of the “Golden Eagles” display team, one of the helicopters started to spin on its axis and gradually descend until it hit the ground hard, killing the pilot and seriously injuring the co-pilot.  Post crash fire Full video of the accident here and here (second one shows co-pilot emerging from the helicopter)... Read more

27-Jun-15 RA-05765 Robinson R44 Tisulskom, Russia (3F)

After striking a low level wire, the pilot elected to land on the shoreline (or sandbank?) of a river.  On subsequent take-off the pilot lost control and crashed – photo shows it on a rocky shoreline.... Read more

05-Apr-15 RA-06382 Robinson R66 Gorodki, Russia

Fell onto its side during take-off in snowy conditions... Read more

24-Mar-15 Mil Mi-2 Yelizovo, Russia (2F)

Two deaths reported – helicopter on a post maintenance test flight after engine was replaced.  Registration variously quoted as RF-01186 or RF-01168... Read more

10-Mar-15 RA-06397 Robinson R44 Barlak, Russia

Helicopter damaged, but no details on circumstances.  pilot not injured... Read more

26-Jan-15 RA-22781 Mil Mi-8 Valyek, Russia

Bird strike after landing, but caused damage to blades while they were still turning... Read more

20-Jan-15 RA-06205 Robinson R66 Tobeler, Russia

Heavy landing, reportedly after engine problems.  4 POB got out with minor or no injuries.  Post-crash fire... Read more

26-Dec-14 RA-15643 Mil Mi-2 Lower Maktama, Russia

Emergency landing, breaking the tail boom.  No injuries to three on board.... Read more

07-Dec-14 RA-06138 Mil Mi-8T Varandy, Russia (2F)

Heavy landing after reported engine failure.  Impact killed two of the six on board, named here as Vladimir Novikov and Flarit Galyavutdinov... Read more

20-Nov-14 RA-04032 Airbus AS350B3 Mikhalchikovo, Russia (5F)

Crashed in foggy conditions en route from Moscow to Kstovo (Nizhny Novgorod region) between the villages of Mihalchikovo and Korabotovo. Killing the pilot and four passengers, including an 8-year-old girl.... Read more

02-Nov-14 Mil Mi-2 Yamal, Russia (2F)

Russia’s Emergencies Ministry has confirmed the death of two persons in the crash of a private Mi-2 helicopter in Yamal, northwest Siberia.  Heliccopter crashed into a lake and only the tail visible above the water... Read more

10-Oct-14 Mil Mi-8 Tuva, Russia (14F)

Helicopter crashed into a mountainside amid low cloud and falling snow and caught fire when it hit the ground   There were 11 passengers and 3 crew members on board .  Wreckage not found until 07-Aug-15 and reported 08-Aug-15... Read more

19-Sep-14 RA-1233G Eurocopter SA341G Vasilievsky Island, Russia (1F)

Helicopter overflew a boat before flying at low level and high speed, getting lower very gradually until hitting the water. The water surface was glassy smooth, perhaps contributory.  After crashing, the helicopter is said to have sunk almost immediately.  The pilot/owner who died has been identified as 41 year old Alexei Afonchenkovu.  Passenger survived... Read more

04-Sep-14 RA-24255 Mil Mi-8 Gelendzhik, Russia (2F)

Crashed near Gelendzhik airport and caught fire. Full video of accident here.  From a steady hover the helicopter lost height and hit the ground heavily and bounced.  The impact caused the tail boom to shear off and thus the helicopter became dynamically unstable, it immediately crashed onto its belly and caught fire.  It burned out... Read more

25-Aug-14 RA-04286 Robinson R44 Alekseevka, Russia Read more

13-Aug-14 Mil Mi-2 Tomtor, Russia

crashed due to wiring problem and burnt out completely. 2 crew members and 7 passengers managed to escape.... Read more

13-Aug-14 RA-04368 Robinson R44 Pioner, Russia

Crashed into a lake/swamp with 4 POB, all out OK. Helicopter on its starboard side in water less than 2m deep with port skid above the water level. Pipeline survey flight, low level.  One report suggests all occupants had recently been drinking alcohol... Read more

18-Jul-14 RA-70902 Mil Mi-8MTV Kujus, Russia

Emergency landing, no damage, no injuries... Read more

10-Jul-14 RA-23721 Mil Mi-2 Varyeganskiy, Russia (1F)

Tail boom (or rotor?) hit wires on take-off, causing crash.  Tail some metres from rest of wreckage, but unclear if that was contributory or result of accident.  Aircraft had been leased by Lukoil and had just dropped off oil workers. Pilot Nicholas Vandakurov killed.... Read more

05-Jul-14 RA-04288 Robinson R44 Novosheshminskij, Russia

Substantially damaged in hard landing due to poor weather – fast approaching thunderstorm with associated winds.  Pilot Vadim Gilmanov was seriously injured, but his life is not in danger according to reports... Read more

04-Jul-14 RF-31351 Mil Mi-26 Khabarovsk, Russia

Caught fire during refuelling and completely burnt out (photo)... Read more

30-Jun-14 RA-24541 Mil Mi-8 Chekunda, Russia

15 POB (including 12 firefighters) survived the crash of this Mi-8.  Post crash fire.  Registration validated by this local language report... Read more

28-Jun-14 RA-1588G Robinson R66 Temnolesskaya, Russia (4F)

Details not yet known, but helicopter crashed killing all four POB including pilot A.I. Goncharenko, businessman Samvel Elugyan plus his 22-year-old daughter Alina Elugyan and 13-year-old son Eugene Elugyan.  Post crash fire... Read more

21-Jun-14 RA-3121K Mil Mi-2 Staromavrinskoe, Russia

Both pilots seriously injured in low level accident involving powerlines during agricultural operations – named as Anatoly Kurilov and Alexander Fumchenko... Read more

31-May-14 Mil Mi-8 Munozero Lake, Russia (16F)

At least 16 people were missing after a helicopter believed to be carrying top regional officials and businessmen crashed into a lake in northwestern Russia, police and the emergencies ministry said... Read more

19-May-14 RA-07232 Eurocopter EC120B Lepsari, Russia (2F)

Crashed into wooded area killing both on board... Read more

30-Apr-14 RA-06217 Robinson R44 Inta, Russia (1F)

Sole occupant pilot killed in accident – later named as Дмитрий Комиссаров (Dmitry Komissarov), 49-year old general director of  Завод железобетонных изделий (Concrete Products Plant).  Completely destroyed – See photo... Read more

05-Feb-14 RA-1434G Mil Mi-2 Tevrizsky District. Russia

Rotor blades contacted building on take-off, causing helicopter to crash.  Post accident fire.  Pilot escaped unharmed... Read more

03-Feb-14 RA-25655 Mil Mi-8 Bovanenkovo, Russia

Pilot lost vertical visibility due to fog, hit the ground heavily and the helicopter rolled onto its side.  Of 19 POB, one serious injury... Read more

23-Dec-13 Mil Mi-8 Novy Urengoy, Russia

Damage to tail rotor blades and tail boom during landing phase, arriving from Sabetta.  No reported injuries to 3 crew and 13 passengers on board... Read more

17-Dec-13 Kamov Ka226 Bashkortostan, Russia

Damaged in force landing after cockpit filled with smoke.  Flight described as a ferry flight from the factory at Kumertau (Republic of Bashkortostan) to Boules airfield (Samara) which suggests it may be the delivery of a new helicopter... Read more

09-Dec-13 RA-04060 Eurocopter AS350B3 Uzhur, Russia

EMS helicopter crashed with pilot and two paramedics on board.  Helicopter on its side.  Boom broken off at root and tail is lying next to rotorhead... Read more

06-Dec-13 RA-2097G Schweizer 300C Rostov Oblast, Russia (2F)

Two killed on instructional flight.  Reports state R44 as helicopter type but photo evidence shows S300C.  Tail boom and tail rotor separate from the rest of the wreckage which was completely burned out.... Read more

05-Dec-13 RA-24430 Mil Mi-8 Kargasok, Russia

Heavy landing in snow covered field after main blades struck tail boom.  15 passengers and 3 crew members on board.  No fatalities... Read more

24-Nov-13 Mil Mi-8 Krasnoyarsk, Russia

Returned to take-off point after avionics issue... Read more

22-Nov-13 RA-06310 Robinson R44 Tarakanovo Yarkovsky, Russia

Force landing, minimal apparent damage.  Registration not verified... Read more

19-Nov-13 Mil Mi-8 Nadim, Russia

Emergency landing – due to loss of oil pressure?... Read more

29-Oct-13 Kamov Ka52K Zhulebino, Russia

Experimental Kamov Ka52K crashed on test flight, close to residential area.  Two on board injured and were clear of the aircraft when it exploded twice, caught fire and burned out.  One report suggests the ejector seats activated uncommanded.  Another report says two people on the ground injured too... Read more

14-Sep-13 AgustaWestland AW119 Selco Staritskogo, Russia (2F)

Helicopter lost contact with ATC and was not found for over two days.   Impact of the crash killed both on board.  The pilot was Margarita Afanaskina, champion of various helicopter flying competitions (see tribute from Russian Ministry of Sport).  Passenger was senior forestry official named Sergei Medvedev... Read more

12-Sep-13 Mil Mi-8 Turukhansk, Russia

1 injured from 9 passengers and 3 crew on board.... Read more

11-Sep-13 RA-24223 Mil Mi-8 Tarko-Sale, Russia

Crashed after reported engine failure.  No injuries... Read more

09-Sep-13 Mil Mi-2 Dolinsk, Russia (3F)

Crashed and consumed by fire, killing all three on board.  Photos of wreckage show it half buried, implying significant vertical speed at impact.... Read more

08-Aug-13 Mil Mi-8 Urengoj, Russia

Single engine failure.  Three crew and one passenger not injured.... Read more

06-Aug-13 Robinson R44 Irkutsk, Russia (2F)

There were two people aboard – a pilot, Artur Assadulin, and a passenger, Vasyl Zazulchak, a citizen of Ukraine.   Under conditions of poor visibility, the helicopter crashed into a hill.... Read more

06-Aug-13 Mil Mi-8 Toboyskoye, Russia

Hard landing, reported as no serious injuries to 22 POB... Read more

21-Jul-13 RA-04049 Eurocopter EC120 Kola Peninsula, Russia (3F)

Shortly after dropping off two tourist anglers and their interpreter, the pilot took off but crashed into them, killing all three. The pilot survived.  The casualties were named here as retired lawyer Rupert Beaumont and fine-art dealer Mark Robertson, both 69, and their Russian guide and interpreter, Alexander Tushnikov, 53.... Read more

21-Jul-13 RA-1881G Eurocopter SA316B Solohaul, Russia

Helicopter was circling nose-down at low level before crashing into shallow Shahe River – see video.  Possible engine failure – note flame from exhaust just prior to impact... Read more

14-Jul-13 Mil Mi-8 Tomsk Region, Russia

The Mi-8 helicopter made an emergency landing and fell on its side.  17 POB of which 7 were injured.... Read more

02-Jul-13 RA-22657 Mil Mi-8 Deputatsky, Russia (23F)

Loss of control due to mountain winds (according to this report), killing 23 of 28 POB.  The five survivors were the three crew and two of the passengers, one a child.... Read more

28-May-13 Mil Mi-8 Ivanovsky, Russia (2F)

Crashed on training flight, killing two of the four POB... Read more

21-May-13 RA-20977 Mil Mi-2 Seversky, Russia

Helicopter crashed into field during agricultural operations... Read more

06-May-13 RA-24410 Mil Mi-8 Preobrazhenka, Russia (9F)

Helicopter with 9 persons and 2 tons of explosive... Read more

26-Mar-13 RA-22986 Mil Mi-8MTV Kronotsky, Russia

Rolled over onto its side on landing.  The helicopter carried three crewmembers and 3.2 tonnes of building materials.... Read more

16-Mar-13 Mil Mi-8 Khankala, Russia (3F)

Three killed out of four on board a Russian Border Guard Mi-8 which crashed in poor visibility.  A criminal investigation has been opened.... Read more

14-Mar-13 Mil Mi-8T Khabarovsk, Russia

Crashed on take off for post-maintenance  test flight... Read more

23-Jan-13 Mil Mi-8 Dudinka, Russia

Avionics problem and pilot returned to his departure point at Dudinka.  Aircraft was operating a regular flight number 9356 on route Dudinka – Ust-Awam – n Volochanka.  No injuries to 3 crew and 12 passengers... Read more

10-Dec-12 RF-23148 Mil Mi-8 Lake Ritsa, Russia

Heavy emergency landing, seven injured – of which two serious.... Read more

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