S92 Accidents

04-Mar-22 G-MCGY Sikorsky S92 Plymouth, UK (1F)

Police statement – Two members of the public were injured as a HM Coastguard helicopter was landing at the helipad at Derriford. One person is being treated for their injuries and remains in hospital. The second injured person, a local woman in her 80’s, (named here as Jean Langan, 87) has since died; their next of kin... Read more

03-May-21 G-WNSG Sikorsky S92 North Sea, UK

Aircraft went AOG on North Sea Platform Valaris 122.  Aircraft still present on rig 05-May-21 (image – Facebook)... Read more

13-Apr-21 148825 Sikorsky CH-148 Halifax, Canada

Precautionary off-airfield landing in a local park on a training flight.  No apparent damage.  Helicopter was towed back to base by road (10 kilometers)... Read more

27-Dec-20 G-MCSK Sikorsky S92 Aberdeen, UK

Operator quoted as saying “An S-92 helicopter which was flying without any passengers returned to Aberdeen airport this morning (27.12.2020) after crew reported a cockpit warning light illumination. The crew followed standard precautionary procedures by requesting priority to land. “... Read more

08-Dec-20 G-CLHW Sikorsky S92 Sumburgh, UK

Safe emergency landing after diversion due to unspecified technical issue – instead of returning to Aberdeen.  A one-off flight by sister ship G-IACF was flown Aberdeen to Sumburgh to Aberdeen a few hours later, presumably to bring back the passengers temporarily stranded.... Read more

25-Sep-20 LN-ONQ Sikorsky S92 Stavangar, Norway

S92 was on its way back to Stavangar/Sola (ENZV) after a flight to the West Elara oil installation. During descent from 7 000 ft. towards 1 000 ft., at a height of approx. 4 500 ft. the crew received a caution that the oil pressure on the main gearbox had dropped below 45 psi. Shortly afterwards,... Read more

25-Sep-20 LN-ONQ Sikorsky S92 Sola, Norway

On Friday 25 September 2020, the Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation S-92A, LN-ONQ, operated by Bristow Norway was on its way back to Sola (ENZV) after a flight to the West Elara oil installation. During descent from 7 000 ft. towards 1 000 ft., at a height of approx. 4 500 ft. the crew received a caution... Read more

13-Dec-19 G-WNSV Sikorsky S92 Sumburgh, UK

Aircraft was en-route to a North Sea oil field, East of Shetland, it declared an emergency following a lightning strike and returned to land safely at Sumburgh.... Read more

25-Oct-19 5N-BOA Sikorsky S92 Port Hardcourt, Nigeria

Port side engine failure en route to Port Harcourt from offshore platform GERD.  Helicopter with 13 on board continued to Port Hardcourt and made safe landing.  Nigerian AIB involved.... Read more

18-Feb-10 Sikorsky H-92 Kauai, US-Hawaii

The helicopter, being flown by an experienced pilot, was approaching MV Asterix’s landing pad in daylight and relatively calm conditions. As it hovered over the deck the helicopter appeared to suddenly drop about two metres, hitting the deck, military sources noted. No serious injuries were reported. Tail rotor  damage... Read more

02-May-17 G-MCGG Sikorsky S92 Kirkfieldbank, UK

Helicopter went unserviceable on the ground at an emergency callout... Read more

10-Oct-15 Sikorsky S92 St John’s, Canada

Turned back to base after indicator light came on... Read more

06-Oct-15 Sikorsky S92 Hibernia rig, Canada

Cougar Flight 232 was shut down upon arrival at the Hibernia Gravity Based Structure (GBS) after experiencing engine fuel bypass indications on both engines. The aircrew awaited the arrival of maintenance crew. Overnight the Aircraft Maintenance Engineers, in consultation with the engine manufacturer, conducted all required maintenance procedures. The helicopter was subsequently flight tested and... Read more

01-Sep-15 C-GFCH Sikorsky S92 St Johns, Canada

Press report of Cougar Helicopters flight CGR151 outbound to a rig when it turned back to base as a result of an “intermittent fire warning,” the operator was quoted as saying.  Uneventful and safe landing back at St John’s, it’s departure point.  According to a company spokeswoman, Cougar Helicopters maintenance staff have since inspected the... Read more

01-Sep-15 Sikorsky S92 St John’s, Canada

while approximately 100 nm from St. John’s and en route to the GSF Grand Banks drilling rig, Cougar Flight CGR151 experienced an intermittent Fire Warning Light on the #2 engine. There were no secondary indications of fire... Read more

30-Jun-15 St John’s, Canada

 helicopter en route to the West Hercules drilling rig returned to base due to a low oil pressure indication in one of its two engines. The incident occurred on Tuesday, June 30 when the helicopter was 20 km outside St. John’s. The helicopter returned to St. John’s without incident and the seven passengers on board... Read more

30-Jun-15 Sikorsky S92 St John’s, Canada

Turned back to base due to low oil pressure warning.   The culprit of the oil leak, according to Statoil, was likely a wrong-sized O-ring installed during maintenance.... Read more

04-May-15 Sikorsky S92 St John’s, Canada

While in the hover and conducting preflight checks, Cougar flight CGR181 experienced a #2 engine power loss. The aircraft was in a 10 foot hover when the incident occurred. With the remaining engine the aircraft landed safely without further incident. All 8 passengers were briefed by the two crew members onboard the helicopter as well... Read more

18-Feb-15 Sikorsky S92 Hibernia rig, Canada

 Cougar Flight 231 was shut down on arrival at the Hibernia Gravity Based Structure (GBS) on February 18 due to an issue related to anti-vibration control and a chip light indication. Two Aircraft Maintenance Engineers deployed by Cougar to investigate determined that replacement parts are necessary. The parts are being shipped to Hibernia by vessel... Read more

22-Jan-15 G-GALC Sikorsky S92 nr Sumburgh, UK

Bristow flight BHL60A has declared an emergency just NE of Shetland and returned to Sumburgh.  Press article refers to an unspecified cockpit warning light.... Read more

16-Oct-14 Sikorsky S92 Aberdeen, UK

A spokesman for CHC said: “An aircraft returned to Aberdeen International Airport after a crew noted a technical fault during the early stages of an off shore flight.... Read more

10-Oct-14 Sikorsky S92 Aberdeen, UK

At around 11.15am, fire crews were called to Dyce, after the pilot of the CHC S92 alerted air traffic control and asked for emergency crews to be placed on stand-by as it made a return to base landing.  Landed safely... Read more

26-Sep-14 G-CIGZ Sikorsky S92 Aberdeen, UK

Emergency landing with 3 POB.  Declared emergency at 2.20pm and landed at airport safely 2.39pm... Read more

28-May-14 Sikorsky S92 North Sea, UK

Temporarily grounded after fuel leakage on offshore “floating storage unit”... Read more

10-Apr-14 Sikorsky S92 North Sea, UK

S92 helicopter returned to North Sea rig Brent Delta on flight to Scatsa after experiencing significant airframe vibration... Read more

20-Mar-14 Sikorsky S92 Aberdeen, UK

Engine warning – All 16 passengers and two crew landed in safely at Aberdeen Airport and the helicopter is being inspected by engineers.... Read more

13-Mar-14 Sikorsky S92 Aberdeen, UK

Helicopter turned round on flight to ENSCO 100 offshore rig following a technical warning and made a successful precautionary landing back at Aberdeen... Read more

09-Oct-13 Sikorsky S92 Scatsa, UK

S92 returned to airport after burning smell in cabin.  Safe landing... Read more

04-Oct-13 LN-ONW Sikorsky S92 Yme Platform, Norway

Emergency landing on unmanned offshore platform.  12 offshore workers and 2 crew were rescued by Norwegian Air Force SAR Sea King.  Weather reported as 200m visibility and emergency was called 17 km from the rig it landed on.... Read more

03-Mar-13 MOI-12 Sikorsky S92 Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (1F)

Crew Member (named as First Class Pvt Abdul Aziz Bin Abdullah Al Qah’tani ) fell from the helicopter and died during the celebration of the World Civil Defence Day... Read more

18-Feb-13 Sikorsky S92 North Sea, UK

Emergency shutdown on rig after overheating indication, which later turned out to be false... Read more

06-Feb-12 G-WNSH Sikorsky S92 North Sea, UK

Reported lightning strike – shipped to Norway for repair by associated company HeliOne.   Helicopter has not flown in the two months after 6th February, so while that date is not 100% confirmed, it would be very close if it is not correct.... Read more

29-Aug-12 N314RG Sikorsky S92 Islip, US-New York

Bird strike reported to FAA.  Landed without any further incident... Read more

21-Nov-11 Sikorsky S92 Henry Goodrich rig, Canada

Hydraulic leak – went AOG on the rig... Read more

20-Oct-11 C-GDKN Sikorsky S92A Halifax, Canada

Post maintenance engine runs following routine engine washes. The collective control was not lowered during the start sequence and subsequently the rotorcraft unintentionally became airborne a few feet and drifted to the right as the rotor speed increased. CADAORS 2011A0961... Read more

20-Sep-11 LN-OMW Sikorsky S92 Valhall field, off Norway

Engine problem en route Sola to the Maersk Reacher rig in Valhall field, North Sea, returned to base... Read more

29-Aug-11 Sikorsky S92 St John’s, Canada

Flying to the Henry Goodrich drill rig northeast of St. John’s when its pilots aborted the flight. about 48 kilometres offshore after the pilots became concerned about “higher than normal vibration.” They decided to turn back to the airport as a precaution.... Read more

23-Jul-11 C-GQCH Sikorsky S92 St John’s, Canada

Shortly after takeoff, the helicopter entered a nose-high attitude with low power setting and lost altitude while in instrument meteorological conditions. The flight crew arrested the descent and continued on to St. John’s. There were two pilots and 5 passengers on board the helicopter and no one was injured. Instrument meteorological conditions prevailed at the... Read more

17-Jul-11 Sikorsky S92 off Newfoundland, Canada

Cougar helicopter flight Sunday out to the Terra Nova offshore oil rig was forced to turn back when the autopilot indicator light came on... Read more

13-May-11 LN-ONP Sikorsky S92 Sola, Norway

Pilot broadcast Mayday after loss of oil pressure in one engine 90 miles SW of Stavangar.  SAR helicopter scrambled and accompanied S92 back to a safe landing at Sola... Read more

30-Mar-11 G-IACC Sikorsky S92A Scatsa, UK

The helicopter was ground taxied onto a parking spot and brought to a stop by the commander, who was the pilot flying. He then intended to apply the parking brake but inadvertently raised the collective control lever, which caused the helicopter to become airborne. He released the collective control lever, which was lowered by the... Read more

20-Dec-10 Sikorsky S92 Henry Goodrich oilrig, Canada

The Sikorsky S-92 helicopter, bound for St. John’s, was about 150 metres in the air when the unusual vibration was noticed by the pilots. They aborted the flight.... Read more

09-Jul-10 G-SARC Sikorsky S92 Isle of Harris, UK

During a manually flown SAR mission, in mountainous terrain, the aircraft entered IMC. While attempting to exit these conditions on a pre-briefed escape heading with the autopilot coupled, the autopilot entered an unexpected mode that resulted in the aircraft not responding as intended. The autopilot was disconnected and the flight continued manually without further incident.... Read more

8-Apr-09 LN- Sikorsky S92 Tor Platform, North Sea, Norway

8-Apr-09 LN- Sikorsky S92 Tor Platform, North Sea, Norway... Read more

12-Mar-09 C-GZCH Sikorsky S92A 65km SE St John’s, Newfoundland, Canada (17F)

12-Mar-09 C-GZCH Sikorsky S92A 65km SE St John's, Newfoundland, Canada... Read more

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