S269 Accidents

22-Sep-11 N1088Y Hughes 269C Ramona, US-California

Substantially damaged in field landing... Read more

05-Aug-11 N2082B Schweizer 300CBi Springbank Airport, Canada

Training flight.  Helicopter ended up on its side.  Dynamic rollover?... Read more

25-May-11 I-PAZZ Schweizer 300C Farra di Soligo, Italy

Crashed from an altitude of 20m while spraying vineyards.  The only one person on board, pilot Michele Astrella, 62, from Basilicata, was seriously injured... Read more

04-Apr-11 N8950F Hughes 269A-1 Kahului, US-Hawaii

Precautionary landing in cane field... Read more

24-Mar-11 OE-XCG Schweizer 269C Pogusch, Austria

All three occupants injured after accident when landing on a steeply sloping site... Read more

20-Mar-11 N153HT Schweizer 269CBi Mount Pocono, US-Pennsylvania

Caught skid during hover practice. tipped over onto its side... Read more

15-Jan-11 Schweizer 300CBi Stuart, US-Florida

Instructor vacated aircraft for student Adeniyi Akinuli to complete shut-down.  Helicopter took off unexpectedly and landed onto its side... Read more

11-Jan-11 PT-HGP Hughes 269A-1 Marica, Brazil

Severe ground resonance resulted in separation of rotor dynamics from the helicopter.  Pilots Daniel Alencar Tavares, 33, and Geovani Kopti were both seriously injured... Read more

14-Nov-10 N299RJ Schweizer 269C Lafayette, US-Colorado

Engine not running evenly, pilot put down very heavily, skids collapsed.... Read more

10-Nov-10 D-HLUC Hughes 300C Trebujena, Spain

After approaching runway 26 at Trebujena Airfield, Spain, the helicopter crashed after the student pilot lost control while making a 180-degree turn. 1 on board o.k.... Read more

22-Sep-10 ZS-REU Schweizer 300CBi Quigney, South Africa

Low RPM on take off, rolled over onto starboard side... Read more

20-Sep-10 N34LB Hughes 269 Schaumburg, US-Illinois

Tail struck ground on training flight... Read more

10-Jul-10 N9421G Schweizer 269C Santa Rosa, US-New Mexico

Given the helicopter is registered to Santa Rosa CA, the HeliHub.com team believes the FAA prelim report may be incorrect listing the state as NM... Read more

5-Sep-09 N626LH Schweizer S269C Lake Texoma, US-Texas

5-Sep-09 N626LH Schweizer S269C Lake Texoma, US-Texas... Read more

22-Apr-09 N17YS Schweizer S269 15m from Las Vegas, US-Nevada

22-Apr-09 N17YS Schweizer S269 15m from Las Vegas, US-Nevada... Read more

11-Mar-09 N64731 Schweizer S269C El Indio, US-Texas

11-Mar-09 N64731 Schweizer S269C El Indio, US-Texas... Read more

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