SA315 Accidents

21-Sep-15 HB-ZGP Airbus SA315B Wolfenschiessen, Switzerland

During an aerial transport, the crew wanted to land near the station of the Bannalp cableway to pick up a container deposited there. During the approach, the helicopter’s tail rotor came in contact with a cable of a small transport cableway. The pilot was able to land the helicopter.... Read more

12-Mar-15 CC-CLD Eurocopter SA315B Rancagua, Chile (1F)

External load operations (carrying food and supplies to a mining camp in Colchagua) at 12,700ft amsl but only 50m above the ground when an engine problem caused pilot to jettison the load and take evasive action, descending to the right intending flying down a gorge. Sadly the pilot, named as Francisco Bismara from Argentina, died... Read more

12-Feb-15 H-67 Eurocopter SA315B Punta de Vacas, Argentina

Emergency landing onto a mountain pass road and rolled over on landing... Read more

04-Sep-14 OB-1884-P Eurocopter SA315B Andamarca, Peru (3F)

Crashed and completely burnt out, killing pilot Walter Sulca Ramos and co-pilot Walter Quevedo Mestanza.  Weather of blizzards likely to be a factor... Read more

16-Feb-14 T7-ZST Eurocopter SA315B Masera, Italy

At touch down the pilot experienced strong vibrations with damages to the helicopter... Read more

24-Jan-14 HB-ZHZ Eurocopter SA315B Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland

Crew injured alighting from helicopter in snowy conditions... Read more

19-Oct-12 N57948 Eurocopter SA315B Helena, US-Oklahoma

Blades struck striker plate on landing... Read more

15-Jun-12 I-PATI Eurocopter SA315B Illorai, Italy

Crashed on firefighting ops while filling up the water bucket... Read more

15-Jun-12 I-PATI Eurocopter SA315B Illorai, Italy

Overturned while loading water from a stream during firefighting operations. Aircraft destroyed    ... Read more

30-Mar-12 N929JV Eurocopter SA315B Alva, US-Oklahoma

Autorotated into field during external load operations... Read more

24-May-11 LN-ODD Eurocopter SA315B Haustreisdalen, Norway

Helicopter had been chartered by Statnett for work on high voltage power lines.  Rotor blade struck pylon and became unstable, crashing to the ground.  Passenger worked for Infratek, subcontractor to Statnett.  Pilot was named as Karl Gustav Backlund.... Read more

06-Apr-11 Eurocopter SA315B Medina Sidonia, Spain (2F)

Wreckage reported 6th April.  Two bodies “may have been there a week” – thus date of accident unclear... Read more

03-Jan-11 B-HJV Eurocopter SA315B Fanling, Hong Kong

Two contractor workers were injured – one critically – when a helicopter winching cable struck an overhead powerline, sparking a fireball which engulfed the men.... Read more

07-Sep-09 I-NERY Eurocopter SA315B Mont Blanc, Italy (2F)

7-Sep-09 I-NERY Eurocopter SA315B Mont Blanc, Italy... Read more

09-Jul-09 VT- Eurocopter SA315B Amarnath Caves, Jammu & Kashmir, India (1F)

9-Jul-09 VT- Eurocopter SA315B Amarnath Caves, Jammu & Kashmir, India... Read more

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