S300CBi Accidents

12-Jan-21 F-HAGO Schweizer 300CBi Eze, France

Helicopter made an emergency landing on a mountain top and ended up nose down in the snow with its sliced tail boom pointing skywards and part of the tail rotor on the ground beside it  ... Read more

01-Feb-15 N20059 Schweizer 300CBi Carthage, US-New York

Emergency landing on snow was heavy and helicopter turned over... Read more

24-Dec-14 VH-FTY Schweizer 300CBi Parafield, Australia

During circuit training operations, the helicopter collided with terrain and rolled onto its left side. The helicopter was substantially damaged, however both pilots were uninjured.... Read more

17-Jun-14 N152CC Schweizer 300CBi Allentown, US-Pennsylvania

Substantially damaged, injuring female pilot.  High vertical force impact, remained on skids... Read more

31-Jul-13 PR–MIL Schweizer S300CBi Guarapiranga, Brazil

Force landing in Guarapiranga reservoir in shallow water.  Police training flight.... Read more

18-Jun-12 VH-LTO Schweizer 300CBi Redcliffe, Australia

During a simulated forced landing, the helicopter landed heavily and rolled onto its side. The helicopter was substantially damaged and one crew received minor injuries.... Read more

26-May-12 N345MH Schweizer 300CBi Chesterfield, US-Missouri

FAA says “crashed under unknown circumstances”... Read more

25-Mar-12 G-EMOL Schweizer 300CBi Bournemouth, UK

Date is estimate – helicopter was seen being loaded onto a road trailer 26-Mar-12 at Bournemouth Airport being taken for repair.  Operator name and registration had been covered over with black bin liners.  Training accident, further details awaited – but noting that the helicopter does not look badly damaged from a photo we have seen.... Read more

28-Aug-11 N2093U Schweizer 300CBi Titusville, US-Florida

Solo student pilot, emergency landing off the off the BeachLine Expressway, sparking a brush fire.  Pilot had reportedly  landed quickly due to an onboard fire.... Read more

10-Jun-09 N707AH Schweizer S300CBi Chamblee, US-Georgia

10-Jun-09 N707AH Schweizer S300CBi Chamblee, US-Georgia... Read more

01-Apr-09 EI-CZL Schweizer S300CBi Johnstownbridge, Co Kildare, Ireland (2F)

31-Mar-09 EI-CZL Schweizer S300CBi Johnstownbridge, Co Kildare, Ireland... Read more

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